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Chimp scrolling Instagram on iPhone proves it’s just like us

DNA tells us that of the creatures in the animal kingdom, we are most closely related to chimpanzees. Watching a chimp scrolling through Instagram on an iPhone should erase any lingering doubts. The

Evidence builds for 2019 iPhone triple-lens camera

3D printed mockups claiming to show two of the 2019 iPhone models have surfaced in Asia. These include the triple camera lenses that have been a part of so many unconfirmed reports about these

Apple recalls troublesome wall plug adapters

Apple has issued a voluntary recall order for AC wall plug adapters designed for use in the U.K., Hong Kong, and Singapore. According to Apple, some of these three-wrong adapters are prone to breaking

Nab the ultimate waterproof commuter bag for your Apple products [Deals]

Being a digital nomad means bringing some of your most important stuff everywhere you go. So you want a bag that can accommodate your laptop, phone, batteries, notepads, wallet and other essentials —

Customer service ranking hails Apple ‘king of laptop tech support’

Apple has long been known for its great customer support — and that’s confirmed once more in a new ranking of customer service among top laptop makers. The Laptop Mag rankings pit 11 of the major

Indian court rules that TikTok can return to the App Store

A court in India has lifted its ban on popular video-sharing app TikTok, which resulted in it being temporarily booted from the Indian iOS and Google Play app stores. The app was ordered removed after

Saudi sisters renew requests for Apple to remove woman-tracking app

Two Saudi sisters who fled the country for the U.S. have renewed attempts to get Apple and Google to delete an “inhuman” tracking app from the App Store. The app, called Absher, allows men to receive

Apparent glitch bars some users from downloading from the App Store

Some users report that they are not able to buy new apps or download updates to existing ones through the App Store. This appears to be the result of a bug which locks users in an endless cycle,

NSA reportedly wants to stop spying on your phone calls and texts

Good news everyone: The NSA no longer wants to collect your phone calls and text messages. Apparently. Despite once being all-in on its electronic spying program, the National Security Agency now

OWC can upgrade iMac Pro to 256GB of RAM, and it’s cheaper than Apple’s

Recently, word went around that the only way to get 256GB of RAM in an iMac Pro was at the factory. OWC paid no attention to that, and is now offering to upgrade this powerful desktop to the maximum

Use Readdle’s Documents to transfer files between Mac and iOS

If AirDrop doesn't work, or if you just want better control over your transfers, or if you're using a PC, then try Readdle's Wi-Fi Transfer, in its Documents app. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

Google’s fitness app makes the long jump to iPhone

Google’s rival to Apple Health just made the hop across platforms. Google Fit can now be installed on an iPhone, making it easier to participate in challenges with Android users. Even better, the

Apple’s self-driving car fleet gets downsized

Apple’s fleet of self-driving cars has gotten smaller for the first time since the project’s inception. In a recent filing with the California Department of Motor Vehicles, Apple revealed that both

Surfer finds Apple Watch lost at sea for 6 months – and it still works!

Forget the needle in the haystack. The odds of finding an Apple Watch lost to the Pacific Ocean are much worse. But a body surfer from Huntington Beach, Calif. got lucky and was reunited with his

iPhone XR completely dominates Apple’s US sales

The iPhone XR accounted for 38 percent of all Apple’s US handset sales during the first three months of this this year, according to a market research company. Combined with the iPhone XS and XS Max,

Why adding mouse support to iPad is a touch of genius [Opinion]

Rumors indicate Apple will soon add iPad mouse support. What does that mean? Here's a look at why using a mouse with iOS could be good. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Samsung wants to make iPhone, iPad and Mac processors

Samsung is investing billions in its chip business to better compete with Intel, Qualcomm and TSMC. The Korean company wants to make CPUs for a broad array of computers. This raises the odds that

Jony Ive: I feel like I’m living two years in the future

Because his job involves dreaming up Apple’s next products, Jony Ive says he feels like he’s constantly living “two years in the future.” That’s one of the insights that emerges from a new interview

Renowned Apple analyst thinks 2 new AirPods models are on the way

Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says Cupertino plans to release two new models of AirPods, either at the end of this year or the start of 2020. In doing so, he partially backs up a report from

Save 90% on a whole terabyte of secure cloud storage [Deals]

Are you going to say no to massive, easy, affordable cloud storage? We didn’t think so, and neither would we, which is why we’re jumping at this deal on a full terabyte of secure cloud backup and