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Score a slim fitness tracker that’s big on features [Deals]

How are you doing on that New Year’s resolution to get in shape? One of the hardest things about keeping up health goals is monitoring progress, so this super-affordable fitness tracker might be just

Inside Apple’s megafactories [Cult of Mac Magazine 292]

In case you haven’t heard, our fearless leader (Cult of Mac founder and publisher Leander Kahney) has a new book coming soon. It’s called Tim Cook: The Genius Who Took Apple to the Next Level, and it

Apple and Foxconn, a history [Cook book outtakes]

This post was going to be part of my new book, Tim Cook: The Genius Who Took Apple to the Next Level, but was cut for length or continuity. Over the next week or so, we will be publishing several more

How to mod your AirPods to fit tight in your ears

I love my AirPods, but I hate that they don’t fit right in my ears. They’re not designed to seal the ear canal, and therefore block external noise, but they often sit so loose in my ears that a) I

Republican lawmakers flame Apple for censorship in China

A pair of GOP congresspeople have strongly criticized the decision to remove songs from artists critical of the Chinese Communist Party from Apple’s streaming music service in that country. The move

Facebook could bring Messenger back to its main app

Facebook could bring Messenger back to its main app as part of its strategy to merge all of its chat services into one. Evidence of the change has been discovered in recent code. Facebook is yet to

Beautiful iPhone XII concept kills the notch and buttons

One way to make the iPhone’s screen larger without increasing the size of the device itself is wrap it around all four edges. An artist‘s video imagines how such an iOS handset would look, with no

Camera comparison proves iPhone is still one of the best

Android enthusiasts are keen to highlight how the iPhone has dropped in the smartphone camera ranks in recent years. But a new camera comparison reveals that may not be the case. Although there are

Buy an iPhone case and build a library in Peru

You get varying degrees of style and durability in every iPhone case. But purchase a case from IllusionPhotograph and you could help build a library in Peru. The kids who will benefit from that

Power multiple devices in sight with dual charge nightstand mode

AirPower is dead and gone, but in the midst of the scramble for the next best thing, its alternatives have been selling out fast. So, what now? The HiRise Duet stand may be the perfect solution, and

Despite rival streaming services, Disney CEO will stay on Apple board

Apple and Disney are going to be rivals with their new streaming services, but Disney CEO Bob Iger doesn’t expect it’ll have any impact on his position as an Apple board member. Iger said that he had

Build a boss website with zero coding experience [Deals]

There’s no shortage of reasons to build a website, whether you’re trying to sell stuff, build a brand, or just get your ideas out there. But there’s one reason most people never get around to building

Foxconn will start building iPhones in India in July

Foxconn will reportedly start building iPhone X-series handsets in India in July, a new report claims. Other newer handsets could also follow in the future. The handsets will be built at the company’s

Skype will let you share your screen on Android and iOS

Skype is bringing screen sharing to its official mobile apps for Android and iOS. The feature is now being tested in the latest beta build if the app. It makes Skype one of the first major messaging

We talk an all-new MacBook Pro, the return of MagSafe, and inside Apple’s megafactories, on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: Apple’s readying a totally redesigned MacBook Pro with next-gen display! We discuss. Plus: Apple’s working on the next generation of MagSafe! Thank the gods. And we take a

Masked thieves steal $20,000 of MacBooks from Apple Store

Apple’s Palo Alto retail store was targeted by mask-wearing thieves this week, who stole MacBooks worth almost $20,000 in total. The robbery took place in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Two

Apple display-maker gets lifesaving cash influx

Apple display maker Japan Display revealed today that it has signed a 232 billion yen ($2.1 billion) deal that will bail-out the struggling company. The deal gives a Chinese-Taiwanese conglomerate a

Disney+ streaming service will almost certainly support Apple TV

Disney’s new streaming service, officially announced for the first time on Thursday, will likely make its way to Apple TV. That’s according to Disney CEO Bob Iger, who explained a Disney+ app will

Apple now asks users to confirm in-app subscriptions

Apple is increasingly moving toward subscription-based Services as a major source of income. However, it’s also doing the right thing by making sure that users actually want the subscriptions they’re

Power is not a problem with this portable Apple Watch charger

Charging on the go can mean carrying a power bank and a tangle of cords, especially if you tend to carry all your devices. Tech accessory company Ugreen has a charger for the Apple Watch that’s