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Amazon Prime Video app finally adds Chromecast support

Apple fans are no longer caught in a long-running tiff between Amazon and Google. The Amazon Prime Video iOS app has been updated with support for Google’s inexpensive Chromecast player. Of course,

Powerbeats Pro go up for preorder in a bunch of new countries

Apple’s newest Powerbeats Pro headphones are now available to preorder in a bunch of new countries. Fans in Hong Kong, Japan, Spain, and more can claim their buds today. Powerbeats Pro are the best

New MacBook Pro teardown reveals surprising internal tweaks

iFixit just got its hands on Apple’s newest 13-inch MacBook Pro, which can only mean one thing: It’s time to take a look at what’s inside its svelte aluminum shell. The new model ships with a Touch

Amazon’s next Echo could challenge HomePod on audio quality

Amazon’s Echo is annihilating Apple’s HomePod when it comes to smart speaker sales. But Jeff Bezos’ retail giant clearly knows a great idea when it sees one. According to a new report, Amazon is

Struggling iPhone display-maker secures massive bailout

Struggling Apple display-maker Japan Display has successfully secured bailout funding of 80 billion yen ($738 million). The funding comes from Chinese investment firm Harvest Group and Hong Kong-based

Rugged battery pack will fuel your craziest adventures for days [Deals]

Traveling with friends means lots of power needs, and the risk of drops and dings. But with this one uber tough, super high capacity battery pack, you can keep all your devices running for the long

Big Mac updates! This week on The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: Big Mac updates! Apple just refreshed the MacBook Air (and dropped the price), and supercharged the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Plus: A new report says Apple will finally update

Tesla wants Apple’s help in solving IP theft

Tesla and Apple have previously engaged in a sort of cold war over next-gen car technologies. However, Elon Musk’s automotive company is now seeking help from Apple — to catch a suspected thief. The

Minecraft Earth beta kicks off soon — sign up today

The first closed beta test for Minecraft Earth will begin this month — just weeks after its first unveiling at WWDC. You can sign up for early access to the game today. A new beta trailer gives us a

Apple Park is one of Earth’s most valuable buildings

Apple Park is one of the most impressive corporate headquarters in the world — and that don’t come cheap. In fact, it’s one of the most valuable buildings on Earth. A recent assessment for property

Apple’s See TV show cost the same as Game of Thrones

See might be the most intriguing original TV show Apple is making, but that comes at a price. According to a new article on TV shows with budgets comparable to big budget movies, Apple is spending $15

Dive into a vast library of books, audiobooks and more, straight from your iPhone [Deals]

Disappearing DVD collections are just one example of how streaming content is transforming our home libraries. So it seems only natural that an online subscription service will replace the books and

India might steal iPhone production from China

Apple is reportedly significantly increasing iPhone production in India. Rather than just making low-end handsets, the latest top-tier models will be manufactured and sold there. These will be less

Intel chip shortages put a crimp in Mac sales

Intel continues to struggle to provide enough processors to meet demand from PC makers, and one of the victims was Apple. This is likely the cause for a slight drop in Mac shipments during the second

Original Apple-1 manual sells for almost $13,000

Bidding was apparently hot and heavy for a computer manual for the Apple-1, this company’s very first computer. In a multi-day online auction for this rare bit of tech history, the top bid was under

Why it’s a great time to upgrade your aging MacBook

Whether you need ample power or exceptional portability, it’s a great time to bag a new MacBook, with discounts of up to $300 on the latest Apple notebooks. And Cult of Mac can help make yours even

Real humans listen to what you say to Google Assistant

When you talk to a Google Home smart speaker, you might have an unsuspected eavesdropper. The company admitted today that it uses humans to review a small percentage of voice interactions. This is

Hook creates smart connections between documents on Mac

Hook lets you create links between your documents, so you can find related stuff just by popping up a quick panel. It really is insanely useful. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

2019 MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro: Which is right for you?

Confused by Apple's MacBook lineup? Don't be. This guide will help you pick the best MacBook Pro or MacBook Air for you. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

AirPod is crucial component of robot umpire

Robot umpires have finally arrived in baseball’s minor leagues and Apple’s technology is making it all possible. The Atlantic League, an independent league mostly based on the East Coast, recently