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Apple shares suffer worst month of 2019 so far

Apple shares are having a rough time right now — but, don’t fear, investors simply think this is a great opportunity to invest. Shares in AAPL are currently trading at $177.39. That’s down from a high

Apple cuts production of older iPhones with new models ‘on track’

Apple has cut production of older iPhone models for the third quarter of 2019, according to a new report from analysts. The move suggests that demand for the company’s more affordable devices has

Go beyond Squarespace to build and host your website [Deals]

Lots of people have good reason to have a website, but it can be expensive and complicated to set one up. So it’s no wonder that services like Squarespace offer a shortcut for creating working sites

New Yorkers will soon be able to use Apple Pay on the subway

Starting Friday, subway riders in New York City will be able to use Apple Pay to swipe in and out of turnstiles. Apple Pay functionality will initially be limited to the 4, 5, 6 line between Grand

Tim Cook donates to memorial fund for beloved Auburn couple

Tim Cook has donated $25,000 to a family memorial fund for former Auburn college sports broadcaster Rod Bramblett and wife and fellow Auburn employee Paula. The couple, who are survived by their two

Preorder Powerbeats Pro on May 31 in U.K., France, Germany

You’ll be able to preorder Apple’s new Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones this Friday in the U.K., France, and Germany. Apple has posted a new promotional video on social media to confirm their

Samsung and Huawei beat Apple in Q1 smartphone sales

Apple placed third in worldwide smartphone sales in the first quarter of 2019, suggest new figures from Gartner. Samsung came in first place, with 71.6 million units sold in the three month period.

Pokémon Company’s newest game wants to put you to sleep

The Pokémon Company successfully got millions of gamers off their couches and out into the streets with Pokémon Go. Now it wants to send them all to bed. Its next mobile game, Pokémon Sleep, will

Former App Store boss talks approvals process

A former head of the App Store’s approvals process has shed some light on the sometimes opaque review process of new apps. In an interview, Phillip Shoemaker revealed how the system evolved over his

Citigroup reportedly pulled out on Apple Card deal

One of Goldman Sachs’ biggest rivals pulled out on a deal that would have made it the bank backing Apple Card. Citigroup reportedly was in advanced negotiations with Apple but pulled out of the Apple

How to make your iPhone read any text out loud

You iPhone can read any text out loud to you, long or short. Just learn this easy gesture. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

iOS 12.4 beta 3 is out now for developers

12.4Apple is speeding through the beta process of iOS 12.4 with yet another beta build that’s ready for developers. iOS 12.4 beta 3 comes just eight days after Apple seeded the second beta to

Everything we think we know about iOS 13 for iPhone

The iPad seems to be getting the best new iOS 13 features, but that doesn't mean that the iPhone will be totally left out. Here's what to expect from iOS 13 for iPhone. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and

iOS 13’s new dark mode revealed in leaked screenshots

Apple will finally bring a dark mode to iOS with a major update this fall. Leaked screenshots of iOS 13 show us exactly what it will look like. We also get our first glimpse of a redesigned Reminders

Top iPhone lens maker now has bags for your gear

Moment, a go-to brand for quality iPhone lens attachments, will now help you carry your gear with new bags to support the mobile photographer. The company’s roomiest offering is an expandable fanny

Steve Jobs didn’t want the ‘Get a Mac’ ads to be too funny

Justin Long, the “Mac” to John Hodgman’s “PC” in the now-famous ads from Apple, said the funnier commercials were kept off the air by company founder Steve Jobs. It’s not because Jobs lacked a sense

Teen who hacked Apple thought it would earn him a job

A second Australian teenager who hacked into Apple’s computer systems has said that he did it because he thought it would help earn him a job at Apple. The unnamed teen was 13 when he hacked into

Craig Federighi won’t accept Google’s luxury Apple dig

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, has addressed Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s shots at Apple’s stance on privacy. In a recent New York Times op-ed, Pichai dismissed

‘Portable’ Apple-1 in a briefcase just sold for $471,000 at auction

A rare Apple-1 computer built by Steve Wozniak in 1976 has sold for $471,000 in a Christie’s auction. According to the Apple-1 Registry of known Apple-1 computers, this is number 10 of just 68 thought

Huawei founder doesn’t want iPhones banned in China

Huawei may be competing with Apple in the smartphone industry, but Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei has said that he would be “the first to protest” if China was to consider banning the iPhone in the