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Microsoft unveils monstrously expensive Surface Hub 2S

Microsoft unveiled its vision for the future of collaborative computing today and if your business wants in on the action, it won’t be cheap. The Windows-maker’s newest PC is giant touchscreen that

You can now use Apple Pay inside Uber Eats

It’s now easier than ever to pay for Uber Eats orders, thanks to the arrival of Apple Pay. The food delivery service has finally adopted Apple’s mobile payments platform in almost 20 countries. It

Revamped Find My iPhone app may get Tile-like item tracker

Find My iPhone and Find My Friends are currently separate applications, but Apple is reportedly going to merge them in future versions of iOS and mac OS, and add useful features. In addition, the

You’ll still have to wait until 2020 for an iPhone with 5G

Apple has settled it’s long-running legal dispute with Qualcomm. It almost certainly means that Qualcomm will again supply modem chips for the iPhone. But we won’t see a 5G iPhone any sooner. A new

Grab this stylish, Qi-compatible leather AirPods case for a steal

AirSnap is back on our radar with a new 10% discount. As part of our Watch Store’s limited-time deals and discounts, over the next few days we’ll be offering price slashes on some of your favorite

Qualcomm CEO won’t dish the dirt on how much Apple agreed to pay up

Apple and Qualcomm may have made up again, but the two parties aren’t going to spill the beans regarding exactly how much their financial settlement involved. Speaking on CNBC today, Qualcomm CEO

Apple seeks next-gen Lidar sensors for possible Apple Car

Apple is reportedly in talks with Lidar makers regarding sensors that could be used for its Apple Car initiative. A commonly used surveying tool, Lidar measures distances between objects. It works by

Skip the long reads with hundreds of book summaries [Deals]

Reading is one of the best things we can do to stay informed and keep our minds sharp. But it’s also one thing for which there’s never enough time. Instead of stressing over the books you can’t get

Producer of canceled Steve Jobs musical faces $6 million lawsuit

An abandoned 2016 musical about the rivalry between Steve Jobs and frenemy Bill Gates has resulted in the producer being sued for $6 million. The musical’s producer allegedly told investors he had

Apple’s new Shot on iPhone film is a stunning celebration of nature

“Don’t mess with Mother.” That’s the title of Apple’s newest Shot on iPhone film, which features a stunning collection of clips celebrating nature from around the world. Check out the weird and

Apple could give iPhone 8 an SE-style overhaul

Plans for an iPhone SE 2 may have gone the way of the dodo, but Apple may not have abandoned its iPhone SE philosophy of squeezing new components into an old iPhone form factor. According to a new

Fortnite 8.40 rolls out with new weapons, planes, and more

Planes have returned to Fortnite — but you won’t have to combat them in regular Battle Royale matches. This week’s update brings a brand new Air Royale game mode, as well as new weapons and lots of

Intel won’t be providing 5G modem chips for iPhones

Intel is getting out of the 5G smartphone modem business, meaning that we won’t get 5G Intel iPhones after all. The news was announced by Intel hours after Apple and 5G pioneer Qualcomm revealed that

5G iPhone now virtually certain in 2020 [Opinion]

Most people probably shrugged their shoulders at the news Apple and Qualcomm ended their long, bitter legal war. But this is actually going to benefit every iPhone user. It means that Apple is almost

What the critics are saying about the first Tim Cook biography

The first-ever biography of Apple CEO Tim Cook hits bookstores today, and it’s written by none other than Cult of Mac founder, Leander Kahney. I haven’t heard from Leander in god knows how long while

Unlock all your PDFs with one powerful app [Deals]

If you work on a computer, you deal with PDFs. The universal document format is great for sending and consuming written and visual content of all kinds, from simple reports or tax files to entire

Netflix can’t wait to compete against Apple and Disney

Netflix doesn’t seem worried at all that Apple and Disney are launching their own competitive streaming services by the end of 2019. In its latest report to investors, Netflix cited Disney and Apple

Apple and Qualcomm end their long legal war

The legal war between Apple and Qualcomm is finally over. In a surprise announcement, the two companies revealed that they have agreed to drop all litigation against each other, bringing an end to a

MacBook Air display mysteriously brightens after macOS update

Installing the latest macOS version on a 2018 MacBook Air increases the maximum screen brightness. Apple’s own description of this notebook indicates that the highest potential brightness level is now

How to make music with an iPad and a ‘classic’ Swedish synth

The iPad and the Teenage Engineering OP-1 are made for each other. Both are amazing standalone music-making machines, but together they're dynamite. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an