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One charging strip supports four international formats [Deals]

Traveling internationally is enough of a hassle on its own. Dealing with the different standards and formats involved in powering our gear makes it even more of a headache. So instead of carrying

Samsung will cancel Galaxy Fold preorders if it can’t ship this month

Samsung has confirmed it will cancel preorders for the Galaxy Fold if it is unable to ship the device this month. The South Korean company’s first foldable phone was scheduled to ship on April 26 but

Twitter now lets you add GIFs, video or photos to retweets

If you’ve ever dreamed of being able to add a GIF into your Twitter retweet (and what self-respecting citizen of 2019 has not?), this is your lucky day! Twitter has introduced the ability for users to

Apple removes sketchy dating apps which allowed for tracking of kids

Apple has booted three dating apps out of the App Store on the advice of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The three apps, all created by the same developer, allowed kids to sign up under the

EU kicks off antitrust investigation against Apple‘s App Store

The European Union decided that there’s enough evidence to justify a formal investigation into Apple’s business practices. This is a result of Spotify’s accusation that Apple is using its control of

New Apple Music app might steal the show with macOS 10.15

Apple’s ongoing project to make it relatively simple for developers to port iPad software to macOS is apparently on schedule. This will reportedly be a highlight of next month’s developers conference.

Tim Cook explains why Apple isn’t a tech company anymore

Apple CEO Tim Cook sounded absolutely ecstatic to count Warren Buffett as one of his company’s investors during an interview at Berkshire Hathaway’s shareholders meeting this morning. Cook made a

How to block ads and malware on iOS

Ad blockers don't just block ads -- they block trackers, pop-ups, dodgy cookies, and even adult sites. Here's how to use them on iPhone and iPad. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

Keep your Mac safe and sound with a powerful software bundle

This post is presented by Intego. Your Mac is a mighty machine, but in some ways it’s got some pretty human problems. That includes getting messy and catching a bug. The occasional spring cleaning or

New Trump trade rhetoric spells trouble for Apple

Apple started its work week to news of its stock in freefall thanks to Sunday tweets by President Donald Trump threatening to tag more Chinese goods with a 25 percent tariff unless the two countries

Wildly customizable keyboard unleashes iPad creativity

The Sensel Morph is a touch panel that can become a piano, a game controller, a video editing suite, a QWERTY keyboard, and more. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Microsoft’s Edge browser is coming to the Mac ‘soon’

Microsoft kicked off its annual Build 2019 developer conference this morning and to the surprise of Apple fans, the Windows-maker showed off some new software that runs on Mac. Windows 10 users have

Apple made an iPhone game just for Warren Buffett

Apple has finally come out with its first new video game for iPhone since the App Store debuted in 2008 and its dedicated to the iPhone-maker’s largest shareholder, Warren Buffett. Tim Cook made a

iOS 13 could be Apple’s biggest iPad-focused upgrade ever

The unveiling of iOS 13 is expected in less than a month, and a new report spills details on many of the improvements supposedly coming. For iPhone users, iOS 13 is bringing refinements to already

Apple quietly gobbles up small companies

When Apple sees something it likes, it merely dips into a prodigious cash reserve for an easy purchase. How easy? CEO Tim Cook says Apple buys a company every couple of weeks. Cook, usually mum about

Apple Watch might get its own App Store

Apple Watch is reportedly going to become less tied to iPhone this fall. An unconfirmed report indicates that watchOS 6 will have its own App Store, allowing wearers to download software directly. And

Score lifelong VPN protection at a massive discount for a limited time [Deals]

Online life is full of threats to our privacy and data, so there’s no reason to surf without a VPN. Not sure where to start with VPNs, or daunted by the cost? We’ve got a deal for you. With a lifetime

5 reasons Apple should dump Intel processors [Opinion]

It’s past time Macs stopped depending on Intel processors. There’s new evidence to show they’ve outlived their usefulness. A switch to Apple-designed chips will make macOS devices better for a variety

The best music and home-automation apps this week

This week we control our HomeKit homes form our wrists, control our iPad music with Audiobus 3.4, get help taking to foreigners with Day Interpreting (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

Portable safe protects your stuff from water and thieves [Deals]

When your phone, credit cards, and other electronic essentials go everywhere with you, they also go places that are risky. Think the beach, poolside, hikes, or anywhere someone might have a card