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Stylish folio sleeve protects both iPad Pro and Apple’s Smart Keyboard [Review]

The Apple Smart Keyboard Folio turns an iPad Pro into an ultralight laptop, but it’s so slim it doesn’t do much to shield the tablet inside. We tested a sleeve from Dodocase that goes around Apple’s

Clicker soups up your Netflix experience on your Mac for only $4 [Deals]

Now that Netflix is the 800-lb gorilla of content providers everywhere, accessing and streaming their vast library has improved from its modest beginnings. Yet even despite the enhancements to their

Latest MacBook Pro blows away its predecessors

Apple’s marketing for the recently-announced 2019 MacBook Pro emphasizes how much faster it than last year’s model, and now a benchmark score may confirm that this macOS laptop is almost 30 percent

How to add your own music to your iPhone without iTunes

It's 2019, and you still can't add your own music to your iPhone Music library. But you can do the next best thing, by adding it to the Vox music player. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

Steve Jobs’ doodles reveal preoccupation with IBM

A new book compiling the doodles and jotted notes of famous figures includes two from Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, each with a cryptic reference to the bane of his existence, IBM. Debuting last week,

Even Huawei’s CEO prefers iPhone

Rising trade tensions have brought calls in China to boycott Apple devices in favor of Huawei handsets, but the iPhone has an unlikely cheerleader: the CEO of Huawei admits he buys iPhones for his

Korvpressor 2 massages your songs to perfection

Korvpressor 2 makes an already impressive app into beautiful must-have audio tool (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Instagram’s vertical video days are finally over

Instagram is finally giving up on its mission to make vertical videos the most popular format viewed on phones. The company revealed today that it will now support landscape video on IGTV, its long

Most college students prefer Mac, if they can afford one

A majority of today’s college students are Mac fans. A new study found that 71 percent those in higher education either use or would like to use macOS computers. But there’s an important caveat: many

Samsung screens could be packed into OLED MacBook Pro, iPad Pro

Samsung will be at least one of the suppliers for future MacBook Pro and iPad Pro upgrades with OLED displays, according to a new report. The South Korean company, which already supplies OLED screens

Wireless charger suggests AirPower’s problems are solvable

We waited two years for AirPower and in the end, Apple could not deliver. Numerous engineering challenges forced Apple to do something it rarely does – give up. But the hurdles facing the team

Pegatron moving iPad and MacBook manufacturing out of China

Apple manufacturer Pegatron is reportedly set to start assembling MacBooks and iPads in Indonesia, starting next month. The news comes at a time when more and more people are concerned about a

Huawei OS could fight Android (and Windows) next year

Huawei is developing its own operating system that will power its smartphones and other devices if it cannot rely on Android. Richard Yu, head of the company’s consumer division, has now confirmed the

Ditch portable batteries for a mobile charging hub [Deals]

Being able to charge mobile devices on the go is a must. But as technology improves, portable batteries are evolving into something a lot more than just an extra battery in your backpack. Nowadays,

Jay-Z’s Blueprint trilogy is finally available on Apple Music

Thanks to his rival Tidal streaming service, Jay-Z was somewhat M.I.A. from Apple Music for a while. Somewhere along the line, the tide started to turn. Jay’s 4:44 album landed on Apple Music. As did

Ex-student pleads guilty to $895,000 fake iPhone scam

An ex-Oregon engineering student from China has pleaded guilty to a scam involving counterfeit iPhones. Quan Jiang and another student, Yangyangg Zhou, were involved in a scheme featuring imported

WhatsApp will start showing you ads in 2020

Conversations with your friends won’t be the only thing that shows up inside your WhatsApp next year. Facebook has confirmed ads will also start appearing in 2020. You’ll see them in WhatsApp Status,

2019 iPhones already popping up in regulatory filings

One way to get an idea of what Apple devices are on the way is to check the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) regulatory database. The database just got a new update — confirming a number of new 2019

Playdate is a handheld gaming device created by iOS and Mac devs

Panic, a company known for developing apps for iOS and macOS, today announced plans to enter the hardware market with the launch of the Playdate, a new handheld gaming system. The device boasts a

Mario Kart Tour a disappointment to early beta testers

Mario Kart Tour’s first beta test kicked off this week. Nintendo asked testers to refrain from posting images and videos online, but that was never going to happen. And that’s great for those of us