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What’s next for iPhone, plus our favorite gadgets this week on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: A new report details what’s (probably) next for Apple’s 2019 and 2020 iPhones. Plus: Apple plans Netflix-for-games subscription service (with Alex E. Heath!); it’s not just

Apple passed on share buybacks while they were cheap

During good times, Apple’s record-breaking share buyback has been credited with helping with a stock market boom. Something weird happened in December, however. When Apple’s stock price was tumbling

Samsung may have leaked its first foldable phone

Samsung may have accidentally given us an early glimpse at its first foldable phone — weeks before it gets its official unveiling. A foldable device appears in a one-minute teaser posted and then

Nintendo is bringing Dr. Mario to mobile this summer

Nintendo has confirmed that Dr. Mario will be its next franchise to make the leap to mobile. Dr. Mario World is scheduled for a worldwide release in “early summer” on Android and iOS. It will be

Rome: Total War for iOS gets 8 new playable factions and more

I’m still blown away that the developers of Rome: Total War for iOS were able to take the classic PC strategy game and translate it almost perfectly to Apple’s touch-based mobile operating system.

Apple restores functionality to Google and Facebook’s internal apps

Having apparently proved its point, Apple has restored its access to enterprise certificates for both Facebook and Google, essentially un-breaking their internal apps. In a statement to the New York

Puma’s self-lacing shoe controlled by iPhone or Apple Watch

Puma is the latest brand to announce a self-lacing, AI-powered athletic shoe that will adjust with swipe gestures or apps for iPhone or Apple Watch. Puma unveiled the Fi – short for Fit Intelligence –

Apple breaks Google’s internal apps for privacy violations

Google’s internal apps have been completely disabled from running on iPhone’s and iPads today by Apple. The move comes one day after Facebook’s internal apps suffered the same fate when Apple revoked

How to make the Calendar app’s timer picker more accurate

Did you know that you can switch the Calendar’s time picker to show one-minute increments, instead of five-minute segments? (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Future MacBook keyboards could be dust-proof

Apple developed a design for a MacBook keyboard that’s slim, lightweight, silent and can’t possibly have problems with grit in the keys. That’s because it consists of a sheet of glass with raised

Brilliant hack keeps AirPods in her ears

Gabrielle Reilly purchased Apple AirPods because there were no wires for her mischievous cat to chew up. But AirPods came with a new risk of loss from slipping out of her ears. So Reilly, a paralegal

iPad Pro’s winning redesign takes sting out of iPhone slump

iPad shipments grew by double digits last quarter, giving Apple its best holiday period for tablet sales since 2015. Shipments of slates and 2-in-1s had dropped earlier in the year, but analysts

New iRig Micro Amp is a tiny guitar amp for your iPad

Remember the iLoud? It’s a fantastic portable Bluetooth speaker that can also be used as a kind of crappy audio interface to plug guitars into iPads. Well, iLoud-maker IK Multimedia finally come up

Apple’s big glass cube set to light up Fifth Avenue soon

The most iconic Apple store in the world is finally getting ready to reopen its doors. Apple’s glass cube store on Fifth Avenue in New York City has been temporarily closed for over two years, but

Qualcomm wants Apple to pay dearly for selling iPhones in Germany

Qualcomm is revving up its legal battle with Apple. In a new court filing in Munich, Qualcomm demanded “significant fines” be put on the iPhone-maker for not complying with a previous court order.

Fortnite’s Showtime challenges earn you Marshmello rewards

Fortnite players can now start earning exclusive new Marshmello rewards ahead of the artist’s in-game concert on February 2. There are four altogether, but sadly the Marshmello model that leaked in

Crazy-cheap iPhone SE pops up in Apple clearance store again

Apple seemingly scrapped plans for an iPhone SE 2, but there’s good news for fans of Apple’s 4-inch handset. For the third time this month, Apple is offering brand-new, unlocked models of the iPhone

Apple lines up supplier for 2019’s iPad mini refresh

Compal Electronics will be the primary supplier of the next-generation iPad mini, which is expected to launch sometime this year, according to a new report. The manufacturer is in the process of

Zuckerberg explains benefits of WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger merger

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed plans to merge WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger — but says it probably won’t happen until 2020 at the earliest. In a fourth-quarter earnings call

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The average American spends about 13 hours each year dealing with taxes. That’s a lot of work to get money you’ve already earned. For years the options were either fork over money to a tax advisor, or