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Apple plans Netflix-for-games subscription service

Apple allegedly wants to tap into the booming gaming industry to boost its growing Services business. The company is reportedly planning to create a new subscription service for games and it’s already

Samsung eyes camera company that sued Apple

Samsung is reportedly close to completing a deal to buy an Israeli optics company accusing Apple of stealing its patented dual-camera technology. CorePhotonics most recently developed a periscope

Scribd racks up 1 million paid subscribers

Scribd, the company which describes itself as the “Netflix for reading,” says that it has passed 1 million paid subscribers for its $8.99 a month service. While 1 million is way below the kind of

Take one easy step toward better data privacy [Deals]

When it comes to personal data, you can’t be too safe. So when you have the chance to easily boost your security, you should take it. That makes this VPN a great data security tool that shouldn’t be

Lack of screws put the hurt on Apple’s U.S. manufacturing plans

President Trump has suggested that Apple manufacture its devices in the United States. But things aren’t quite so easy as that — as a New York Times article makes clear. It describes the challenges

Latest Mojave beta brings Touch ID support to Safari AutoFill

Safari AutoFill in macOS Mojave is about to get even more convenient, thanks to Touch ID support. The first macOS 10.14.4 beta reveals you’ll be able to log into websites simply by scanning your

Vizio kicks off AirPlay 2 beta test in U.S. and Canada

Vizio will soon add AirPlay 2 support to some of its most recent TV sets, and you can try it out early by signing up for the new beta test in the United States and Canada. AirPlay 2 support will let

Apple met with AR startups at CES 2019

Apple may not have had an official presence at CES 2019, but a new report claims that key personnel were present at the event to meet with leading AR companies. More than half a dozen company

Sharp wants a piece of iPhone OLED manufacturing

Japanese electronics firm Sharp, owned by Apple supplier Foxconn, is supposedly working to enter the supply chain for future iPhones boasting OLED displays. The news comes shortly after a report

Another iPhone supplier considering India manufacturing

According to the Financial Times, Apple manufacturer Pegatron is planning to build new production lines in India, Vietnam and India. Pegatron accounts for around 30 percent of Apple’s assembly orders.

Respected analyst says everyone’s too pessimistic about Apple

Ming-Chi Kuo, a tech analyst with a decent record for accuracy, predicts Apple will sell more iPhones in 2019 than many other analysts are anticipating. To be clear, Kuo isn’t predicting a banner year

Upcoming iPads, iPod touch referenced in iOS 12.2 beta

Evidence continues to mount that Apple is readying a pair of 2019 iPad models, along with the return of the iPod touch. Mention of all three are reportedly included in the recent iOS 12.2 beta. Brief

Become your office’s Excel wizard with this $39 training bundle [Deals]

Excel is one of the most commonly used programs in workplaces around the world. And with good reason: Microsoft’s spreadsheet software is an immensely powerful tool for tracking and analyzing data at

5 crucial iOS tweaks iPad users need [Cult of Mac Magazine 281]

If you own an iPad, you probably harbor big expectations for iOS 13. So do we. While Apple’s tablets pack performance comparable to laptops, the software they run on continues to lag. Here’s what

Take control of your monthly finances with a simple web app [Deals]

Plenty of us know the anxiety that comes with checking the bank account. Wages, taxes, markets and other factors make saving money a constant challenge. So any chance to get greater financial

Apple’s pay news service might be part of something bigger

The launch of Apple’s news magazine subscription service could be just weeks away. Images found in the first iOS 12.2 beta appear to show that Apple is already in the testing phase of the magazine

T-Mobile to launch TV streaming service soon

T-Mobile is about to launch a new feature as part of its wireless service plans designed to lure in new subscribers: free TV streaming. The carrier is reportedly planning to enter the streaming wars

How to make Shortcuts give you a weather forecast on iPad

This Shortcut pops up a notification showing the weather at your current location. This is great for the iPad, which still has no built-in weather app (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

Unknown iPads pop up in Eurasian database

Reports that Apple plans to bring out new iPad models in the near future strengthened today when several new tablets appeared in a Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) database. These could be an update

iPhone is tech reporter’s first line of defense against data vampires

The New York Times investigative reporter Nick Confessore has covered data privacy long enough to make the iPhone his smartphone of choice. His take on data-hungry Android phones is damning enough to