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Apple Music undercuts Spotify in India with even cheaper prices

Apple Music has undercut rival streaming services in India with even cheaper subscription prices. The cost of an individual plan has fallen to the equivalent of $1.43 per month. Apple’s changes come

Tim Cook calls into ESPN to talk sports

Tim Cook has made no secret of the fact that he’s a sport fan — with a particular love of the teams at his alma mater, Auburn University. With the Auburn Tigers basketball team entering the Final Four

Slowing smartphone sales hit Samsung profits hard

The massive rise of the smartphone is coming to a close, and Samsung is bearing the brunt of it. As well as a manufacturer of its own handsets, Samsung also provides memory chips and display panels to

2019 iPad mini holds up in brutal bend test

Apple’s efforts to make the iPad as thin as possible mean that their fragile aluminum frames have been known to bend easily. But the new iPad mini holds up surprisingly well in a brutal bend test.

Apple scraps plans for controversial flagship store in Melbourne

Apple has scrapped a controversial plan to build a flagship Apple Store in Melbourne, Australia’s Federation Square. Apple had been battling to build the store for much of last year. It even scrapped

You can no longer downgrade from iOS 12.2

Anyone who upgrades an iPhone or iPad to iOS 12.2 can’t change their mind. Apple ceased digitally signing the previous version so it can’t be installed anymore. This is normal. Apple always stops

Google AI expert jumps ship for Apple

One of Google’s top AI experts has left the company to join Apple’s special projects group. Ian Goodfellow, who created an AI approach called general adversarial networks (GANs), was hired by Apple as

Amazon thinks it can beat AirPods on audio quality

Apple’s AirPods are about to get some fresh competition from Amazon. The online retail giant is reportedly planning to release its own set of wireless earbuds that will be powered by its digital

Call of Duty: Black Ops III is ready to murder your Mac’s hard drive

Call of Duty: Black Ops III has finally made its way to the Mac after being available on Windows PC since its launch over three years ago. The Mac version of Call of Duty: Black Ops III was revealed

App Store downloads fall, but revenues still rise

The number of downloads from Apple’s iOS App Store declined slightly last quarter, according to a report from market analysis firm Morgan Stanley. However, revenue from iOS software is increasing, up

How to change your Apple Pencil tip

Changing the Apple Pencil tip is as easy as it gets, no matter which model you own. Just don’t forget to take it slow, and enjoy the process. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

UAG brings serious protection to new iPad Air and iPad mini

The Urban Armor Gear Metropolis is line of lightweight but protective folio cases for a range of Apple tablets. As of today, that includes the just-released iPad Air 3 and iPad mini 5. These cases

Apple wants to add BO detection to iPhone and Apple Watch

Future iPhones and Apple Watches could pack “smell recognition capabilities,” based on some new patent filings submitted by Apple. The iPhone-maker has been researching ways to detect air pollution

This may be the best USB-C hub you can buy for your iPad Pro

I’ve finally found a USB-C hub that works properly with the iPad Pro, without making it reboot, lose auction connections, or any other bad behavior. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

Fake iPhone scam costs Apple nearly $900,000

Federal agents recently busted two college students who allegedly made nearly $1 million by returning fake iPhones to Apple. Officials charged Quran Juan and Yangyangg Zhou, both Chinese nationals

Future iPhones could merge multiple selfies into a group shot

Crowding a group of people into a selfie can be challenging. Seems someone always ends up halfway out of the picture. Apple has a solution: it’s developing a way to automatically combine multiple

Apple chip supplier will be maxed out by 2019 iPhone orders

Apple’s primary chip supplier will see production capacity pushed to the limit by 2019 iPhone orders, according to a new report. TSMC has been tasked with supplying next-generation 7-nanometer chips

Luminar Flex adds plug-in power for photographers used to Adobe

Style and workflow get hardwired in the brains of photographers working with programs like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. New imaging software can be a hard sell. Even if the positive reviews for

Apple Store barricade highlights Apple’s obsessive attention to detail

Whether it’s ensuring that the back of the original Macintosh looked as good as the front or hand-painting the corners of every single iPhone box to make the color uniform, Apple has always sweated

Monument Valley celebrates birthday with new update and videos

It’s one thing to be reminded that Apple turned 43 earlier this week. But it’s another when a major anniversary comes around for something which, seemingly, arrived just a couple of months back.