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Developers think Apple Arcade is disruptive — for better or worse

Will Apple Arcade turn out to be the game changer that developers are hoping for? According to a new report… maybe. Speaking to a slew of developers, a news report found that many are cautiously

Users can’t sign into Gmail in Mail after latest macOS update

Some macOS users are unable to sign into Gmail inside the Mail app after installing Apple’s most recent update. The version 10.14.4 release, rolled out on Monday, puts many in an endless sign-in loop

Apple AR glasses concept is both futuristic and retro

An artist created a vision for a set of augmented reality glasses running a new Apple operating system. His concept video is built around the strong evidence that Apple is designing just such a

Apple v. Qualcomm: You win some, you lose some

Just hours after an International Trade Commission judge ruled in favor of Qualcomm in a patent infringement lawsuit with Apple, the Commission as a whole made the iPhone maker the winner in a

Turn your iPhone into a focus-enhancing machine [Deals]

When we think about the effects of our always-on culture on our minds, the picture isn’t always pretty. Our smartphones often cause us plenty of distraction, so it might be surprising to learn that

Don’t expect your AirPods to last forever

Apple’s second-generation AirPods are arriving just in time for people who are discovering that their first-gen ones are wearing out. This despite the original AirPods being, at most, 2.25 years old.

Grab the beautiful wallpaper from the new iPad Air

Anyone who likes the looks of the sweet wallpaper that comes with the iPad Air 3 doesn’t have to buy a new tablet to get it (Duh). It’s available to download to your iPad or Mac now. It’s not really

Apple’s first credit card issued – in 1986

The new Apple Card may be titanium but it’s not the first Apple-issued plastic. Some Twitter and Reddit users with amazing recall reacted to the news by posting ads from 1986 promoting two kinds of

The best AirPods 2 tips and tricks

AirPods 2 are faster, longer-lasting, and have Hey Siri built in. But they can do a lot more than just listening to music and helping you make phone calls. Here are all our best AirPods 2 tips and

Judge calls for iPhone import ban due to patent infringements

Some iPhone models could soon be blocked from coming into the U.S. after a judge recently ruled that Apple infringed on Qualcomm’s patents. ITC Judge MaryJoan McNamara found that iPhone infringes on

Roku CEO explains why Apple TV+ needs Roku support

Roku CEO Anthony Wood says Apple’s new Apple TV+ streaming platform is going to be great for his company despite some analysts claiming it could hurt Roku over the long term. Wood made an appearance

Is News+ the future of journalism? [Opinion]

Apple’s already attempted to unify news into one ‘app’ in 2011. Can Apple News+ succeed where Newsstand failed. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple Stores reshuffled in Texas to foil patent trolls

Apple is closing a pair of retail stores in east Texas, and opening a new one nearby to take on their traffic. But this has little to do with customer convenience; it’s likely all about patent

With Apple TV+, Tim Cook peddles an antidote to toxic TV [Opinion]

At a time when critically acclaimed TV shows serve up a steady stream of sex and violence, the upcoming Apple TV+ service proffers an unusual prescription for success: optimism, inclusion, creativity

Strange Parts host replaces iPhone battery the hard way

Scotty Allen’s iPhone 7 battery was dying and, as you’d expect, Allen didn’t do the easy thing. Rather than pay Apple to replace the battery or just get a new iPhone, the host of the YouTube show

Poison trap and Floor is Lava LTM arrive in Fortnite 8.20

This week’s Fortnite update will bring a brand new item and game mode to Battle Royale. Both the Floor is Lava limited-time game mode and a poison trap will be available in version 8.20 of the game.

40 million Android users have downloaded Apple Music

You’d think that most of the subscribers to Apple Music would be firmly locked into the Apple ecosystem. That may be true, but new figures suggest that there are quite a few listeners on Android as

Apple Pay Cash can’t come from credit cards [Updated]

It is no longer possible to transfer money into an Apple Pay Cash account from a credit card. Transferring funds in via a debit card from another bank is allowed, however. The service still enables

These are all the games coming to Apple Arcade

Apple showed off a smattering of games for its upcoming Apple Arcade subscription service at yesterday’s event. But, presumably because reeling off a list of 100 titles would’ve slowed the event to a

Goldman Sachs eyes new markets for Apple Card

Apple Card may be exclusive to the U.S. for now, but Goldman Sachs hints that won’t always be the case. Apple’s partner says it will be looking at plans to bring Apple Card to other markets in the