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Kaspersky Labs latest to take stab at Apple’s ‘monopoly’

Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab has filed a complaint against Apple, alleging monopolistic behavior in the way it runs the App Store. “Despite a long history of working successfully with Apple, we

Apple cuts prices on some MacBook Airs and Mac minis

Apple lowered the prices of building high-capacity SSDs into the latest MacBook Air and Mac mini models today, potentially saving buyers as much as $200. The company may have gotten a deal on storage

Why the latest iPads don’t support Apple Pencil 2

The number of tablets that can use the Apple Pencil expanded with the debut of the iPad Air 3 and iPad mini 5. Curiously, these support the original version of this pressure-sensitive stylus, not the

How to email huge attachments with Mail Drop

It’s so easy to send huge attachments with Mail Drop that you might not even realize you're doing it. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Google’s cloud gaming service doesn’t overlook Mac, iPhone and iPad

Stadia will run top-tier games on Google servers and stream the video to users’ computers. This means that any device that can run the Chrome browser will have access to some of the best titles

Apple starts initiative to help fight fake news

Apple is joining the fight against fake news with an initiative that encourages critical thinking and empowers students to be better informed. The company is teaming up with three organizations in the

The long wait for AirPower might end soon

You’ve probably read this before. But this time, it seems like it’s actually really real. AirPower’s launch could be just weeks away. And this time, there’s actually some solid evidence that it’s

Apple drops prices on some high-end MacBook Pros

There’s good news for MacBook Pro buyers looking for a lot of storage: Apple has lowered the costs of its most-expensive SSD options. This can save shoppers up to $400 on these powerful laptops. This

Apple’s ‘Sports Ball’ team could change the way you watch games

Apple appears to be planning to become a bigger influence in the world of watching sports as it prepares to announce its TV streaming service next week. The iPhone-maker invited Sports Illustrated

The new iPad Air is Pro enough for most people [Opinion]

The new iPads Air and mini are as good as the Pros in every way that matters. Choosing an iPad now may be easier than ever. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

FBI got warrant to force Face ID unlock on Cohen’s devices

Michael Cohen’s Apple devices were treated as evidence by federal investigators, who obtained warrants to compel President’s Trump one-time fixer to use Touch ID and Face ID to unlock them. The

Ads might not taint Apple’s TV service

TV shows and movies on Apple’s soon-to-be-announced streaming service might not be broken up by irritating commercial breaks. A new report indicates content will be either free or paid for entirely by

iPod touch refresh could be Apple’s third surprise this week

This week’s rollout of updated Apple hardware may not be over yet. A refreshed iPod touch could be the next device to hit the Online Store. It has been almost four years since Apple introduced the

Apple subscription news service might lack two key players

Major newspapers including The New York Times and Washington Post are yet to sign up to Apple’s news subscription service, a new report claims. With less than one week to go, Apple will be working

Google Inbox will be wiped out next month

It’s nearly the end of the road for Google Inbox. A new popup that has started appearing inside the Inbox app confirms it will be closed down on April 2. Fans of the email client have just two weeks

Please, Apple, sort out your product naming nightmare [Opinion]

As thrilling as new Apple devices are, this week’s surprise hardware updates really screwed the pooch on one important front: product naming. The “new” iPad Air and iPad mini join a lineup of tablets

Prototype circuit board shows iPhone’s simple origins

Imagine being an engineer assigned to help develop a device and you’re not allowed to see what it is supposed to look like, Secrecy was so important to Apple on its first iPhone, the first prototype

Travel light and look good doing it with Italian leather iPhone wallet cases

You’re grabbing a drink with friends or heading out to the bars for a night of fun, and the last thing you want is to worry about your cards and cash all night. Plus, there’s nothing worse than having

iMac Pro now available with Vega 64X graphics and 256GB RAM

The pricey iMac Pro didn’t quite get a refresh like the standard iMac today, but Apple has added some new upgrade options. Those with a need for speed can now equip the all-in-one with AMD Radeon Pro

Learn a new language with this highly rated app [Deals]

It’s easy to put off learning a new language. But adding a language app to your iPhone can help. Since your device is always with you, you can learn a language anywhere. Language apps are perfect for