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How to find video subtitles on Mac and iOS the easy way

Subtitles aren't just for the hard-of-hearing, or for watching foreign (to you) language shows and movies. They can just make it easier to understand mumbled speech, or tricky accents. Here's how to

Samsung’s vertical TV gives social media addicts a big screen

Samsung has a new vertical TV made for social media browsing, a design the Korean electronics company says is aimed at millennials. But will even the most voracious social media consumers pay $1,600

Brilliant folding touchscreen MacBook concept is almost a reality

Astro HQ, makers of Luna Display, dreamed up a macOS laptop concept with a foldable display that covers the entire interior of the MacBook. The design includes a touchscreen and Apple Pencil support.

Apple will drop Aperture support after macOS Mojave

Photographers still clinging to Apple’s discontinued imaging software, Aperture, must now deal with a ticking clock. Apple announced Aperture will not get support from future MacOS past Mojave and

Samsung reports its weakest profits since late 2016

Samsung has reported its weakest profits in two years as first quarter earnings suffered from weak smartphone and memory chip sales. While Samsung said that it expects things will be get better in the

Foxconn CEO may be headed to White House to discuss Wisconsin factory

Departing Foxconn chairman Terry Gou is reportedly heading to the U.S. where he will have a meeting at the White House. The subject of the meeting will be Foxconn’s plans to open a factory in

Antitrust regulator hasn’t decided whether to approve T-Mobile and Sprint merger

T-Mobile and Sprint have pushed back the date for completing their proposed controversial merger to July 29. The reason? Because the U.S. Justice Department’s Antitrust Division chief says that he has

Future iPhones could boast MicroLED displays

Apple could use next-gen MicroLED displays for a future iPhone, a new report claims. The report claims that Foxconn, Apple’s biggest supplier, is working hard to win MicroLED orders from Apple — and

Robotics startup that graced the stage at WWDC closes

Robotics startup Anki, which graced the stage at WWDC in 2013, has closed up shop. The company previously raised more than $200 million in funding, but it had seemingly burned through the money. Anki

VP helping lead the charge for a 5G iPhone departs company

The Apple vice president in charge of sourcing 4G and 5G iPhone modems has left. The departure of Rubén Caballero comes as this part of Apple’s business is in transition, with Qualcomm once again

Thrilling iPhone 11 video shows off all the rumored features

A new video wraps up all the unconfirmed reports about Apples next handset. And there’s a lot to work with. Details about the iPhone 11 have been leaking out steadily, even though the launch is still

Apple Store rampage; Brit trashes $50,000 worth of iPhones and iPads

There are a lot of expensive and breakable items in any Apple Store, as a man in Leeds, UK demonstrated earlier this year. He was accused of walking into an Apple retail location and destroying

How to share podcast clips with Overcast

Overcast can now share audio and video clips of any podcast episode, ready for posting somewhere like, Twitter, or Instagram. Here's how to use it. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture

Privacy-preaching Apple gets low marks in trust survey

Even though CEO Tim Cook repeatedly says privacy and personal data are important to Apple, a huge majority of surveyed consumers still don’t trust the iPhone maker to lawfully protect their

2019 iPhone lineup may finally come with 18W charger

Freshly leaked details about the 2019 iPhone lineup claim customers can expect faster-charging capabilities right out of the box. While Apple added faster-charging powers to the iPhone since the

Roland’s new Bluetooth speaker doubles as a guitar amp

The new Roland BTM-1 is a nice-looking Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a mini guitar amp, complete with dedicated guitar-centric controls. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

iOS 12.3 beta 4 arrives with fresh fixes for iPhone and iPad [Updated]

Apple seeded the fourth beta of iOS 12.3 to developers this morning, just one week after the last beta was released. iOS 12.3 beta 4 brings with it a number of changes for iPhone and iPad, including

Siri is more popular than Alexa (sort of)

More consumers use Siri as a digital assistant than Amazon’s Alexa, despite Alexa being the voice behind the top-selling line of smart speakers, the Echo. Siri’s popularity is just one of the findings

Leaked Motorola Razr actually looks pretty amazing

Motorola is about to attempt a big comeback into the smartphone market and folding displays could be the key to making the company relevant again. Leaked images of an alleged Motorola Razr have

You can now pre-order your Powerbeats Pro earbuds

Update: Beats’ new wireless Powerbeats Pro earbuds are now available for pre-order, ahead of going on sale May 10. The earbuds are available in black to begin with. Ivory, moss, and navy color options