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Tim Cook got a big pay rise last year

Tim Cook took home $15.7 million in compensation for his role as Apple CEO in fiscal 2018, a 22 percent raise on his earnings the previous year. The figure is approximately 283x the median Apple

Aura band makes your Apple Watch even smarter

There aren’t many health and fitness statistics Apple Watch can’t track, but to make up for some of those that are missing, there’s the impressive new Smart Strap from Aura. By sending electricity

Tim Cook: New services coming to Apple in 2019

Tim Cook teased new services that will be coming to Apple users this year. Responding to questions about falling iPhone sales during a CNBC interview, Cook stressed the way that Apple’s services

Apple cuts production for all three new iPhone models

Apple has cut its current iPhone production by around 10 percent for the first three months of 2019, a new report claims. This follows Apple’s recent note to investors revealing that declining iPhone

Preorder this keyboard that’s a brilliant match for the 2018 iPad Pro

The wait for Brydge’s sweet add-on keyboard for the new iPad Pro is almost over. The company today began taking pre-orders for an accessory that fully embraces the concept of turning this tablet into

This might be our first look at the iPad mini 5

Images posted online might be our first glimpse of the next iPad mini. A new version of this small tablet is rumored to be out this year. While the leaked pictures reveal a few details about the iPad

Switch on your iPad’s super-dim, low-light mode

iPad or iPhone screen too bright? Here's how to access a special super-dim, low-light mode with the tap of a button. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Tim Cook claims Apple’s long-term health has ‘never been better’

Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to make an appearance on CNBC investing show Mad Money later today to defend Apple in light of recent setbacks. The company warned last week that iPhone upgrades for the last

Recharge your iPad in a flash with Satechi’s sleek new charger

Unlike Apple’s wall chargers that have just a single USB-C port, the Satechi 75W Dual Type-C PD Travel Charger has a pair of them. It also boasts two USB-A ports. Satechi also just used the Consumer

Here are all the TV sets adding AirPlay 2 support

One of the nice surprises to come out of CES this week is that a bunch of TV manufacturers are finally adding AirPlay 2 support to their latest sets. To help you keep track of which ones, Apple has

Control Ikea’s new blinds with HomeKit

Too lazy to get up and close the drapes? Then you need Ikea’s new HomeKit-enabled blinds, Kadrilj and Fyrtur. They work with your home hub, your Alexa, or your Google Assistant. (via Cult of Mac -

Retro mic turns your iOS device into a portable studio

For musicians, podcasters and streamers, “the studio” is an iOS device in a living room, coffee shop or some crazy live event. Samson Technologies rolled out a new microphone at CES this week that

Fortnite bags new weapons, including an old favorite

This week’s Fortnite update adds a number of new weapons to the game, including an old fan-favorite. Dual pistols can now be found in almost all Battle Royale game modes, alongside a brand new

AR art kit and iPad will have you painting masterpieces

Of all the things visitors expect to do at the Consumer Electronics Show, creating a stunning work of art isn’t on the list. But that’s exactly what could happen if you stop by the Cupixel booth. The

This power pack lets you charge your iPhone in the bath

If you’re looking for a mobile charging solution to power everything from your iPhone to your MacBook, LifeProof’s new LIFEACTÍV Power Pack 20 may be the product you’re looking for. Offering a

Get a grip on your spending and subscriptions with one powerful app [Deals]

The subscription model is everywhere these days, from streaming content to app access. That means it’s easier than ever to lose track of outgoing cash. So this financial management app that also

Your iPhone could soon tell you when to change your kid’s diaper

Ever wanted to receive an iPhone push notification telling you that your kid has just pooped themselves? Probably not, but that’s not stopped Korean startup Monit from using CES 2019 to debut its new

iPhone XR Apple’s best-selling phone as sales fall

Apple’s best-selling smartphone last November was, perhaps unsurprisingly, its most affordable model. The iPhone XR outsold the iPhone XS and the larger iPhone XS Max, according to new data — but

Apple starts charging iTunes and Apple Music sales tax in Canada

iTunes purchases have undergone a slight shakeup in Canada, as Apple Canada has started charging sales tax on top of its standard prices. This applies to music, movie rentals, audiobooks, Apple Music

Glass screen protector for iPad Pro filters out harmful blue light

There are plenty of screen protectors designed to keep your iPad safe from accidental bumps, but decidedly fewer that are designed to keep you safe from the harmful effects of high-energy visible