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iPhone stops arrow en route to user’s head

The iPhone has made news for stopping bullets. A man in Australia discovered his iPhone was durable enough to stop an arrow aimed at his head. The man was under attack in his driveway by an

Spotify files complaint against Apple’s ‘unfair’ App Store fees

Spotify has filed a legal complaint against Apple for what it believes is anti-competitive behavior. The music streaming service, like many others, has an issue with the 30 percent cut Apple charges

Best leather Apple Watch bands, from most affordable to luxurious

High-quality leather is a universal way to look and feel classy, timeless and powerful. Deck out your beloved Apple Watch in something it deserves, regardless of price point. Whether you’re buying on

Spark now lets you delegate emails to your colleagues

Spark, the popular email client from Readdle, now lets you turn messages into tasks and delegate them to your colleagues. The feature is available inside the latest Spark update on Mac and iOS.

Save half on an award-winning digital art Mac app [Deals]

Digital art apps are incredibly powerful, allowing for projects of complexity and scale that pen and paper could never match. Basically, if you can imagine it, you can create it. But that doesn’t mean

Apple expands coding initiatives in Indonesia and Singapore

Apple this week confirmed the expansion of coding initiatives in Southeast Asia. The company is opening a second Apple Developer Academy in Surabaya, Indonesia, to help aspiring developers. It also

How to stop reading the news on Twitter or Facebook

Forget Facebook and Twitter. Use a news-reader app to subscribe to any website, and see all the news from all your favorite sites in one place. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

TwistedWave is the least annoying way to edit music on iOS [Review]

TwistedWave might be the fastest, most intuitive, and most flexible way to edit audio and music on your iPhone or iPad. It’s certainly the least annoying audio app I’ve ever used. (via Cult of Mac -

CorelDraw comes back to Mac, 20 years later

You have to be of certain age to remember a Mac version of CorelDRAW, but its developer just returned this graphics suite to Apple desktops and laptops. Corel commits itself to “world-class vector

Apple News magazine service details revealed by latest macOS beta

Apple News’ magazine subscription service looks like it will be available on iOS and macOS when it’s unveiled later this month. After digging into the latest macOS 10.14.4 beta, developer Steve

‘Transformative’ buy could lift Apple TV subs to 100 million

Apple’s streaming TV service is going to be a very significant force in the market if a market-analysis firm is correct. The service the iPhone maker is prepping could, in a few years, garner far more

Stylish leather can bring new look – and smell – to your MacBook

Maybe you’re bored with brushed aluminum and long for a more personalized look to your MacBook. How about a surface that makes your Apple laptop “strokable and “supremely sexy?” The strong adjectives

Spotify Premium now comes with free Hulu access

Spotify is giving users an even greater incentive to upgrade to its paid Premium plan. Those who pay $9.99 a month for the service can now enjoy access to Hulu — on top of tens of millions of music

Why the world is clamoring for an iPhone SE 2 [Opinion]

After Cult of Mac published an editorial recommending an iPhone SE 2, many readers chimed in with support. The editorial argued that Apple’s success in emerging markets requires a small, inexpensive

Bust out in style with Bucardo’s vintage Apple pocket watches

Bucardo is back on our radar with some seriously impressive designs and discounts for Apple Watch. It’s nothing new in the world of fashion to recycle and resurrect the trends from our parents’ and

Apple suppliers take revenue hit as iPhone shipments fall

Apple suppliers have taken a hit in revenue during early 2019 as a result of falling iPhone shipments. Analysts don’t expect a turnaround anytime soon with Apple’s smartphone still struggling to catch

Keep your boss and creepy dates at bay with a second phone number [Deals]

Even in the age of social media, our phones are one of the easiest ways for uninvited or unwanted contact. Privacy is hard to come by these days, so imagine being able to give your craigslist seller

Withings sleep tracking mat now detects signs of sleep apnea

Do you feel tired every day, despite getting plenty of sleep at night? You may be suffering from sleep apnea, a disorder that affects 22 million people in the U.S. — most of whom have no idea they

Fortnite 8.10 brings brand new vehicle, big changes for Battle Royale

Epic Games is now rolling out its biggest Fortnite update yet for season eight. The version 8.10 release brings a brand new vehicle that looks like a blast, and big changes for Battle Royale across

Gamevice controller for iPhone falls flat where it really counts [Review]

Mobile gaming has never been better, but you’re missing out if you’re playing the latest titles with touch controls. A good controller is a worthwhile purchase, but should you spend $75 on the