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Apple’s anti-snitching technology could frustrate police

Apple wants to use encryptions to make “stingray” phone spying tools obsolete. The move is likely to be controversial because while these are used by criminals they are also employed by police.

iOS 12.2 beta 5 is out now for developers

iOS 12.2 inched closer to a public launch today with the release of the fifth beta of the software update to developers this morning. Coming just one week after iOS 12.2 beta 4 was released, the new

Apple in talks with Roku to add AirPlay 2

Apple is closing in on a deal that could bring its AirPlay 2 technology to Roku’s TV set-top boxes. At CES 2019 Apple revealed that it had partnered with some of the world’s biggest TV manufacturers

Apple II’s original ‘Graphics Magician’ headlines KansasFest

Mark Pelczarski’s first contribution to the personal computing revolution came in a zip-lock bag. With no App Store in 1979, Pelczarski bagged disks and photo-copied instruction manuals for what was

Secret Apple data spilled through public Box links

Apple is one of a larger number of big companies that has been inadvertently leaking sensitive data through Box, the cloud storage service. Security researchers found that staff were exposing data by

Apple shows off Face ID, Live Photos and more in new iPhone tutorials

Apple’s latest iPhone tutorials showcase features users should find convenient, like using Face ID instead of a password, picking the best image from a Live Photo, and chatting with an Apple expert to

Protect your iPhone with this super-slim, invisible, self-healing case

With the Cult of Mac Watch Store’s new goodies from Just Mobile, we had to revisit TENC Air – the incredibly slim, apocalypse-proof, self-healing iPhone case from the same brand. Yes, it is all those

Apple gives you 10% extra when you add funds to iTunes

You can now enjoy a 10 percent bonus when you add funds to your App Store or iTunes account. The offer runs until Thursday, March 14, and is applicable to any amount you add to your account, from $1

Ulysses 15 brings Split View, dark export and way better keywords

Ulysses just got a big update for both Mac and iOS, but mostly for the Mac. The best text editor and writing app for both platforms remains the best — only now it does a little bit more. Let’s take a

Sen. Warren targets App Store in bid to break up Apple

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign for U.S. President has taken a hard line against big tech, and she has Apple in her sights. On Friday she proposed breaking up a number of large tech firms, and the

Here are the amazing music, podcasting and email apps you should download this week

This week we check out music-app alternative Soor, share audio with Riffr, discover new podcasts with Castro, and compare scales with Pensato. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

Wireless earbuds, iPhone lenses and more in the best deals of the week [Deals]

Another week, another roundup of awesome deals on gear and gadgets. This round, we’ve got a truly attractive AirPods alternative, a powerful tool for blocking unwanted calls and texts, the ultimate

2019 iPad probably isn’t getting the new features you want

Details leaking out about the next iPad indicate that this will be an evolutionary, rather than a revolutionary, device. So far, it looks like Apple’s 2019 mid-size, budget tablet will have quite a

Why we’re hopelessly hooked on iPhone [Cult of Mac Magazine No. 287]

What keeps you locked into the Apple ecosystem? These killer features and services have us totally hooked on the iPhone. Honestly, we couldn’t quit Apple if we tried. You’ll get our sober rundown of

Add wireless charging to your car and your home [Deals]

One of the surest signs that we’re waltzing into the future is the ability to charge our devices wirelessly. If you’re looking to catch up with the times, we’ve got a pair of wireless chargers you

Apple whips its gigantic global supply chain into shape [Opinion]

Over the years, Apple took heavy criticism for employing an offshore supply chain rife with abuse. The company is still stained by the rash of worker suicides in 2010 at Foxconn, its main supplier.

Apple Music recruits iconic artists to design its playlist covers

Apple has quietly hired some of the most iconic album cover artists in the industry to give Apple Music its own artwork. The undertaking is part of Apple’s effort to give playlists a uniform

How to save and print your iMessages and WhatsApps

Ever wanted to print your iMessages or WhatsApps. Maybe you’re a lawyer, or you just want a solid record of your ephemeral conversations. Here’s how to do it. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

The best way to see your Apple Watch is in living color [Watch Store]

Sometimes you need to stick to basic black. Maybe your job requires you to have a low profile or wear a uniform. But now it’s the weekend, and it’s time to unleash some personality. One easy way to

Elizabeth Warren wants to break up Apple

Senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has proposed breaking up some of the biggest names in tech, including Apple. She says these companies have “bulldozed competition.” She turned most