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Ridiculous modern offices fueled AirPods’ success

Open offices were supposed to get employees to interact with each other more, but a recent study shows it hasn’t worked out that way. Instead, workers have turned to AirPods to give themselves some

Apple is valued at $1 trillion once more

Apple has won back its hard-fought $1 trillion market cap, after share prices rose following yesterday’s earnings triumph. AAPL is currently trading at $213.20, giving it a market cap of just over $1

This Pro Camera app is a master of both stills and video

You’re a gifted content creator, shooting great stills and compelling video with your iPhone. But for complete creative control, some rely on separate camera apps for each discipline. Moment, the

Apple spends millions lobbying lawmakers about tax

When it comes to lobbying Congress, Apple’s biggest focus by far is on tax laws. Out of 236 lobbying reports since 2005, tax is mentioned in a massive 76%. This is one takeaway from a new report,

Charge and sync almost any device with one cable [Deals]

With all the different devices in our daily lives, there’s a lot of cables to juggle so that they’re all kept charged and synced. But thanks to clever design, this single cable can keep almost any

Apple Pay prepares to go live in the Netherlands

Shortly after going live in Austria, Apple Pay is also set to commence operations in the Netherlands. The information was shared by Dutch bank ING on its website. While it doesn’t give an exact date,

Apple’s second ever iPad is officially obsolete

As we noted earlier this month, one of Apple’s earliest tablets is now officially classified “obsolete” by the company. Apple’s iPad 2, released in 2011, packed a dual-core A5 processor, thinner form

People could hurt themselves fixing their own iPhones, lobbyists warn

An Apple representative reportedly met with California legislators in an effort to kill a law that would make it easier for people to repair their own smartphones. With initiatives like its battery

Another Apple industrial designer is leaving the company

Another Apple industrial designer is leaving Jony Ive’s iconic design team. Miklu Silvanto, who joined Apple in October 2011, is joining Airbnb’s new offshoot design studio Samara. In his new role,

Apple’s earning report by the numbers

Taking a close look at Apple’s financial results during the first three months of this year in hard numbers shows how the company is changing. Services are getting more important to its bottom line,

What we learned from Apple’s surprising earnings report

Wall Street received surprisingly better-than-expected news from Apple’s Q2 2019 earnings report today — and the stock is soaring in after-hours trading. iPhone sales remain down, but pretty much

Give your Mac windows the Marie Kondo treatment [Deals]

Many of us would are equally embarrassed about the tidiness of our desktop as our bedroom. No wonder TV shows about organizing spaces are so popular: we can all use some help getting things in order.

4 key reasons Apple’s China problem is going away

Apple’s business in China is finally turning around, according to execs who say Cupertino’s troubles in the country might be a thing of the past. “We feel positive about our trajectory,” Apple CEO Tim

Apple still has mojo for attracting new customers

To listen to Apple’s Q2 earnings call is to get inundated with numbers. But the stockholder looking for a set of numbers giving them a reason to buy more shares should consider the rise of new Apple

iPad sales were the hero of Apple’s latest earnings report

Apple surprised Wall Street with a better-than-expected Q2 earnings report this afternoon and one of the biggest factors was the iPad. With revenues topping $58 billion Q2 (down 5% YoY), Apple is

Processor shortage cuts into Mac sales

Apple saw a small but significant year-over year reduction in Mac sales during the first three months of 2019. This wasn’t because customers didn’t want to buy macOS notebooks and desktops however,

Apple’s wearables is now the size of a Fortune 200 company

Apple’s wearables business continues to grow like gangbusters. Sales of the Apple Watch grew 50% compared to the same quarter last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook said on Apple’s Q2 2019 quarterly analyst

Apple breezes past Wall Street forecasts with $58 billion in revenue

Apple revealed its Q2 2019 earnings report and despite some pessimism from analysts, the company managed to beat Wall Street’s expectations. Revenue for the quarter came in at $58 billion, slightly

New Instagram will take worry out of being liked

Facebook is retooling Instagram to take some social pressure out of social media. The photo-sharing app, which along with the iPhone sparked a revolution in instant photography, will reduce the

Oprah hints at Apple TV+ celebrity interview show

Oprah Winfrey is already creating original programming for the upcoming Apple TV+ service, and now she’s suggesting she might be doing even more: she’s interested in possibly creating a series in