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5 improvements iPad users expect from iOS 13 [Opinion]

Those of us with an iPad have big expectations for the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system. These tablets pack performance comparable to laptops, but the software continues to lag. Here’s

Fastmail, Goodnotes 5, AUM, and other amazing apps of the week

This week we enjoy Fastmail’s sleek new look, import photos into Lightroom using Shortcuts, control our Ecobee home-automation accessories from the Apple Watch, and get writing with Goodnotes 5. (via

This unbreakable Lightning cable can lift an adult [Deals]

Apple’s soft white charging cables for iOS devices aren’t exactly known for being tough. In fact, they fray, break, and generally go kaput after just a few months. So this extra long, super tough

Dodocase Two Tone turns your iPad into an old-school notebook [Review]

The Dodocase Two Tone brings a retro look to iPad or iPad Pro. You could almost write “Trig” on the cover in Magic Marker and feel like you’re in high school again. And this case is very lightweight

40 reasons to love the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar [Cult of Mac Magazine No. 280]

Some people love the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar. Other people absolutely hate it. Bottom line is that the thin OLED strip can work wonders — if you use it right! Get our top 40 tips for making the most

Apple busts out iPad Pro tips in new vids

Making your iPad Pro more useful is the theme of a series of short videos released today by Apple. Each takes a common task and briefly shows how it can be tackled with a iOS tablet and Apple Pencil.

Get lifetime access to a powerful graphic design app [Deals]

There are plenty of times when you’ll want graphic design tools. Maybe you’re designing a post for social media, or a flier for a show. Or perhaps you’re building a website or just touching up your

Brilliant concept merges iPad mini and iPod touch

New versions of the iPod touch and iPad mini are reportedly coming out this year, and one graphic designer imagines what would happen if Apple combined these into one. The proposed device would

How to erase the background in your photos

Focos makes it easy to remove the background from any of your Portrait Mode photos, just by moving some sliders. You can even choose a new background image to insert. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and

Trailer offers thrilling glimpse of Soderbergh’s new iPhone flick

Netflix released a trailer this week for Steven Soderbergh’s latest iPhone masterpiece, High Flying Bird, with fast-moving scenes sure to excite broke and budding filmmakers. This is the Oscar-winning

World’s slimmest mechanical keyboard looks perfect for Mac lovers

Mac lovers looking for relief from Apple’s new butterfly keyboards may have found a new hero in the Keychron K1, which is supposedly the world’s slimmest mechanical keyboard ever. The Keychron K1

Musish brings Apple Music to the web

A new service allows Apple Music access through a web site without requiring any new software to be installed on the computer. Musish is free to use, and is far more secure than one might think. The

Microsoft tells Windows phone users to get an iPhone

Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows Phone, is officially dead. After failing to compete with iOS and Android, Microsoft is now advising users of Windows Phone to go out and buy an iPhone

Foxconn cuts 50,000 workers early as iPhone struggles

Foxconn, Apple’s largest manufacturing partner, has cut 50,000 workers ahead of schedule as a result of weak iPhone demand. The first cuts came last October, months before Foxconn typically scales

Apple accused of violating EU data privacy laws in new complaint

Apple is named in a complaint filed by a data privacy watchdog group for failing to comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. Austrian-based noyb said 10 users tested Apple,

App Store made almost twice as much as Google Play in 2018

The App Store raked in almost twice as much revenue as Google Play in 2018, despite significantly fewer downloads. Google’s marketplace did enjoy a 27.3 percent rise in gross app revenue

This app turns your iPhone into a personal trainer [Review]

If you need something to offer that extra push during your workout, Aaptiv is the trainer you need, right where it matters most. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Boost your Instagram presence without lifting a finger [Deals]

If you’re on Instagram, you want more followers. But if you aren’t a paid social media manager, or maybe even if you are, you probably don’t have time to do all the liking, following and commenting

2019 iPhone could bring big upgrades where it matters most

This year’s iPhone refresh will bring big upgrades for some of the handset’s most important features, according to a new rumor. One tipster claims that we can look forward to an even better camera

Apple explores handy gesture controls for iPhone, Apple Watch

Apple is looking into making your iPhone smart enough to know you wanted to take a picture just because you aimed the camera at something. And that’s not the only gesture it’s investigating. The