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Why Apple was right to scrap AirPower [Opinion]

Let me be among the first to thank Apple for killing the wireless charging pad known as AirPower. While tech commentators try to rank this failure against other doomed Apple products, I feel grateful

Pixelmator’s incredible new photo editor arrives on iPad next week

Pixelmator’s new photo editing app will finally arrive on iPad next week. Pixelmator Photo offers a collection of nondestructive, desktop-class editing tools with RAW photo support. It also boasts

Apple pledges to do more to stand up for equal pay

Apple has committed to carrying out an in-depth review of its gender pay divide, as part of California’s new Equal Pay Pledge. It joins 12 other companies in California in doing so — including Airbnb,

iPad mini 5 teardown uncovers big improvements on the inside

The fifth-generation iPad mini has started making its way into the hands of early adopters. One unlucky unit ended up with iFixit, which has already torn it apart to show us what’s inside.

Foxconn gears up to make flagship iPhones in India

Foxconn is reportedly “within weeks” of starting trial production of the iPhone XS in India, Bloomberg reports. Manufacturing will take place at a Foxconn factory in the southern city of Chennai.

Swatch triumphs over Apple in court battle over ‘Tick different’

A Swiss court has ruled in favor of Swatch in a trademark battle with Apple over Swatch’s use of the slogan “Tick different.” While “Think different” is a phrase synonymous with Apple, Swatch’s

Access your cloud storage drives straight from Finder [Deals]

These days, cloud storage is a part of day-to-day life. So it makes sense that our Google, DropBox, and other online drives are as easily accessed as the ones in our Mac. With this app, that’s easy.

You’ll have to wait until 2020 before iPhones go all-in on OLED

Apple likely will keep an iPhone with an LCD screen hanging around for one more year. According to a new report, this year’s iPhone refresh will keep the same approximate model breakdown as last

Apple’s 2018 earnings dwarfed by Saudi oil giant

2018 was the year in which Apple became the first public company in history to reach a valuation of $1 trillion. Many articles and listicles have listed Apple as the world’s most profitable company at

There’s finally a better Smart Keyboard alternative for 2018 iPad Pro

Logitech has finally delivered its own keyboard case for the 2018 iPad Pro lineup. The Slim Folio Pro works a lot like Apple’s own Smart Keyboard, but it’s more affordable and even more useful. You

Apple is now building the iPhone 7 in India

Apple supplier Wistron has started manufacturing iPhone 7 handsets in India. This is the third model iPhone to be made in the country, following the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s. “We are proud to be

Did Apple reverse its revenue slide? We’ll know April 30.

We’ll soon know if Apple made progress drumming up more demand for the latest iPhones in Asia. Weak demand in China caused a surprising year-over-year drop in Apple’s total revenue during the last

No need to wait on keyboard cases for latest iPad Air and iPad mini

Apple’s newest tablets just started reaching the hands of consumers, but there are already several cases available for the iPad Air 3 and iPad mini 5, including keyboard cases in multiple designs.

Get awesome deals on iPads, from entry-level to pro [Deals & Steals]

Amazon is serving up sweet deals on iPads right now. You can grab the latest entry-level model for just $249. Or, if you can’t put that sweet 11-inch iPad Pro out of your mind, you can make the

iOS 13 concept shows how iPad multitasking ought to work

Building on the somewhat limited side-by-side multitasking already available to iPad users is the goal of a new concept video. Its creator proposes enabling three applicatipns to be open

How to merge PDFs on iOS

Merging PDFs on iOS is easier than on the Mac. Use this shortcut to quickly merge any number of PDFs into a single PDF document. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Spring has sprung! Keep it fresh with these colorful Apple Watch bands

Whether you’re in need of a sport band, a luxe leather strap, or cool stainless steel, your search ends here. Sure, you could go all out on Apple’s new Spring lineup with prices reaching as high as

Inside Apple’s failed negotiations with NYT and WaPo

Apple put a ton of pressure on The New York Times and Washington Post to join Apple News+ before the new service was unveiled at a media event last week. Details have surfaced of Apple’s negotiations

Free VPN app encrypts iPhone connection for safer browsing

Cloudflare’s App blocks your wireless carrier from knowing the sites you visit on your iPhone. An update adds encryption to all connections, while also promising faster access for all apps.

Portrait mode remains miraculous — but frustrating — on iPhone XS [Opinion]

The iPhone XS Portrait Mode revolutionized mobile photography, but it’s often frustrating to use, fickle, and unreliable. But if you want to taker portraits with your iPhone, tough. You have little