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3 reasons Apple definitely shouldn’t buy a movie studio

How can Apple’s streaming video service battle established competitors like Netflix? Simple: Buy a movie studio. That’s the battle cry from certain Wall Street analysts, who suggest that Apple use its

Apple Music will be free to some Verizon customers

Update: Verizon has officially confirmed this offer. “When we introduced six months free of Apple Music to Verizon Unlimited subscribers, we said it was just the beginning of a great collaboration

Sega classic Golden Axe II slashes its way into the App Store

Want to forget about 2019 for a few minutes and travel back to the glorious 16-bit gaming days of the 1990s? You’ll soon be in luck, because Sega is reportedly getting ready to launch classic

Kruptos 2 can encrypt every sensitive file on your Mac for just $13 [Deals]

Everybody knows web security is of primary importance at all times. So would it surprise you to learn that one of every 10 digital files is entirely unprotected? It should surprise you — especially

Fortnite 7.20 is here with brand new weapons and more

Fortnite’s first big update of 2019 has landed, bringing brand new weapons and items, big improvements, and additional content for Creative mode. Players can jump in now to get their hands on the

German court rules against Qualcomm in ongoing Apple feud

The recent court-appointed sales ban on certain iPhone models in Germany could be at risk. That’s thanks to a decision by a German court on Tuesday, who ruled against Qualcomm in its patent case

DJ Charlie Sloth will bring fire to the booth on Beats 1

Former BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra DJ Charlie Sloth has officially joined Apple. The Charlie Sloth Rap Show on Beats 1 starts 12pm PT/3pm ET on Saturday January 19. “I feel that U.K. music is in a place

Apple wildly underestimates demand for cheap iPhone batteries

Apple reportedly replaced a whopping 11 million iPhone batteries last year — 10 times as many as anticipated. Apple CEO Tim Cook has already cited this as one of the reasons why new iPhone sales are

iPod touch could make a comeback in 2019

Apple’s phone-less iPhone might be getting a refresh. A leak indicates a new version of the iPod touch is in development. And this might not be the only iOS product coming out of retirement: other

Apple Health Records initiative off to good if shaky start

Patients who’ve used the system Apple created to let iOS users see their medical history right on their mobile device are generally pleased with it. That said, a small survey of users also showed

Cops can’t force you to unlock phone with face or fingerprint scan

Being forced by police to unlock your smartphone with your face or fingerprint is illegal, a California judge recently ruled. Previous U.S. judges had ruled that cops could use biometric data to make

How to increase the font size in Mobile Safari

These bookmarklets let you make text bigger and smaller in Safari webpages on iPhone and iPad, with a single tap. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Lonely egg cracks Kylie Jenner’s record for most likes on Instagram

A photo of an unremarkable egg has dethroned model and influencer Kylie Jenner for the most-liked post of all time on Instagram. The egg popped up on Jan. 4 through an anonymous user who made it clear

Apple says Qualcomm refused to sell it chips for iPhone XS and XR

Apple wanted to use Qualcomm’s LTE modems in the iPhone XS and iPhone XR this year, but according to Apple COO Jeff Williams, Qualcomm refused to sell Apple its chips due to their current legal

Why Apple should buy a major movie studio

The best way for Apple’s upcoming streaming video service to compete against already established competitors like Netflix is to buy a movie studio, according to an industry analyst. Apple is

Adobe Lightroom now supports Shortcuts

Lightroom now supports Shortcuts, letting you import photos, apply presets, and generally do anything shortcuts can do. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Nike’s futuristic self-tying shoes will be controlled by iPhone

Nike just posted a major teaser for the release of its self-lacing shoes set to debut tomorrow and it looks like the iPhone will play a major role with the new sneakers. The teaser video Nike put out

Fortnite is bringing back glider re-deploy and new scoped revolver

This week’s Fortnite update will bring the first scoped pistol to Battle Royale. Version 7.20 will also add glider re-deploy back into the game, but in an effort to make it more balanced and curb

Stunning concept shows how iPhone could evolve in 2019

With iPhone sales falling, Apple needs to do something special in 2019 to convince fans to upgrade to its next-generation smartphone lineup. One fan might just have the answer. Waqar Khan’s gorgeous

Apple Pay could hit Czech Republic and Slovakia soon

Apple Pay could land in Slovakia and the Czech Republic over the next couple of months, a new report claims. A local news source suggests that Apple’s mobile payment service is likely to launch in