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You can’t put 256GB RAM in an iMac Pro after buying it

If you really need 256GB of RAM inside your iMac Pro, you’d better make sure you buy it that way from Apple. It seems it is impossible for owners to upgrade to this configuration after purchasing

Apple takes on Lighthouse team after acquiring security patents

Around 20 members of the Lighthouse team are now working at Apple, according to a new report. The hires, which include two company co-founders, come after Apple acquired a bunch of Lighthouse’s home

Activating your Apple Card will be insanely simple

One thing I’ve long loved about Apple products is how easy they are to setup. There’s no scouring incomprehensible user manuals. Simply turn a new device on and you’ll be using it within minutes. That

Apple News+ accused of violating App Store guidelines

Apple has been accused of violating its own App Store guidelines within the new Apple News app. The Apple News+ signup page is missing a number of important elements that would lead the app to be

Transform photos and images into uncanny talking animations [Deals]

Digital animation seems like magic, but it’s actually pretty simple — if you have the right tools. And you don’t even need Pixar’s budget to get them. This Mac app makes it easy to turn any picture or

Promo video showcases Apple Card’s gorgeous design

Against all odds, Apple Card was the most exciting thing coming out of Monday’s keynote event. The credit card itself won’t be available until later in the year. However, in the meantime an Apple

How Steve Jobs gaslighted journalist about Apple’s TV ambitions

Apple has been working towards its TV ambitions for more than a decade now, ever since it launched the original Apple TV in 2007. However, a new anecdote from technology journalist Nick Bilton makes

Spotify trials new Premium Duo plan for two

Spotify has started testing a new Premium Duo plan for two. The bundle offers two Premium subscriptions at a significantly discounted rate. It makes Spotify the only music streaming service to offer a

AT&T boss suggests Apple will share TV viewer data

One of the big threads running through Apple’s Monday keynote was the company’s insistence on user privacy. Apple would not, it suggests, share data with companies for Apple Card or Apple News+. The

AirPods 2 make great a little greater [Review – updated]

With AirPods 2, Apple took the product I’ve loved dearly for that last 800-plus days, and made it just a little better. An AirPods 2 review. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple Watch ECG finally makes it to the heart of Europe

After debuting in the United States last fall, the Apple Watch Series 4 electrocardiogram (ECG) feature is available to Europeans, at last. The ability to monitor the electrical activity of the

Watch an army of robots try to destroy Samsung Galaxy Fold

Ready to prove the haters wrong, Samsung published a new video today showing off the folding capabilities of its new folding phone, the Galaxy Fold. Samsung created some small robots that fold the

Latest iMac blows away its predecessors

Apple unveiled improved iMac versions last week, and what’s apparently an early benchmark score indicates that a top-tier model will be up to 75 percent faster than its predecessor in everyday use.

Sell your old Apple devices and get paid fast!

Whether you need a new iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac, we’ll help you get the money you deserve for your old gear. Cult of Mac typically pays more than other trade-in services for aging Apple

Foldout wireless charger can juice three Apple devices

Charging solutions are the foot soldiers in our growing army of devices. They’re just expected to work and don’t get full-throated praise we lavish on the iPhone or Apple Watch. But that could change

How to see if your original AirPods updated themselves

If you own first-gen AirPods, don't feel left out. Apple just released firmware update 6.3.2 for the old models. It may improve them. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Huawei smartphone cameras beating iPhone at its game

The devoted iPhone photographer mostly shrugs at the camera tests of DxOMark, but the growing number of smartphones ranking above the best iPhone is hard to ignore. With the recent release of the

Darkroom adds features that make photo editing easier than ever

A Darkroom update adds amazing sharing and integration features to the depth-aware, RAW- and JPEG-loving, powerful, easy-to-use Lightroom alternative for iOS. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

Apple apologizes for continuing problems with MacBook keyboard

MacBooks made over several years were prone to keyboard issues. Apple tweaked the design of this critical component last year, and there was great optimism that the problem had been fixed in the

iOS 12.3 beta 1 arrives with new TV app [Updated]

Apple has one more major update for iOS 12 before it unveils iOS 13 at WWDC 2019. Developers just received the first beta build of iOS 12.3 this morning, bringing a bunch of new features and bug fixes