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Students will get Apple TV+ as part of their $4.99 Apple Music subscription

Apple’s launched its first bundle deal for Apple TV+ — but you’ll have to be a student to take advantage of it. On Dickinson star Hailee Steinfeld’s Instagram page, the singer/actress noted that Apple

Antitrust investigators want to know if retailers were compelled to use Apple Pay

European antitrust regulators are asking online retailers if they are contractually obligated to use Apple Pay over rival services. The European Commission suggests it has information that Apple could

How to save your progress in a YouTube video, even if Safari reloads the tab

Sick of losing your place in YouTube videos when Safari reloads the browser tab yet again? This bookmarklet will save your place, even through a reboot. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

Mujjo Sleeve offers pretty, premium protection for your MacBook

Lovingly wrap your MacBook in a gorgeous Mujjo Sleeve for protection on the go. Made from soft felt and high-grade leather, it keeps your pricey notebook from picking up scuffs and scratches. It’s

Samsung teases new clamshell folding phone concept

Samsung is doubling down on its efforts to make smartphones with a folding display a thing. During Samsung’s annual developers conference this morning, the company unveiled a new folding phone concept

Double the resolution of your iPhone photos with this trick

A relatively simple technique can double the resolution of an iPhone image. Shockingly, the trick is best executed with shaky hands. What sounds counterintuitive will make sense when you see the steps

The secret to Apple’s sales success [Live from Cupertino book excerpt]

Excerpted from Live from Cupertino: How Apple Used Words, Music, and Performance to Build the World’s Best Sales Machine by Michael Hageloh and Tim Vandehey. Prologue: What were once devices are now

Fun new emoji and HomeKit Secure Video debut in macOS Catalina update

Just a few weeks after the debut of macOS Catalina, Apple already has an update with features that had been planned for the original version. On the list of enhancements are support for additional

The AirPods Pro fix almost everything wrong with the originals [Opinion]

With the AirPods Pro, it looks like Apple has fixed everything that was wrong with the original AirPods. Might they be the perfect headphone? (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

watchOS 6.1 adds support for AirPods Pro, earlier Apple Watch models

Apple today rolled out watchOS 6.1 after more than a month of beta testing. The update adds support for the brand-new AirPods Pro headphones — out tomorrow. It also makes watchOS 6 available to Apple

Everything you need to know before Apple’s last earnings call of 2019

Apple is ready to unveil its last earnings report of 2019 this week, and investors are anxiously waiting to hear some good news on iPhone sales. All early indications point to sales of the iPhone 11

Apple TV+ pursues lofty goal: Exploring human relationships

The first slate of Apple TV+ shows would seem to have little in common — they range from a teen comedy to a sci-fi epic — but the company’s top entertainment programming execs say they are all about

Haptic feedback could make iPhone or iPad displays feel like rocks or fur

Imagine being able to touch your iPad or iPhone screen and feeling like you’re touching metal, wood, or fur — despite the fact it’s just a flat glass display. Impossible, surely? Not if a new haptic

Replacing a lost AirPods Pro earbud isn’t cheap

Apple fans will start getting their hands on its brand-new AirPods Pro headphones this week. And they’ll want to make sure they don’t lose them. Replacing a lost bud or charging case is a pricey

Xiaomi’s new smartwatch looks like a total Apple Watch clone

Apple’s biggest copycat nuisance, Xiaomi, is at again. The Chinese tech firm, known for its design knockoffs of Apple products, will roll out a new wearable device next week that, by the looks of a

Fortnite goes all out for Halloween with new Fortnitemares event

Fortnite’s newest update is out, bringing Halloween back to Battle Royale. The version 10.10 release kicks off this year’s Fortnitemares event — and there’s plenty to enjoy. Fortnite Chapter 2 has

Avoid annoying geo-restrictions on streaming services [Deals]

Just because you’re in another country shouldn’t mean you can’t watch your favorite shows and movies. So it’s a bummer when Hulu. HBO, or Amazon says the country you’re in doesn’t support their

Brilliant BentoStack organizer now packs a USB-C hub, wireless charging

In the market for a Type-C Hub, accessory organizer, power bank and wireless charger for your MacBook Pro and iPad Pro? Of course you are! The BentoStack PowerHub promises to eliminate desktop clutter

iPhone 11 continues to shine while iPhone 11 Pro Max sales flatten out

Apple is reportedly going all-in on OLED displays with the 2020 iPhones. But despite the big advances OLED represent, it seems that many users aren’t yet ready to part ways with their LCD screens. At

Sorry, binge-watchers: Apple won’t debut every episode of The Morning Show at once

Apple is seemingly taking a mixed approach to the way it will debut new Apple TV+ shows. According to the company, it will release three episodes of The Morning Show, one of its flagship series, when