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Enhance the capabilities of any Apple device with one do-it-all hub [Deals]

No matter what Apple devices you use, there are probably some annoying gaps in its performance. Maybe its batteries run out quick, or its storage, or you find transferring data between devices a

App Store spending hit all-time high in 2018

iPhone users in the US spent, on average, $79 last year on software. That’s up 36 percent from 2017, according to figures from a market analysts firm. Spending on premium apps and in-app purchases has

Amazon buys mesh Wi-Fi router maker Eero

Right when Apple has decided to get out of the router business, one of its biggest competitors is ready to jump in. Amazon revealed today that it reached an agreement to acquire mesh Wi-Fi router

Samsung’s first TVs with AirPlay 2 and iTunes are now on sale

The first wave of AirPlay 2 enabled TVs are already here. After revealing at CES 2019 that some of its new TVs would ship with an iTunes Store app and AirPlay 2 support, Samsung announced today that

How to send GIFs without sending GIFs

Want to send a GIF to a friend via iMessage? Don't do it! There’s a much easier and better way to send little video clips, and it's built right in to the iPhone’s Photos app — looped Live Photos. (via

Samsung teases folding phone ahead of February event

The folding future of smartphones is nearly here. Samsung is set to unveil its folding Galaxy S10 smartphone at an event next week, but the company is already giving fans a little glimpse of what to

Spectacular iPhone SE 2 concept will get your hopes too high

A sketchy rumor or two indicates that a replacement for the iPhone SE is in development, and an artist ran with this idea to create a video of an updated version of this low-cost handset. Watch it

‘Culture of fear’ dominates Apple’s secretive satellite office

People that worked for Apple through a staffing agency have revealed some grim details of what it’s like to work for Apple as a contracted employee. Working on Apple’s mapping projects just a few

Jamstack Bluetooth speaker clamps onto your electric guitar

The Jamstack is a regular portable Bluetooth speaker, but it also clips onto your guitar, and connects it to your iPhone, turning it into a mini amp. Rock on, as the old folks think the kids say. (via

Apple brings veterans’ health records into 21st century

Apple today confirmed that the Health Records feature on iPhone will soon be available to veterans. The company is working with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to ensure that, for the

Steve Jobs opera triumphs with classical music Grammy

The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs, an opera based on the life of Apple’s late co-founder and CEO, bagged the Grammy for best opera recording last night. The Santa Fe Opera Orchestra recording of composer

iPhone sales suffered more than most in China last quarter

Apple blamed falling smartphone sales in China for its weaker than anticipated holiday earnings last year, and now new data indicates that the iPhone suffered more than most in the East. In fact,

Apple joins coalition of companies supporting Dreamers

Apple has teamed up with a whole lot of other companies — including Amazon, Facebooks and others — to urge Congress to protect the ability of so-called “Dreamer” immigrants to legally stay and work in

Apple forced to tell Italian shoppers about iPhone throttling controversy

As part of the fallout from a decision in Italy, Apple has added a statement to its homepage in the country, describing how it did not provide adequate information to customers. The statement concerns

Don’t expect the new iPad mini to be a big upgrade

iPad mini fans may be disappointed with this year’s long-awaited refresh. A new report aligns with recent claims that Apple’s smallest tablet will get a much-needed upgrade this year, but warns that a

TSMC is working on sequel to Apple’s celebrated A12 Bionic chip

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) will remain the exclusive iPhone chip supplier for the 2019 era iPhones, a new report confirms. TSMC has been making Apple’s A-series mobile chips

2019 iPhone lineup won’t get USB-C or faster charging

The 2019 iPhone lineup will not be making the switch to USB-C, according to a new report. Apple is expected to retain the Lightning port for this year’s upgrade, and it will continue to bundle the

Your next AirPods could be easier to hold onto

Upgraded AirPods are on the way — and a new report sheds light on new features that Apple’s next-gen wireless earbuds will supposedly boast. If you’re looking for a new color option, smart sensors,

iFlicks 3, Skype, Obscura, and other amazing apps of the week

This week we blur the background in Skype, edit Photos on the iPad in Obscura, clean up our movies with iFlicks 3, and check the forecast on our Apple Watches with Carrot Weather. (via Cult of Mac -

Upgrade rate slows by 33 percent as we hold onto our iPhones ever longer

The days when people bought a new iPhone every two years are over, according to an industry analyst. In fact, many people are holding on to their handsets for twice that long. That’s bad news for