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5G iPhone now virtually certain in 2020 [Opinion]

Most people probably shrugged their shoulders at the news Apple and Qualcomm ended their long, bitter legal war. But this is actually going to benefit every iPhone user. It means that Apple is almost

What the critics are saying about the first Tim Cook biography

The first-ever biography of Apple CEO Tim Cook hits bookstores today, and it’s written by none other than Cult of Mac founder, Leander Kahney. I haven’t heard from Leander in god knows how long while

Unlock all your PDFs with one powerful app [Deals]

If you work on a computer, you deal with PDFs. The universal document format is great for sending and consuming written and visual content of all kinds, from simple reports or tax files to entire

Netflix can’t wait to compete against Apple and Disney

Netflix doesn’t seem worried at all that Apple and Disney are launching their own competitive streaming services by the end of 2019. In its latest report to investors, Netflix cited Disney and Apple

Apple and Qualcomm end their long legal war

The legal war between Apple and Qualcomm is finally over. In a surprise announcement, the two companies revealed that they have agreed to drop all litigation against each other, bringing an end to a

MacBook Air display mysteriously brightens after macOS update

Installing the latest macOS version on a 2018 MacBook Air increases the maximum screen brightness. Apple’s own description of this notebook indicates that the highest potential brightness level is now

How to make music with an iPad and a ‘classic’ Swedish synth

The iPad and the Teenage Engineering OP-1 are made for each other. Both are amazing standalone music-making machines, but together they're dynamite. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

Sell your old iPad and bag a bargain upgrade today

Amazon and Best Buy are now offering some of the biggest discounts we’ve seen on Apple’s latest iPad Pro lineup. And you can make yours even more affordable by selling your old model when you upgrade.

Is Apple’s modular Mac Pro doomed to flop?

Two whole years ago, Apple promised pro users that it would completely revamp the Mac Pro. Apple teased that it’s making a modular system that will have the flexibility professionals need. With

10 hidden Activity app features that will take your fitness to the next level

At first glance, the iPhone Activity app seems pretty simple. It’s basically just a calendar to keep track of your daily Activity Rings. But if you know where to look, you’ll find a surprising number

Apple might turn iPads into second Mac screens

Turning a tablet into an external display for a laptop isn’t a new idea, but Apple is reportedly going “all in” by building this feature into the next version of macOS. The iPad will supposedly

Pair a TENC Air iPhone case with an Xkin protector to save big

We’ve raved about the TENC Air iPhone case from Just Mobile, and gave a real-world example of the Xkin screen protector doing its job. We got phenomenal feedback, so our friends at Just Mobile agreed

Huawei confirms it has had no contact with Apple over 5G chips

Huawei says it has had no contact with Apple regarding the supply of 5G chips for a future iPhone lineup. The Chinese smartphone-maker has previously stated it would be willing to work with its rival

Apple promises to donate to rebuild Notre Dame cathedral

The world was horrified yesterday as Paris’ iconic Notre Dame cathedral was ravaged by fire. Today, offers to help rebuild are pouring in, with Apple joining the chorus of companies and individuals

Handheld flash gives iPhone photos studio pop

Smartphone camera advances have been jaw-dropping. Engineers continue to advance low-light performance, while adding computational effects like bokeh and embedding additional cameras with telephoto

Swedish publisher takes issue with Apple’s ‘feudal lord’ behavior

A Swedish publisher has accused Apple of acting like a “whimsical feudal lord” in its monopolistic App Store practices. In an open letter, publishing giant Schibsted says that, while Apple presents

Apple plans to open new retail store in London’s Knightsbridge

A new Apple Store is destined for one of London’s most luxurious shopping districts, according to a new report. Apple plans to open a new location in Knightsbridge between high-end department stores

Charging Apple Pencil doesn’t play nice with car key fobs

Apple devices famously “just work.” There are occasional lapses, however. According to an updated support document, Apple has revealed one slightly unusual (and annoying) interaction. Users who are

Indian government wants Apple to boot TikTok out of the App Store

Update: Apple and Google have both removed TikTok as requested. While the app is no longer available for download, those who have previously downloaded it can continue using it. TikTok, the popular —

Microsoft is bringing the popular Forza franchise to iOS

Microsoft is bringing one of the world’s best racing franchises to iOS. Forza Street features the iconic vehicles you know and love, with one-minute races designed to be enjoyed anywhere. It will be