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Fortnite bags new weapons, including an old favorite

This week’s Fortnite update adds a number of new weapons to the game, including an old fan-favorite. Dual pistols can now be found in almost all Battle Royale game modes, alongside a brand new

AR art kit and iPad will have you painting masterpieces

Of all the things visitors expect to do at the Consumer Electronics Show, creating a stunning work of art isn’t on the list. But that’s exactly what could happen if you stop by the Cupixel booth. The

This power pack lets you charge your iPhone in the bath

If you’re looking for a mobile charging solution to power everything from your iPhone to your MacBook, LifeProof’s new LIFEACTÍV Power Pack 20 may be the product you’re looking for. Offering a

Get a grip on your spending and subscriptions with one powerful app [Deals]

The subscription model is everywhere these days, from streaming content to app access. That means it’s easier than ever to lose track of outgoing cash. So this financial management app that also

Your iPhone could soon tell you when to change your kid’s diaper

Ever wanted to receive an iPhone push notification telling you that your kid has just pooped themselves? Probably not, but that’s not stopped Korean startup Monit from using CES 2019 to debut its new

iPhone XR Apple’s best-selling phone as sales fall

Apple’s best-selling smartphone last November was, perhaps unsurprisingly, its most affordable model. The iPhone XR outsold the iPhone XS and the larger iPhone XS Max, according to new data — but

Apple starts charging iTunes and Apple Music sales tax in Canada

iTunes purchases have undergone a slight shakeup in Canada, as Apple Canada has started charging sales tax on top of its standard prices. This applies to music, movie rentals, audiobooks, Apple Music

Glass screen protector for iPad Pro filters out harmful blue light

There are plenty of screen protectors designed to keep your iPad safe from accidental bumps, but decidedly fewer that are designed to keep you safe from the harmful effects of high-energy visible

Apple among U.S. companies facing ‘informal boycott’ in China

There’s no doubt that the iPhone is facing problems in China, but the extent to which this is specific to Apple is up for question. While Tim Cook blames things like the burgeoning trade war between

Apple explains why some LTE iPad Pros might come bent

A recent support document from Apple describes a manufacturing process that’s apparently the cause of complaints that 2018 iPad Pro units sometimes arrive new from the store already slightly bent.

Apple seeds third ‘bug fix’ betas of next iOS and macOS versions to everyone

Apple just released the third beta versions of iOS 12.1.3 and macOS Mojave 10.14.3 to developers and the public. The same is true for a new tvOS 12.1.2 beta. Only developers got access to the new

Despite the hype, new sensor won’t eliminate the notch

AMS, a company that makes iPhone sensors, caught many people’s attention today with it’s just-announced sensor it says has the possibility of “potentially eliminating the bezel entirely.” Bezels are

Samsung also suffers as smartphone sales slump in China

It turns out Apple isn’t the only smartphone maker that’s suffering from falling sales in China. Samsung, one of the iPhone’s biggest rivals, is also expected to follow Apple in confirming lower than

Zagg’s new iPad Pro keyboard cases beautifully hold Apple Pencil

Zagg is using the Consumer Electronics Show to unveil a trio of clip-on keyboards for the newest iPad Pro and iPad models: the Slim Book Go, Rugged Book Go, and Messenger Folio. These range from

How to stick to your New Year’s resolutions

Sticking to a new activity, or quitting an old one, is hard. Really hard. But with a little help, the right attitude, and an app or two, you might stand a chance of turning your promises into

Apple trolls Google with giant billboard at CES 2019

Apple’s not letting CES 2019 pass without making its presence felt. The biggest companies in tech have descended on Las Vegas this week for CES 2019. Apple is one of the few holdouts not in attendance

Lume Cube Air VC brings pro lighting to FaceTime calls

Lume Cube, makers of some of the world’s brightest tiny lights, wants to put an end to poorly-lit FaceTime calls with its clever new lighting attachment. The Lume Cube Air VC lighting kit made its

Apple’s TV service just scored a huge win at CES 2019

The biggest TV makers in the business are finally ready to play nice with Apple. Apple’s long-rumored TV streaming service isn’t expected to launch until later this year, but in the meantime, Vizio

Check out how perfect these menus look on iOS

A menubar on iOS? Crazy right? But wait until you see these screenshots… (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Withings Move offers ECGs at anytime for a lot less than Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 4 isn’t the only wearable that offers on-demand electrocardiograms (ECGs) anymore. Withings’ new Move ECG is the first analog watch that delivers the same functionality — and for a