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Apple’s awesome chip team is now designing iPhone modems

Apple has shifted to in-house modem chip engineering led by senior vice president of hardware technologies Johny Srouji, according to a new report. The move all but confirms that Apple will develop

India’s decision to defer manufacturing tariffs could help Apple

More and more Apple suppliers are considering building devices in India, and a new concession might make that possibility even more plausible. According to a new report, India has deferred a plan

Some popular iOS apps recorded users’ screens for analytics

Apple came down hard on Facebook when it was found to be behind an iOS app that was gathering large amounts of user data. But it’s not the only app to gather information about what users are up to,

Take a peek at Samsung’s AirPods rival ‘Galaxy Buds’

Apple’s AirPods have been a massive smash hit since they launched a couple years back. It’s therefore unsurprising that rival companies would be keen to get themselves some of the sweet wireless cash

Cupertino mayor jokes about building border wall round Apple’s hometown

Depending on who you are, jokes about “building a wall and making [insert name] pay for it” range from trollish to downright offensive. Apparently no-one told the mayor of Cupertino, however — since

Safari dumps failed ‘Do Not Track’ privacy setting

Safari’s “Do Not Track” setting was supposed to protect us from advertisers following us from website to website but it never worked like it was supposed to and Apple has given up on it. Instead, the

Apple reclaims crown as most valuable public company

Apple is back to being the world’s most valuable publicly traded company once again. The company’s stock price has been rising steadily since Apple revealed its first earnings of 2019 last month.

Quit or canned? Why is Angela Ahrendts leaving Apple? [Opinion]

When Apple fires an executive, the company is rarely straightforward about the situation. Apple never puts out a press release stating plainly that the executive was canned. So Tuesday’s unexpected

Watch for password phishing if your iPhone gets stolen

If your iPhone is ever lost or stolen, be extra careful about scammers attempting trick your Apple ID password from you. iPhone thieves reportedly have an elaborate system set up to scam this

7 painful truths about the 2018 MacBook Pro

The 2018 MacBook Pro might be the most disappointing laptop Apple has come out with in years. Despite being one of the lightest and most powerful Macs ever, The CultCast host Erfon Elijah finds the

How to send selfies with stickers

You already know how to take a selfie. It’s probably the first thing you did when you got your iPhone up and running. But did you know you can take a selfie and add stickers? Right there in the

Victim tracked her alleged killer with Find My iPhone app

A Connecticut woman used the Find My iPhone app on her iPad to track her ex-husband moments before he stormed the house and fatally shot her, police said. Once she realized he was just outside the

I work on my iPad every day, and here’s what drives me nuts [Opinion]

A few of us here at Cult of Mac work on iPads pretty much exclusively. Apple’s tablet proves more than capable of “real” work, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Far from it, in fact. The iPad Pro

Spotify CEO does not fear Apple’s massive cash pile

Spotify is making a push to cement its self as the best audio platform in the world. The company revealed today that it acquired two podcasting companies and that it plans to spend big on original

Tim Cook hypes up new retail boss in email to employees

Apple‘s CEO told his employees that the company’s new head of retail sales is “one of Apple’s most passionate and experienced advocates for our customers and employees.” Tim Cook also highlighted

Crazy Adobe Premiere CC bug blows MacBook Pro speakers

A number of Adobe Premiere CC users are reporting that a damaging bug has blown their MacBook Pro speakers. The problem seems to occur when using one of a number of audio enhancement tools, and the

Apple teases Beats Studio3 headphones in a Neymar Jr. edition

Apple today added a Neymar Jr. Custom Edition of the Beats Studio3 wireless headphones to its online store. The headphones, which celebrate the soccer star’s 27th birthday, feature a black and white

Tamagotchi-style virtual pet Noa Noa! heads to App Store

The 1990s was a simpler time, back when Apple was an underdog computer company and kids were obsessed with keychain virtual pets like Tamagotchis. Jump forward to 2019, and things have certainly

Spotify surges to 96 million paying subscribers

Spotify is closing in on 100 million paying users, hammering home its position as the No. 1 company in streaming music. In its latest quarterly earnings, the streaming company revealed that it now has

Juice up two MacBook Pros with one USB-C charger [Deals]

Power is everything, especially when it comes to portable technology. So as we leave outlets behind, it pays to have a battery that can make up the difference. Luckily, batteries have been evolving