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Android phones start lying about offering 5G

Some Android phones already claim they’re connected to a 5G network. This is the result of some fairly shady rebranding on the part of AT&T, which is pretending that improvements to its LTE

Apple Watch ECG saves NH man from serious heart problem

A Christmas gift may have saved a New Hampshire man’s life. The ECG built into Barry Maden’s new Apple Watch 4 detected a heart problem. A problem severe enough that the treatment included stopping

All you need to track any phone’s location is a small bribe

It’s not hard to get learn the location of almost any phone, according to a new report. All that’s required is some cash and the right contacts in a web of companies with access to the geolocation

How to free up storage on your iPhone or iPad

IPhone storage full? Here’s how to find and delete space-hogging apps and data from your iPhone or iPad. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

iPhone XR already outsells iPhone XS, will soon pass XS Max

The iPhone XR is Apple’s newest handset but more of its units are already in use than the iPhone XS which launched two months earlier. And the XR is on course to pass the XS Max in the near future.

How to share photos safely with Shortcuts

Whenever you share a photo, you’re sharing its location. Today we make a shortcut to remove metadata and share safely. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple puts big Facebook critic in charge of privacy practices

One of Facebook’s biggest critics is teaming up with Apple, which as it turns out, has also been one of Facebook’s biggest critics lately. Former Facebook employee Sandy Parakilas has reportedly been

Sonos will add Google Assistant to its speakers this year

Sonos is about to add a new weapon to its smart speakers that will help make it even more competitive against Apple’s HomePod. The company revealed today that it plans to bring Google Assistant to its

Grovemade’s sleek dock charges Apple Watch in style

Grovemade, makers of some of our favorite wooden accessories for Apple devices, have finally come out with a dock for Apple Watch. And per usual, it’s absolutely gorgeous and subtle at the same time.

Elgato’s new Thunderbolt 3 Pro Dock packs all the ports

If you just upgraded to a new MacBook, you’re probably finding it hard to live without all your favorite ports. But if you pick up Elgato’s new Thunderbolt 3 Pro Dock, you won’t have to. The Pro Dock

These iPhone cases don’t make you choose between style and protection

Start-up companies often introduce themselves to the market with a single product. Accessories brand Altigo launched in November with a colorful line of sleek headphones and iPhone cases. Now two

Fornite made almost half a billion on iOS alone in 2018

Fortnite is like an unstoppable freight train that continues to plow through players’ wallets month after month. Despite controversial changes and additions to its insanely popular Battle Royale mode,

Apple rewards Korean cops who caught counterfeit accessories

Apple is planning to present police officers in South Korea with a plaque to celebrate their work cracking down on almost $1 million worth of fake accessories. The fake products were supposedly

Score 4 apps that’ll instantly enhance your Mac’s potential [Deals]

Macs are marvelous machines right out of the box. But to become a power user of your powerhouse computer, you need the right apps. So we’ve rounded up four apps to enhance the ways you work with media

Samsung’s first foldable phone is coming early this year

If you’ve been waiting to splash your cash on a foldable smartphone, you’ll be pleased to know that the wait for Samsung’s first is almost over. The so-called Galaxy Flex will go on sale during the

There are 5 different ways to open this secure smart lock

In the same way that Apple has given us Face ID, Touch ID and good old-fashioned passcodes, so too does Lockly’s new Secure Pro smart lock offer a multitude of ways for users to unlock it. In addition

Tim Cook got a big pay rise last year

Tim Cook took home $15.7 million in compensation for his role as Apple CEO in fiscal 2018, a 22 percent raise on his earnings the previous year. The figure is approximately 283x the median Apple

Aura band makes your Apple Watch even smarter

There aren’t many health and fitness statistics Apple Watch can’t track, but to make up for some of those that are missing, there’s the impressive new Smart Strap from Aura. By sending electricity

Tim Cook: New services coming to Apple in 2019

Tim Cook teased new services that will be coming to Apple users this year. Responding to questions about falling iPhone sales during a CNBC interview, Cook stressed the way that Apple’s services

Apple cuts production for all three new iPhone models

Apple has cut its current iPhone production by around 10 percent for the first three months of 2019, a new report claims. This follows Apple’s recent note to investors revealing that declining iPhone