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Apple video service might force Disney CEO out of board seat

Disney CEO Bob Iger’s seat on Apple’s board of directors might be at risk as both companies pursue video streaming services. Apple hasn’t asked Iger to step down yet, but a new report shines light on

Enter to win a new iPhone XS Max and AirPods [Deals]

The latest Apple devices are impressive, but so are their price tags. So you’d be crazy not to jump at the chance to score the latest and greatest tech from Cupertino — for free! Our iPhone XS Max and

Next generation of Apple’s Swift Playgrounds teaching tool enters beta

The first beta of Swift Playgrounds 3.0 was just introduced. This is good news for those who teach programming fundamentals through this kid-friendly tool. The biggest improvement we know about so far

How to record any audio on your iPhone

Your iPhone is an amazing recording device. It has great microphones, and is easy to hook up to musical instruments via the headphone jack or Lightning port. Let's see how. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and

Siri sounds better in Britain after voice improvements

Apple has quietly updated the female British voice for Siri. The improvements can be heard today on HomePod and iOS devices. The update comes just a few weeks after Apple updated the male British

NSA stops spying on everyone’s phone. Maybe

A controversial system tracking the calls and texts of all Americans has supposedly stopped being used by the National Security Agency (NSA). This agency reportedly quit employing it months ago, and

Leaked images of second-gen Google Glass reveal USB-C upgrade

Google Glass is set to get an upgrade later this year for enterprise users and it looks like USB-C charging will be one of the big new features. Leaked images of the second-generation Google Glass for

GameClub will bring forgotten iOS games back from the dead

Remember the games you used to enjoy on your iPhone and iPad in the early days of the App Store? The chances are few of them are still supported and available for download today, but the best could

Forget chord progressions. Pensato creates scale progressions.

Pensato lets you see the relationship between different scales, and shows you the chords shared by related keys. It’s a powerful yet simple tool for musicians. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

Apple will finally repair iPhones with unofficial batteries

An iPhone powered with a third-party battery can get repaired at all Apple Store Genius Bars, according to a directive issued by Apple. This is a surprising reverse course for Apple, which strictly

Apple acquires trove of AI security camera patents

Lighthouse, a smart security camera maker that specialized in AI recognition, officially died at the end of 2018 but its tech is about to get a second chance thanks to Apple. Apple recently acquired a

Why Apple’s 5G modem options could be a big problem

With Apple and chip-maker Qualcomm back in court this week, the iPhone maker needs to find another source for 5G modems. There are additional possibilities — Intel, Samsung, Huawei and MediaTek — but

Upgrade your Apple Watch without breaking the bank [Watch Store]

If you’ve got an Apple Watch and want to change things up, it’s quite easy to change the face. But if you want more, you’ve got to change the band. The mechanical part is easy; it’s the acquisition

Microsoft Edge for iOS now translates websites in an instant

Microsoft Edge for iOS now boasts instant web page translation. The feature lets you visit your favorite foreign sites and enjoy them in your native tongue. It also gives you the option to quickly

Read 20% faster by mastering a single cognitive trick [Deals]

Ever catch yourself re-reading the same lines, or making it to the end of a page only to realize you don’t remember it? These are the signs of weak reading technique, and if that sounds familiar,

Apple may have quietly fixed MacBook Pro’s ‘stage light’ flaw

Apple’s latest MacBook Pro lineup may be immune to the “stage light” flaw that has plagued some 2016 and 2017 models. Slightly longer display cables inside the newer notebooks could help prevent the

Corning’s flexible glass might make folding iPhone a winner

Forget what you think you know about glass. Rather than being an utterly rigid material, Corning is close to producing a type of glass flexible enough to go in a future folding iPhone. This material

Can a social media guru extinguish Siri’s tire fire of complaints?

Corporation ISO very patient person to listen to endless complaints about its digital assistant. No phonies. Apple really did post a job opening for someone to monitor what people are saying about

Nizo blurs the lines between shooting and editing video

Nizo adds manual controls to the iPhone’s video camera, and mixes editing and shooting together. Making a beautifully-shot, edited, and scored movie is seamless. Check it out. (via Cult of Mac - Tech

Epic promises audio improvements for Fortnite 8.01

Fortnite fans are still enjoying last week’s massive season eight update, but many will have noticed that certain things need fixing. One of those is the audio for a bunch of weapons and items, which