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Why iPad + mouse = genius [Cult of Mac Magazine No. 294]

Coming soon to an iPad near you: a mouse! Don’t puke in your mouth. This is going to be cool. Plus, get the rest of the week’s best Apple news, reviews, how-tos and opinions in the latest issue of

One simple tool makes PDFs endlessly editable [Deals]

If you work with or on a computer, PDFs are as common as oxygen. But when it comes to making changes, they can be as tough as lead. So to edit PDFs on Mac, you’ll want this easy to use tool. PDF

Apple was in talks to buy Intel’s 5G modem business

Apple nearly purchased Intel’s smartphone-modem chip business as a way to fix its impending 5G problems on the iPhone, according to a new report. Talks between Intel and Apple allegedly came to an

Instagram taps seller of fake likes with multi-million dollar lawsuit

Facebook is suing a New Zealand-based company for selling fake likes and follows to users of its photo-sharing app, Instagram. The lawsuit, filed today in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, accuses

How to create and delete alarms and timers with Siri

Siri may not be good for much, but it's great at setting alarms and timers. In fact, it's so reliable, you don't ever need to do it any other way. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

Brace yourself for Apple’s next ugly earnings call

Wall Street is anxiously awaiting Apple’s earnings report for the second quarter of 2019 that will be delivered on Tuesday, April 30. Apple’s stock value has risen about 30% this year even though

Brilliant concept imagines iPad with Magic Mouse support

A designer took the recent unconfirmed report that iOS 13 will include mouse support and ran with it. He redesigned iOS so it functions much more like macOS, with floating windows, exposé, and more.

Apple’s Services division could be worth $450 billion as its own company

If Apple spun off its Services division as its own company, the business would be worth between $400 billion and $450 billion, according to a new analyst report. To put that number in perspective,

Get the tools and training to build a world-class website [Deals]

These days, putting up a website is easy. But building one that works and looks great takes tools and knowledge. So this bundle of powerful web design platform, responsive web framework, and three

Industrial design team shakeup, redesigned AirPods and more! This week, on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: Some major changes are in store for Apple’s legendary industrial design team … we discuss. Plus: Apple commits to fixing all MacBook keyboard issues in just one day. This is

Samsung requests iFixit pull its Galaxy Fold teardown

iFixit says it removed its teardown of Samsung’s troubled Galaxy Fold device at the Korean company’s request. The website’s teardown revealed that Samsung may have failed to include sufficient

Subscription services help push Microsoft into vaunted $1 trillion club

Apple’s old frenemy Microsoft officially joined the $1 trillion club yesterday, taking its place alongside Apple and Amazon as public companies which have passed the $1 trillion market cap. While its

Amazon could one-up Apple Music with new high-fidelity music tier

Amazon is reportedly in talks with some of the world’s largest music rights holders to launch a high-fidelity streaming service, costing around $15 per month. Rumored to launch by the end of 2019, the

Apple’s design team just lost three of its biggest stars

Several highly experienced designers who created Apple’s best-selling products are leaving after working decades for the company. The departure of these senior designers comes as Apple is shifting

iPhone XI renderings reveal all-new rear panel design and mute switch changes

Apple won’t unveil the 2019 iPhone lineup for at least another four months, but we already have a pretty solid idea on what it will look like. New renderings based on leaked information reveal the

2019 iPhone will have Intel 4G modems inside

Details about the 2019 iPhone models are starting to trickle out. Intel CEO seems to have said today that his company will be supplying 4G modems for this device. Bob Swan’s comment is deliberately

Peanuts launch to the moon on Apple TV this May

Snoopy paved the way for astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to walk on the moon. How the cartoon beagle figured into NASA’s lunar plans will be the subject of a short “documentary” available

Mute Twitter keywords to avoid spoilers

Muting keywords on Twitter cleans up your timeline fast, and temporary mutes can help you avoid spoilers, or ignore a sports event. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple actually reducing dependence on Amazon cloud services

Although a recent report indicated that Apple is spending about $30 million a month for Amazon’s cloud services, new information indicates that’s a considerable reduction from the past. This is a

Incredible watchOS 6 concept packs more new features than you can handle

The grand unveiling of watchOS 6 is a little more than a month away. Leaked details on watchOS 6 have been pretty scarce in the lead up to WWDC 2019, but that hasn’t stopped concept designer Jake