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New Logitech wireless headphones will really get you in the zone

Knowledge workers of the world, listen up! Logitech wants to solve your headphone problem. Actually, make that your headphones problem: The upcoming Logitech Wireless Zone headphones could replace the

Netflix says it ended AirPlay support to benefit customers

Netflix has explained why it stopped supporting AirPlay video casting in its iOS app. The change is a result of the new TVs with built-in AirPlay support being released, and apparently not in

It’s much too early to reject a folding iPhone [Opinion]

Deciding now that an folding iPhone is a terrible idea is premature. There just isn’t enough information yet to judge whether any such device is something you’ll want. And it’s betting against Apple’s

The best guitar, photo, podcast and audio apps you’ll see this week

This week we edit photos with AI using Pixelmator Photo, secure our internet with Cloudflare Warp, and enjoy an AI-picked list of our favorite new podcast episodes with Castro Top Picks (via Cult of

Make any DVD playable on your mobile device [Deals]

We’ve all got old DVDs gathering dust, even if we don’t have a DVD player. But that doesn’t make them useless, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t still be able to enjoy them in the age of mobile

A brief history of Steve Jobs’ automated factory at NeXT [Cook book leftovers]

This post was going to be part of my new book, Tim Cook: The Genius Who Took Apple to the Next Level, but was cut for length or continuity. Over the next week or so, we will be publishing several more

Netflix mysteriously drops support for AirPlay [Updated]

You can no longer stream Netflix programs from your iPhone to a big-screen TV via AirPlay. This feature, which has been available for many years, disappeared just a few days after the announcement of

Apple’s beloved MagSafe connector could make a comeback

Apple is exploring charging cables that attach to its devices with magnets. This is highly reminiscent of its discontinued MagSafe system. Previously, this was a great way to keep MacBooks from being

How to cope with your MacBook keyboard [Cult of Mac Magazine No. 291]

Apple admits that some people experience serious MacBook keyboard problems. So, what are you going to do about it? We’ve got a theory about what might be causing the failures, as well as some tips

A brief history of Apple’s misadventures in manufacturing: Part 1 [Cook book outtakes]

This post was going to be part of my new book, Tim Cook: The Genius Who Took Apple to the Next Level, but was cut for length. Over the next week or so, we will be publishing several more sections that

Finally! Apple might be planning to break up iTunes

The death of iTunes might finally be on the horizon. Or, at least, the downsizing of iTunes certainly seems to be. iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith revealed today that he unearthed evidence about

Sonnet’s new eGPU adds extra muscle to your Mac on the cheap

Mac gamers can finally add more horsepower to their Mac without breaking the bank on an expensive external GPU. Sonnet unveiled its new eGFX Breakaway Puck today that packs Radeon RX 560 graphics for

Braven’s rugged portable speaker can take whatever you dish out [Review]

The Braven BRV-105 can go anywhere and survive whatever you can. This palm-size speaker is waterproof and rugged without being too bulky. Attach it to your bike or belt and listen to music wherever

How to tell Photos it recognized the wrong person

Does your Photos app ever add the wrong person to a People album? Here’s how to find the absurdly well-hidden setting to remove them. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple Music finally passes Spotify in U.S. paid subscribers

More Americans pay to listen to Apple Music than Spotify. The Swedish company had been ahead since the iPhone maker got into the streaming music business back in 2015, but Apple finally closed the

Surf’s up in Apple’s new ‘Shot on iPhone’ short film

Cuba’s vibrant surfer culture is the star of Apple’s latest ‘Shot on iPhone’ short film. The new five minute video shows how Cubans connect with nature through surfing, even though good boards are

Living with a MacBook keyboard is like managing a chronic condition [Opinion]

At this point, we all know the MacBook’s butterfly keyboard can prove problematic. Apple recently admitted the problem is real — and even issued a rare apology. Anecdotally, pretty much every MacBook

Qualcomm still prepared to supply 5G modems for iPhone

Qualcomm is still prepared to supply Apple with 5G modems for a future iPhone — despite an ongoing legal battle between the two companies. Reports have indicated Apple may be struggling to secure 5G

Crook steals $6 million worth of Apple gear using company credit card

There have, unfortunately, been plenty of scams involving stolen or misappropriated Apple products due to their high resale value. However, few clock up the kind of quantities revealed in a report

Hacker knits Mac ROM scarves to boot up your fashion game

You could safely assume that computer hackers and people who knit have little to talk about. One activity is clearly analog and seemingly old-fashioned while the other pre-occupies the mind of a tech