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Pro Tip: This to-do list hack turns your tasks into questions

Just rephrasing your to-do list items as questions can help get you motivated to finally check off those tasks. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple volunteers donate more than $365 million to charitable causes

To honor the life of service of Martin Luther King Jr., Apple is highlighting charitable contributions made by its employees. Thanks to matching funds from the iPhone-maker’s Giving program, donations

Spotify will let you mute artists you don’t want to hear

Spotify will soon let you mute artists you don’t want to listen to. It is currently testing a “don’t play this artist” feature in the latest version of its iOS app. Using it will prevent the artist’s

Apple hits back at complaints it is abusing its power in Korea

Apple has hit back at claims that it is abusing its power in South Korea by forcing mobile carriers to pay the cost of advertising its devices. The company said that its actions were fully justified,

Apple pays tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on MLK Day

Apple has commemorated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day by changing the image on its homepage to showcase a quote from the legendary civil rights leader. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice

Apple launches ‘Everyone Can Create’ curriculum in new languages

Apple has rolled out its “Everyone Can Create” curriculum in German, French, Spanish, and Italian languages. Support for Swedish and Dutch will also follow later this spring. The free project guides

Google Maps now helps you dodge speeding tickets while driving

Google Maps now shows you speed limits and speed traps while you’re driving in several countries around the world. Google started testing the feature a couple of years ago, but only in the San

Nail your presentation with pro level slideshows [Deals]

Whether you’re making a presentation at work, at school, or just to share cool ideas, slideshows are a critical tool. But they can also be a hassle to create, and with everything else that goes into

‘Game changing’ iPad Pro app will feed NHL coaches real-time data

The NHL has created a new iPad Pro app for coaching staff by providing real-time data about players such as faceoff percentage, shot charts, and more. The app follows on from a previous collaboration

Fortnite kicks off Ice Storm event with new challenges

Winter shows no sign of easing up in Fortnite Battle Royale. The latest in-game event has brought an Ice Storm that blanketed the map with slow — as well as a brand new list of challenges with new

Apple inks deal with Ron Howard’s documentary company

Right now, Apple is snapping up new TV shows, movies and other video content like a shopping addict on Black Friday. Its latest deal? Getting a “first look” deal for documentaries created by Brian

Every frame of this ‘Shot on iPhone’ video is a stunner

Apple has debuted a new 3-minute short documentary as part of its continuing “Shot on iPhone” campaign. The beautifully filmed documentary was recorded using an iPhone XS, along with a DJI Osmo Mobile

5 improvements iPad users expect from iOS 13 [Opinion]

Those of us with an iPad have big expectations for the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system. These tablets pack performance comparable to laptops, but the software continues to lag. Here’s

Fastmail, Goodnotes 5, AUM, and other amazing apps of the week

This week we enjoy Fastmail’s sleek new look, import photos into Lightroom using Shortcuts, control our Ecobee home-automation accessories from the Apple Watch, and get writing with Goodnotes 5. (via

This unbreakable Lightning cable can lift an adult [Deals]

Apple’s soft white charging cables for iOS devices aren’t exactly known for being tough. In fact, they fray, break, and generally go kaput after just a few months. So this extra long, super tough

Dodocase Two Tone turns your iPad into an old-school notebook [Review]

The Dodocase Two Tone brings a retro look to iPad or iPad Pro. You could almost write “Trig” on the cover in Magic Marker and feel like you’re in high school again. And this case is very lightweight

40 reasons to love the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar [Cult of Mac Magazine No. 280]

Some people love the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar. Other people absolutely hate it. Bottom line is that the thin OLED strip can work wonders — if you use it right! Get our top 40 tips for making the most

Apple busts out iPad Pro tips in new vids

Making your iPad Pro more useful is the theme of a series of short videos released today by Apple. Each takes a common task and briefly shows how it can be tackled with a iOS tablet and Apple Pencil.

Get lifetime access to a powerful graphic design app [Deals]

There are plenty of times when you’ll want graphic design tools. Maybe you’re designing a post for social media, or a flier for a show. Or perhaps you’re building a website or just touching up your

Brilliant concept merges iPad mini and iPod touch

New versions of the iPod touch and iPad mini are reportedly coming out this year, and one graphic designer imagines what would happen if Apple combined these into one. The proposed device would