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Celebrate Presidents Day with new gear, lessons and apps [Deals]

Happy Presidents Day! If it’s not an occasion that brings you joy, well, we can’t blame you. But that can change in round two of our roundup of deals on gear, apps and lessons. From a head-up display

AirPods 2 in a new color could soon launch alongside AirPower

The design of Apple’s AirPods is about to get a tweak, according to a new unconfirmed report coming out of Asia. Expect a fresh choice of color and a coating that will make these earbuds harder to

Art of the commute: Dina Alfasi’s iPhone pix are a trip [Cult of Mac Magazine No. 284]

Photographer Dina Alfasi’s stealthy snaps capture commuters in all their intimate glory. She tells us what informs her award-winning art in the latest issue of Cult of Mac Magazine. Plus, get the

Score sweet deals on apps and gear for Presidents Day [Deals]

Looking for a reason to celebrate on Presidents Day? We’ve got it, in the form of a pair of roundups of awesome gear, software and lessons, all at big discounts. From a cloud hub to a sleek wireless

Apple’s latest acquisition could give Siri a crucial boost

Apple’s latest acquisition could give Siri a better chance at competing against Amazon’s popular voice-power assistant, Alexa. Pullstring, a San Francisco-based startup that specializes in helping

Depth Control starts feud in funny new Apple ad

Depth Control is one of the best features on the new iPhones, but Apple shows that you might want to be careful about who you choose to use it on. Apple just drop a hilarious new ad highlighting the

Take control of Apple TV’s Aerial screen savers

The Apple TV Aerial screen saver has several hidden features. Plus, you can play the gorgeous Apple TV screen savers on your iPad. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Ranking every iPhone by 4G data speeds

Holding onto your old iPhone could be causing you to lose out on some serious 4G LTE speed gains made by carriers over the last few years. A new study on the average iPhone 4G download and upload

iPhone photographer turns lengthy commutes into works of art

Dina Alfasi is like most commuters. As soon as she finds a seat on the train or bus, she pulls out her iPhone. Alfasi may look like she is catching up with emails, streaming music or reading the news.

Apple details efforts to squash minerals that pay for wars

Apple had third parties audit all its mineral suppliers to be sure none are using their profits to support armed conflicts. Last year, there were five companies who refused the audits and all were

Trainiac is a fitness expert in the palm of your hands [Review]

Trainiac melds the benefits of a personal trainer with the flexibility of solo workouts. It's the ultimate tool for getting in shape on your own time. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

An insurance giant is now ‘right to repair’ movement’s big weapon

Insurance giant Allstate has purchased third-party smartphone repair company iCracked, giving the Right to Repair movement much-needed lobbying muscle. Already, the insurance company has assigned a

Apple sued over fatal fire allegedly caused by defective iPad

Apple is being sued by a person whose husband died from injuries caused by a fire, allegedly started by a defective iPad. The fire took place back in February 2017. It was reportedly, “caused by a

Make your taxes quick and painless this year [Deals]

Taxes are a drag no what you do for a living. So why waste more time on them than you should? Even if you’ve already got a go-to tax app, you might want to switch to this tax-busting app. TaxSlayer

Apple shares stumble as Warren Buffett’s firm trims holdings

In good times, the “Warren Buffett effect” has caused Apple shares to soar — by showing everyone that the world’s most famous investor believes in Apple. However, the opposite is also true: An

An Apple March event is all but confirmed! Catch our expectations, on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: It’s all but confirmed — Apple’s holding a March media event to make some special announcements. We’ll tell you what we know. Plus: Apple’s all-time best-selling products

Beats’ new NBA Collection offers headphones to match your team’s colors

Do you want to show your undying loyalty (or, at least, $350 worth of loyalty) to your favorite NBA team? If so, you may want to check out Apple’s latest Beats brand launch. The new range offers its

Apple’s new acquisition will help it better market to customers

Apple has reportedly snapped up U.K.-based digital marketing company DataTiger. The company offers tools for optimizing companies’ “marketing flows for … customers in real-time across all channels.”

Apple’s original TV shows will get a sneak preview at March 25 event

Apple’s March 25 media event will be dedicated to services — and that will include the first glimpses of video content from Apple’s original TV series. While we’ll get a look at some video clips,

Drake drops $400,000 on blue diamond iPhone case

Canadian rapper Drake reportedly spent $400,000 to have a case for his iPhone X covered in diamonds and white gold. Drake is known to have a thing for bling, but this one appears off the charts. The