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iPhone is tech reporter’s first line of defense against data vampires

The New York Times investigative reporter Nick Confessore has covered data privacy long enough to make the iPhone his smartphone of choice. His take on data-hungry Android phones is damning enough to

Now is the time to buy Apple stock

If you’ve been thinking about investing in Apple stock, an analyst from Morgan Stanley says this is to time to do so. The price is already low, and not likely to go any lower. There’s been bad news

Facebook could merge WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger by 2020

Facebook will merge its messaging apps, WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram, by 2020 under a new plan ordered by CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Under the plan, the three apps will remain separate but integration

Apple celebrates Chinese New Year with special short shot on iPhone

Apple has shared a special video to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The heartfelt short film, directed by Jia Zhangke, is titled “The Bucket,” and it’s about remembering loved ones when away from

Dial in your vibe with an illuminated Bluetooth speaker [Deals]

No matter where you listen, music is all about creating a feeling. So when you’re deciding on music to play at home, you want to make sure you’re creating the right vibe. The Soundcore Flare is a

Apple wants tax incentives to boost iPhone assembly in India

Apple is hoping to secure new tax incentives in India that will allow it to increase local iPhone production and export more devices to be sold in other countries. The company has teamed up with other

Death of 3D Touch, AirPods with health sensors, and a MacBook Pro flaw you need to know about, on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: Why iPhone’s 3D Touch is probably dead; new reports say AirPods packed with health sensors are coming in 2019; the MacBook Pro “stage light” flaw affects all models built

Budget iPhone XR ends 2018 outselling both iPhone XS models

Apple CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly said the company would rather make the best smartphone than the cheapest. Yet, Apple’s budget model iPhone XR sold more in the U.S. during the fiscal quarter that

Apple Music finally adds support for Android tablets

Apple Music is finally compatible with Android tablets, more than three years after it launched on Android phones. Apple started beta testing the larger interface last month, and now it’s rolling out

Apple decides it will cough up for ‘Shot on iPhone’ photos

Apple has decided that it will pay winners of its “Shot on iPhone Challenge” following backlash from artists and creators. The company plans to use 10 images, which will be showcased on its Instagram

High prices are killing iPhone in China

The Chinese phone market cratered in the final quarter of 2018, but iPhone sales in the country did even worse. This poor showing is primarily a result of the high prices Apple charges for its

Latest iOS beta confirms ‘Hey Siri’ in AirPods 2

Buried in the just-released iOS beta is a clear reference to using “Hey Siri” with Apple’s AirPods. It’s generally assumed this addition — which will make it much easier for people on the move to give

Luna Display update makes iPad a better MacBook second screen

A new version of the software that drives Astro HQ’s Luna Display promises to noticeably improve the screen refresh rate and latency for this dongle that lets an Apple tablet function as an external

How to move your iOS GarageBand projects to the Mac

Want to move your iOS GarageBand project from your iPad or iPhone to your Mac? The good news is that it’s even easier than ever. Here’s how. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

iPhone, Apple Watch could get poison gas sensor

Apple is considering adding a poison gas sensor to its mobile products. This would enable your iPhone or Apple Watch to detect if you’re being exposed to carbon monoxide or another harmful chemicals.

iOS 12.2 beta 1 brings Apple News to Canada

iOS developers didn’t have to wait long for Apple to bust out new software for testing after the company put out iOS 12.1.3 just a few days ago. The first iOS 12.2 beta was seeded to developers this

HomeKit geofencing may soon gain pinpoint accuracy

Instead of you having to tell your HomeKit devices that they should work together, Apple wants its home-automation system to know when items are close to each other. The goal is to greatly simplify

Sonos headphones will face off against Beats (and maybe Apple)

Apple’s Beats lineup of headphones could soon face some new competition from one of the HomePod’s biggest rivals. Sonos is allegedly planning to create a set of premium headphones. Development for the

Microsoft Office 365 available now from the Mac App Store

Just as expected, the Microsoft Office 365 suite is now available to download from the Mac App Store. The bundle includes six apps — including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint — each of which can also be

Fortnite will start testing brand new spectator mode next month

Epic Games is finally bring a spectator mode to Fortnite. It will begin testing the feature, which will be used in future events, next month during a private gathering in Los Angeles. It’s not yet