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Weezer headlines Apple’s WWDC19 Bash

One of the nerdiest rock bands of all time is set to take the stage at WWDC 2019’s biggest party today. Apple revealed this morning that Weezer is the headlining act of the WWDC19 Bash, the exclusive

Buying could bring fresh expertise to Apple’s autonomous car

An acquisition could bring a wave of new talent to Apple’s self-driving car efforts. If a rumored deal to purchase happens, it should help calm any fears the Apple is losing interesting in

Apple has the wrong attitude toward mouse support on iPad [Opinion]

Apple will finally bring mouse support to iPad (and iPhone) when it rolls out major software updates this fall — and that’s awesome. Finally, you will gain full control over your device without

iOS 13 safeguards private info stored in Contacts

A change in iOS 13 blocks third-party applications from accessing the Notes field in the Contacts app. This is because many people have the bad habit of storing confidential information in this field,

Apple Watch throws out a lifeline to stranded paddleboarder

A woman paddle-boarding windy ocean waters near Massachusetts was rescued after using her Apple Watch to call 911. The breathless woman told a Lynn Fire Department dispatcher that the wind took her

Capture cinema-quality video with this iPhone stabilizer [Deals]

The camera on the iPhone has reached an unbelievable level. In terms of image quality, it’s competitive with dedicated, high end cameras. So when it comes to video, the weakest – and wobbly-est – link

Only a small number of Macs will support Sidecar in macOS Catalina

Not many Apple computers will be left out in the cold when its big macOS Catalina upgrade rolls out this fall. But even if your Mac is compatible, it might not be able to take advantage of every

Apple explains iTunes changes in macOS Catalina

Apple’s plan to ditch iTunes starts this fall with the release of macOS Catalina, which will offer standalone apps for Music, Podcasts, and TV. WWDC offered a brief glimpse at how other things — like

Fortnite adds brand new Storm Flip item, Quick Heal on mobile

Fortnite’s latest patch is out and there are lots of changes for Battle Royale players to look forward to. The version 9.20 release adds a brand new Storm Flip item, a Quick Heal button on Android and

These Mac models won‘t get macOS Catalina

Apple is hard at work on the replacement for macOS Mojave. The next version will include new features focused on privacy, accessibility and performance. But that‘s a bit hollow for notebooks and

Safari snaps full-page screenshots in iOS 13

iOS 13 is bringing some huge improvements to Safari, including a desktop-class version for iPadOS that is nearly as good as Safari on Mac. One of my favorite new Safari features didn’t get any stage

Mac Pro’s monster price tag is actually a steal

That outrage you’re feeling over the cost of Apple’s new Mac Pro is your first clue this computer is not for you. In fact, it’s not a computer, it’s a workstation. And for those who work in jobs

Time and location triggers make Shortcuts far more useful in iOS 13

In iOS 13, Shortcuts can run at a specific time or when you arrive or leave a location. They can even start when you open an app or disable Bluetooth. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

Apple prods devs to give ‘Sign in with Apple’ top billing

Sign in with Apple could give Facebook and Google some serious headaches when it launches as part of iOS 13 this fall, however, Apple’s strict rules could bring some pushback. Not only will Apple

Safari in iPadOS is almost as good as macOS [Opinion]

Apple promised the Safari browser coming to iPads later this year will be “desktop class.” That’s a vague term, but tests with the first beta of iPadOS 13 show that it comes very close to the macOS

Find the best VPN for Mac and other operating systems

This post is presented by VPNRanks By now, you ought to know that going online without a VPN is downright irresponsible. There are countless threats to your security and privacy roaming the web, not

Fraudsters steal whopping $19 million worth of iPhones

Criminals allegedly used identity theft to steal thousands of iPhones from across the United States over several years. Their scheme involved assuming stolen identities and going to stores run by

How to use Safari’s download manager in iOS 13

In iOS 13 and iPadOS, Safari has a downloads manager. Here's how to use it, and how to choose any download folder you want. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

iOS 13 opens door for Spotify to use Siri

One of the best features on Apple Music could soon make its way onto Spotify thanks to iOS 13. Apple is finally making it possible for Spotify and other music, podcast and audio apps to use Siri. Not

Tech company workers are split on Apple monopoly

Nearly 75% of Apple employees are behind Tim Cook’s recent declaration that the App Store is not monopoly. A recent survey found that Qualcomm and Spotify employees are the biggest Apple haters with