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How to ditch your Mac for an all-iPad lifestyle

Switching from Mac to iPad is easier now than ever. Between iCloud, USB-C, Bluetooth, and the rich, deep iOS App Store, the transition can be almost seamless. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

Google’s creepy Duplex callbot arrives on iPhone

People find Google Duplex both amazing and slightly creepy. And this service, which can make restaurant and hotel reservations via synthesized voice calls, is now available for iPhone or iPad. Duplex

iOS updates might drain your battery faster

A side-by-side test of four iPhones running current and older iOS versions found that the more recent ones drain batteries more quickly. This result is likely to feed the concerns of people who refuse

Sketchy report claims Apple will resurrect iPhone SE this fall

Apple is preparing an entry-level “iPhone XE” that will be introduced this fall, according to a sketchy new report. The device is claimed to be an iPhone SE successor with huge improvements, including

Stark is a new kind of guitar amp for iPad

Stark is a new audio unit amp sim app from Klevgrand. If you know what all that means, then you should go and buy it right now. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Powerbeats Pro earbuds look like AirPods for athletes

The first truly wireless Beats earbuds have finally arrived. Beats unveiled its new Powerbeats Pro earbuds today which are a successor to the Powerbeats 3 buds that feature an over-the-ear support

Verizon 5G goes live in Chicago and Minneapolis

Verizon’s rollout of 5G mobile data service is finally underway in the U.S. after nearly a year of hype about the technology. Certain parts of Chicago and Minneapolis are the first two places Verizon

Here’s what you’ll find inside the new iPad Air

The new iPad Air has suffered a customary teardown after finding its way into the hands of iFixit. As expected the device shares a lot in common with the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. But if you look closely,

We may be waiting until 2021 to get our super-fast 5G iPhone

Some reports have suggested that a 5G iPhone may arrive this year (not likely) or next (a lot more likely). However, UBS analyst Tim Arcuri thinks both of these are too optimistic as forecasts. In a

Fortnite addiction is real, health professionals warn

Think Fortnite is all good fun? Not according to doctors it’s not. Some health professionals are likening the hit game’s addictive effects to hard drugs. “[Players] are not sleeping. They are not

AirPods meet fidget spinner in one distraction-worthy charging case [Deals]

Ever since the smartphone, we’ve come to expect our tech to serve many uses. AirPods cases are no exception, with the ability to keep your earbuds safe and wirelessly charged up. Now they’ve gained a

Rare Steve Jobs signed plaque goes up for auction

A 10-year Apple employment plaque signed by Steve Jobs is up for auction. The 6 x 12-inch framed plaque was given to Apple employee Suzanne Lindbergh in 2000. It is signed in black felt tip by Apple’s

Judge rules that Apple does, in fact, own iPad name

Apple has emerged triumphant in a seven-year legal battle with the company RXD Media over who owns the name “iPad.” RXD had claimed that it owned the rights to the name based on its

Samsung will give you $200 for any old iPhone

Samsung will give you a minimum of $200 for any old iPhone — no matter what condition it’s in. As long as your device turns on, has been restored, and is not blacklisted, you’ll qualify for the offer.

Apple secures new supplier for Apple Watch Series 5 screens

Japan Display will supply OLED screens for the upcoming Apple Watch Series 5, according to a new report. This will be the Japan Display’s first foray into OLED screens. The deal is said to be a

ACLU says Apple employee was illegally harassed by U.S. Customs

An Apple employee was allegedly illegally harassed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) while passing through Customs. Andreas Gal, founder of Silk Labs, an AI startup acquired by Apple, says

Apple Watch ECG already helped save a life in Germany

The electrocardiogram (ECG) feature of the Apple Watch was only turned on last week in Europe there’s already a report of it discovering a serious heart condition in a German man. This is exactly what

Apple News+ blows by Texture in just 48 hours

Apple News+, the subscription magazine and news service revealed last week, is already more popular than the service and app based it on, Texture. Within the first 48 hours of being available, Apple

Pizza boxes are the new innovative frontier in funny Apple ad

Apple’s entire line of products are on full display in the company’s brilliant new ad that also features a patented Apple pizza box. The new video, which clocks in at just over three minutes long,

Turn your old Apple Watch into cash for a bargain upgrade

There’s never been a better time to upgrade your Apple Watch. Series 3 models are now available for under $200 — the lowest price yet — and smaller discounts on the Series 4 are popping up all the