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Can Apple keep cannibalizing its core creations? [Opinion]

Apple built its world-dominating status by being brave. Not only did it create hit products, but it never worried about “cannibalizing” existing products to make way for the future. Will that same

Fired Apple lawyer released on $500,000 bond

Gene Levoff, former senior director of corporate law and corporate secretary at Apple, has been released on a $500,000 bond after pleading not guilty to charges of insider trading. Levoff, who

Apple may launch its own credit card this spring

Apple and Goldman Sachs are teaming up to create a joint credit card, according to a new report. The card may offer savings to Apple customers, in addition to making it easier for them to keep tabs on

Unlock your inner Pixar with an easy animation Mac app [Deals]

Thanks to the internet, there are plenty of ways to express ourselves. From music, to blogging, vlogging, making memes and beyond, the list seems endless. So why is it that animation doesn’t come to

iPhone sales suffered worst quarter in 3 years in late 2018

Apple no longer discloses exact iPhone sales, and that might be for the best. New data suggests the company’s smartphone business suffered its worst decline in nearly three years over the 2018 holiday

Apple has paid out $25 billion to European developers

It’s not just U.S. developers who are hitting it rich thanks to the App Store. According to new figures released by Apple, it has now paid out $25 billion through the App Store to European developers.

Today in Apple history: Apple and Cisco settle over ‘iPhone’ name

February 21, 2007: Apple comes to an agreement with Cisco over the iPhone trademark, which Cisco legally owns but Apple wants to use. Under the agreement, both companies get to use the iPhone

Laurene Powell Jobs invests in Apple TV show maker

Reese Witherspoon is definitely doing something right when it comes to TV production. First, Apple invested in three shows being produced by the Hollywood actress, which will be among the most

Apple pulls third-party SDKs from Shazam in latest update

Apple has pulled all but one third-party SDK from Shazam in its latest update. The move wipes out analytics firms, ad networks, open-source projects, and more — including Google AdMob, Facebook Ads,

Apple dethroned as Fast Company’s most innovative company

Fast Company has released its 2019 list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies — and, unlike last year, Apple’s no longer number one. This year, Apple falls substantially to 17th place. “They didn’t

Apple gives a glimpse inside its self-driving vehicle program

A whitepaper describing the elaborate safety procedures used in Apple’s automated car development program seems intended to assure government regulators and the public that the company is making every

Spectrum TV brings 60 channels to your Apple TV for $15

Charter Communications, the US’s second largest cable company, is launching an inexpensive streaming TV service. For just $14.99 a month, subscribers will be able to watch 60+ live channels on an

Galaxy S10 vs. iPhone: Samsung gives us so many reasons to switch

Samsung just delivered a keynote packed with new devices, including an all-new Galaxy S10 lineup and the exciting Galaxy Flex, its first foldable smartphone. But are any of them worth considering for

6 ways Samsung just leapfrogged Apple

Samsung put Apple and the rest of the tech industry on notice today during its massive Unpacked event. During the biggest tech event of 2019 so far, Samsung unveiled a slew of new smartphones,

The one dongle every MacBook owner needs

The 2018 MacBook Pro is one of the sexiest machines Apple’s ever made. There’s just one problem: you need a bunch of dongles to use all your favorite accessories. Because the MacBook Pro only has

Galaxy S10 cameras look promising, but will they deliver?

The cameras on the Samsung Galaxy smartphones have always ranked among the best. But there were always two or three other smartphones that kept the Samsung cameras from being the leader. Samsung hopes

Samsung steps up fitness game with two new wearables

Samsung really wants to compete with Apple Watch on the fitness front, as shown by a pair of new wearables the Korean company unveiled Wednesday. The Galaxy Watch Active offers a “full smartwatch

A radical Safari tabs trick that’s hard to explain in the title

You know how you can narrow down Safari’s tabs to by search? Well, if you long-press on the search cancel button, you can close only the matching tabs. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

New Samsung Galaxy Buds try to steal AirPods’ thunder

AirPods have become the ultimate status symbol among Millenials, but Samsung is ready to steal some of the shine with its new line of Galaxy Buds. Just like AirPods, the new Galaxy Buds give wearers a

U.S.’s crappy 4G service costs far more than it should

Many other countries have much faster 4G service than the United States, according to a new study. About the only places the US beat were emerging economies. To add insult to injury, a recent study