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Transferring iOS apps to macOS 10.15 could soon be a snap

The days of laboriously converting an iPhone or iPad application to run on a Mac are almost over. Soon, preparing an iOS app to run on macOS will reportedly be as simple as the developer checking a

iOS 12.3 beta 3 is now available to developers and the public [Updated]

Apple is back with a brand new batch of beta software for developers, including the third beta of iOS 12.3. Update: The public can now also install the latest iOS beta on their iPhone or iPad. The iOS

Apple celebrates Earth Day with iPhone shots, conservation efforts and more

April 22 is Earth Day in the US and per usual, Apple is celebrating more than pretty much any other tech company. Apple store workers are busting out their green shirts and turning the Apple logo

Amazon cloud services take a big bite out of Apple’s budget

As Apple increasingly turns its focus toward bringing in revenue from services and not just hardware, it’s depending on a rival to help provide some of the necessary infrastructure. The company

2020 iPhones will get 5G modems made by Qualcomm

The end of a protracted legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm paves the way for the chipmaker to supply Apple with 5G modems for the 2020 line of iPhones. Highly-respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo made

Samsung delays Galaxy Fold launch

Samsung is hitting the brakes on the launch of its folding smartphone, the Galaxy Fold. Earlier reviewers of the Galaxy Fold found serious issues with the device’s bending display on day 1 of their

Customers rage after JCPenney drops Apple Pay [Updated]

Struggling retail chain JCPenny has dropped support for Apple Pay according to a message from the company’s Twitter account. JCPenny, which rolled out Apple Pay to all its stores two years ago, made

Diagnose that check engine light straight from your phone [Deals]

Cars have problems, just like people do. Unlike us, though, your car can tell you exactly what’s wrong — if you have the right tool. Kobra is a wireless scanner that can interpret more than 3,000

Tenacious repair tech combats misinformation in Apple support forum

When Jessa Jones’ twin daughters flushed her iPhone down the toilet, it set in motion an unlikely series of events that led to a feud with Apple. First, she blew up her toilet to retrieve her phone.

The best music, gift card and privacy apps this week

This week we check out yet more amazing music-mangling apps, check in with StopTheMadness, and find out how to buy gift cards from anywhere, at any time. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

Snap Kardashian-worthy selfies with a clever iPhone accessory [Deals]

If the iPhone gives our face a glow, it’s usually the creepy pale light cast by the screen. But with one clever accessory, you can turn your phone into a beauty station that also snaps extra gorgeous

10 awesome Activity app secrets [Cult of Mac Magazine No. 293]

Dig into Apple’s slick Activity app and you’ll find some advanced metrics that can help take your fitness to the next level. Get the lowdown on 10 features hidden inside the app — plus the week’s best

Hand-crafted wood bands give Apple Watch a rustic look and polished feel

Ottm makes some of the most unique smartwatch bands yet. Each Ottm band is crafted from hand-selected West African zebrawood, Indonesian sandalwood or Canadian maple. Treated with tung oil for a

Foundation show runner steps down from Apple’s TV adaptation

Apple’s TV series adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s epic sci-fi novel Foundation has already experienced its first major shakeup. Josh Friedman, who was originally tapped to lead the show alongside David

Slope makes iPad a sleek second screen for Mac [10% discount]

Slope, a beautifully designed minimalist tablet stand, transforms your iPad into a second Mac screen or even a mini iMac. Whether you’re pairing iPad with Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard, or using it as

Samsung Galaxy Fold reviews: Awesome idea, crap execution

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the first mass-market phone with a foldable screen, something a future iPhone might someday have as well. Reviews of this handset are starting to come in and they have a

The Clever Dripper might be the best (and easiest) way to make coffee, ever

The Clever Dripper is just about the easiest, most failsafe way to get fantastic coffee every time. Even when you're still half asleep. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple and Amazon could hook up for health care

Apple has made it clear it sees health monitoring as an important part of its business. And now analysts from Morgan Stanley are urging the company combine its efforts with Haven, a partnership of

Filmmaker’s iPhone XS passes the shark bite test

Even on video, our eyes get big when we see the open mouth of a shark. But what’s the appropriate response when you see an iPhone XS between the shark’s teeth? This was the most interesting scene in a

Geeky shoes salute rare Apple sneakers from the ‘90s

The Apple-branded sneakers given to employees in the early 1990s have become collectors’ items priced well out of the range of ordinary consumers. But two companies known for making cutting-edge