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Apple makes iPhone XR in India for local market

iPhone production in India is reportedly ramping up, with 2018’s iPhone XR supposedly being assembled there. The units allegedly aren‘t for export, but will be sold in-country. While the news that

Google will fix iPhone ‘bug’ that allows unlimited photo storage

Google has confirmed it plans to fix a “bug” that gives iPhone owners unlimited high-resolution photo storage. Some users believed the issue was actually a feature that could save Google “millions of

Trick or treat? 16-inch MacBooks could arrive before Halloween

The 16-inch MacBook Pro has reportedly begun shipping in volume, indicating the much-anticipated Apple laptop could arrive later this month October has just 10 days remaining and rumors about a

iPad sketch app Paper adds brilliant creative templates [Review]

Looking for some fun stuff to do with your Apple Pencil? Then you should definitely check out today’s update to Paper by WeTransfer, which introduces a new Paper Store. Despite its name, the Paper

2020 will deliver Apple’s ‘most impressive hardware’ in years

2020 will be the year Apple unveils its “most impressive hardware in some time,” according to a new report. Alongside big upgrades for iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac, Cupertino also is expected to

Yelp uses Apple Watch compass to make finding things easier

Yelp has updated its Apple Watch app to make use of the Apple Watch Series 5’s in-built compass feature. The compass is now able to point users in the direction of local businesses. Depending on where

Test shows how much battery Dark Mode will save you on certain iPhones

iOS 13’s Dark Mode looks awesome, but it also can boost iPhone battery life. How much more time between charges will you really get using Dark Mode? You can see the dramatic difference for yourself in

Future smartphone case is designed to look (and act) just like human skin

Had enough of your regular smartphone protective case? Soon, you might be able to go full David Cronenberg body horror and get your hands on one that looks like it’s fashioned out of human skin. Okay,

The future is now with this portable language translator [Deals]

From Star Trek to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, one of the signs of the future is a portable device that instantly translates languages. Well, it’s 2019, so we should expect things to feel

Apple TV owners report frustrating TV app crashes under tvOS 13

Apple TV owners are being plagued by frequent TV app crashes under tvOS 13. Arguably the most important feature of the set-top box, the TV app has become unusable for some under Apple’s latest

Apple TV+ shows are about ‘quality,’ not demographics

Apple isn’t just taking on Netflix’s business with Apple TV+; it’s also challenging its philosophy for commissioning shows. In a new article for Wired, Apple TV+ boss Zack Van Amburg says that the

How iOS’s brilliant Security Code AutoFill came to be

iOS’s Security Code AutoFill is one of those useful features that just delights you whenever you see it in operation. Autofilling security code verification boxes with the codes you receive in texts

The best relaxing, renaming and recreation-ing apps this week

This week we fall asleep to relaxing sounds, wake right back up with some crazy drum noises, watch beautifully-colored movies, and… rename some files? (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

Apple Arcade adds player-vs-player Pac-man and baseball games, plus three more titles

Apple is working hard to meet its goal of offering over 100 games in Apple Arcade. Five more have been added, bringing the total to almost 90. The latest additions include Ballistic Baseball, Pac-man

Seize this chance to win a free iPhone 11, AirPods and charging pad [Deals]

It’s as reliable as the seasons. As sure as the weather getting colder or the leaves turning yellow and orange, mouths begin to water when a new iPhone model rolls around. The iPhone 11 is no

Apple AR is here. Did you notice? [Cult of Mac Magazine 319]

Who needs Apple AR glasses? The era of Apple augmented reality is already here. You just might not have noticed it. Here’s a look at where we are — and where we might be headed. Get that glimpse of

Get more gigs with classes that boost your digital skills [Deals]

The landscape facing the digital professional is constantly shifting, which poses challenges but also opportunities. Expanding your skills, pivoting careers — even just running a side hustle —

This virtually unbreakable 3-in-1 charging hub does it all

If you need a charging hub that you can take with you everywhere, you want one that’s going to survive every trip. And you want one that charges all your devices simultaneously. What you really want

Apple takes heat from all sides after pulling Hong Kong map app

U.S. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle united to strongly criticize Apple over last week’s decision to pull a live map app used by protestors in Hong Kong. The bipartisan group, which included

iPhone 11 Pro pix of Northern Lights will blow you away

Travel blogger Zach Honig hiked into a remote part of Alaska with a tripod and Sony camera to capture the Northern Lights. But his best photos came from his new iPhone 11 Pro Max – without a tripod.