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Want a brand new iPad? Sell your old one for the best price

Apple just rolled out two brand new iPads with its latest A12 chip and Apple Pencil support. If you’re still rocking an older model, you’re probably tempted to finally upgrade. And it might not be as

AT&T’s ‘5G E’ speeds are slower than LTE on other networks

Customers on AT&T’s ‘5G E’ networks aren’t getting the huge speed gains promised by one of the nation’s largest carriers. In an attempt to get a headstart on the 5G wave, AT&T has renamed a

Beats’ version of AirPods rumored to arrive in April

Apple-owned Beats is about to unleash its wire-free earbuds that will be like a more sporty version of AirPods. The Beats headphone lineup hasn’t seen a lot of design changes over the last few years

Turn your iPad into a mini iMac with this minimal stand [Review]

My family tends to smear our kitchen countertops with all kinds of gunk. No one has ever heard of the words plate or cutting board. So taking an iPad into the kitchen is a risky proposition: It

Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell reunite on set of Apple TV series

Former Bruce Almighty co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell were spotted reuniting on the set of their new Apple TV series about a morning TV show news crew. The show started principal

Japan Display still owes Apple for $1.5 billion factory

Struggling display maker Japan Display reportedly still owes Apple a whole lot of cash for one of its factories. Apple paid a large chunk of the $1.5 billion in costs to build an LCD factory in 2015.

Apple Music update shines a light on curated content

Apple Music has updated the New Music section of its “Browse” tag to highlight playlists from a variety of genres. While the UX tweak doesn’t fundamentally change the content of Apple’s Music app, it

AirPower could finally arrive in late March

The lengthy wait for AirPower is almost over — but not yet. A new report, citing industry sources, claims Apple’s new charging pad will arrive in late March. If the information is accurate, that means

Get a powerful Mac video editor for just $20 [Deals]

Your Mac comes with a pretty solid video editor, but it’s got some real limitations. So if you want to up your game, you’re usually faced with dropping a lot of dough on a professional app. Luckily,

New Macs! New iPads! New AirPods! We break down this week’s releases, on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: Apple just released so much new hardware, they had to do it over 3 full days. We’ll break it all down, and react to all the new gear. Plus, the saga of MoviePass continues

Apple within striking distance of reclaiming $1 trillion crown

As excitement builds around Apple’s Monday event, the company is edging closer to reclaiming its $1 trillion market cap. Apple stock enjoyed its biggest rally since January on Thursday. It closed at

Apple Stores will host ‘show time’ keynote on March 25

Apple Stores around the world will be hosting Apple’s ‘show time’ keynote on March 25. As part of a special Today at Apple session, locations with video walls will invite fans to watch a stream of the

Australia’s biggest department store will stop selling Apple products

Australian biggest department store Myer has said that it will stop selling Apple products. The retail giant, founded more than a century ago, claims Apple products have become unprofitable for it.

Apple will have a hard time signing New York Times

The New York Times has yet to sign up to Apple’s news subscription service — and it’s got a warning for those publishers who do. Mark Thompson, chief executive of the NYT warns publishers that

OtterBox folio case protects the iPad Pro while showing it off [Review]

The OtterBox Symmetry Series 360 has everything you’d expect from a folio case designed for Apple’s latest iPad Pro, but it also includes a feature that might surprise you: the back is clear, allowing

Browse and torrent securely with a powerful VPN [Deals]

If you’re concerned about security and privacy online, browsing with a VPN is the only way to go. But if you need high speed connections for things like streaming or torrenting, details matter. So

How Apple’s TV service can stand out in a crowded market

Apple is undoubtedly going to throw its hat into the streaming TV markets during a big press event on Monday, where its service will have to compete against dozens of rivals, some household names.

How to delete all your tweets with Cardigan

Deleting your old tweets is pretty easy. Maybe you want to wipe the slate clean. Maybe you just prefer to limit your public history on Twitter. Today we see how to delete all your Tweets with

Elizabeth Holmes failed to copy Steve Jobs in one critical way

Disgraced tech entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes was known to worship the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and she wore a black turtle neck every day to show it. How could someone who tried to emulate

Facebook admits hundreds of millions of passwords were exposed

It’s time to change your Facebook and Instagram passwords again. Facebook revealed today that it unknowingly stored hundreds of millions of passwords in a readable format on its internal storage