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This company sells gorgeous custom iPhones for less than Apple

Buying a refurbished iPhone is a great way to save a pretty penny, and now there’s another reason why you should consider avoiding the Apple Store. One French company is selling rebuilt models that

Riffr is like getting voicemails from strangers

Riffr is yet another social network, this one based around audio snippets. And maybe it’ll actually take off, despite its awful design. It’s as if the makers took the confusion that is late-stage

Favorite Clessant Apple Watch bands are back in stock [Watch Store]

If you make high-quality products that everyone wants, there is the risk that the demand for your goods exceeds supply. On one hand that’s good (hey, we’re selling a lot!). On the other hand, that’s

The most interesting factoids from Apple’s 13th annual supplier report

Apple came out with its 13th annual Supplier Responsibility Progress Report, giving an inside glimpse at some of the biggest issues it’s been battling. The 66-page report is stuffed with interesting

Pixar just posted a dream job for Mac nerds

Pixar is looking for a good Mac nerd to join its support team. If you’ve ever dreamed of working for one of the most iconic animation companies in the world, but don’t have any actual animation

Amazing concept video shows why you’d love a folding iPad

Folding phones are getting lots of attention, but flexible screens can benefit tablets as well. A new concept video proposes a full-size iPad that can expand into a display larger than all but the

Bauhaus Apple logo looks like the Death Star

A company has to be nimble enough to change with the times. It can turnover leadership, recreate its work culture and overhaul its line of products. Just don’t mess with a brand’s logo. But what if an

Meizu’s port-free phone was nothing more than a marketing stunt

Meizu has revealed its futuristic port-free smartphone was nothing more than a marketing stunt. The so-called “Zero” handset was announced just over a month ago before being made available to preorder

Master your projects with a powerful timeline tool [Deals]

Big-time projects can mean big-time stress. So we welcome any and all help to stay on task and organized. That makes this massively discounted timeline tool a must-see. Aeon Timeline 2 is ideal for

Fortnite 8.01 update brings buried treasure to Battle Royale

Fortnite’s first update since the launch of season eight has landed, bringing buried treasure to Battle Royale for the first time. Players can pick up a map to track down a hidden chest, which

Chinese retailers roll out second iPhone price cut of 2019

Chinese online retailers have slashed iPhone prices for the second time this year. The discounts are an effort to boost sales in an important market, where Apple recently suffered a 20 percent decline

AirPods, Apple Watch give Apple lion’s share of wearables market

Last year, Apple Watch and AirPods combined to give Apple almost a quarter of the world’s wearable shipments. The total was nearly double the next closest rival. Shipments of these Apple products grew

Apple video service might force Disney CEO out of board seat

Disney CEO Bob Iger’s seat on Apple’s board of directors might be at risk as both companies pursue video streaming services. Apple hasn’t asked Iger to step down yet, but a new report shines light on

Enter to win a new iPhone XS Max and AirPods [Deals]

The latest Apple devices are impressive, but so are their price tags. So you’d be crazy not to jump at the chance to score the latest and greatest tech from Cupertino — for free! Our iPhone XS Max and

Next generation of Apple’s Swift Playgrounds teaching tool enters beta

The first beta of Swift Playgrounds 3.0 was just introduced. This is good news for those who teach programming fundamentals through this kid-friendly tool. The biggest improvement we know about so far

How to record any audio on your iPhone

Your iPhone is an amazing recording device. It has great microphones, and is easy to hook up to musical instruments via the headphone jack or Lightning port. Let's see how. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and

Siri sounds better in Britain after voice improvements

Apple has quietly updated the female British voice for Siri. The improvements can be heard today on HomePod and iOS devices. The update comes just a few weeks after Apple updated the male British

NSA stops spying on everyone’s phone. Maybe

A controversial system tracking the calls and texts of all Americans has supposedly stopped being used by the National Security Agency (NSA). This agency reportedly quit employing it months ago, and

Leaked images of second-gen Google Glass reveal USB-C upgrade

Google Glass is set to get an upgrade later this year for enterprise users and it looks like USB-C charging will be one of the big new features. Leaked images of the second-generation Google Glass for

GameClub will bring forgotten iOS games back from the dead

Remember the games you used to enjoy on your iPhone and iPad in the early days of the App Store? The chances are few of them are still supported and available for download today, but the best could