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Apple doesn’t want everyone to use a mouse with iPhone and iPad

You might think it would be pretty simple for Apple to add mouse support to its mobile operating systems. But that’s not so. The company reportedly spent years developing its newest accessibility

You won’t need iTunes to install the iOS 13, iPadOS public betas

You won’t need iTunes to install the iOS 13 and iPadOS betas when they go public, Apple’s Craig Federighi has confirmed. Registered developers who want to get their hands on the software now must

iTunes for Windows isn’t going anywhere

Apple is breaking up iTunes in macOS Catalina, but the company has much less ambitious plans for the Windows version of this desktop software. Like, no plans at all. Sayonara iTunes… Not every iPhone

What you need to know about Dark Mode on iOS 13

The iPhone finally joined the dark side with the new Dark Mode feature introduced in iOS 13. Apple delighted fans who have been clamoring for the feature for years — and it appears the wait has been

Everything Apple showed off at WWDC 2019 in under 8 minutes [Video]

If you missed the keynote, or just want the highlights, we've wrapped up the headlining features of the 2+ hour presentation into less than 8 minutes. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

How to use a mouse with your iPad

The iPad can now use a mouse for input. You can point, click, drag, and scroll, just like you can on the Mac. Here's how to set it up. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Save $200 on Mac mini, $820 on MacBook Pro [Deals & Steals]

Amazon’s Deal of the Day lets you save up to 29% on the 2018 MacBook Pro for today only. Prices start at $1,879.99 (down from $2,399.99) for a 15-inch model with a six-core Intel Core i7 processor,

Give your old MacBook a serious boost the cheap and easy way

This post is presented by OWC. New Macs are reliably cutting-edge when they first hit shelves. But as time goes by, Cupertino’s products, like any other, move toward obsolescence. Luckily, boosting

Wonderboom 2’s new Outdoor Boost mode pumps up the bass

The tiniest member of my favorite Bluetooth speaker family just got a big upgrade. Ultimate Ears’ new Wonderboom 2 adds an Outdoor Boost mode that cranks up the bass and is “specially tuned” for

Apple names top 9 apps of 2019

Apple revealed the 2019 Design Awards at WWDC highlighting nine apps that offer a unique approach to design. This year’s selections come from Italy, France, Lituania and the U.S. A lot of games are

iPad is a whole new beast after leaving iPhone behind

The iPad has finally been freed to go in its own direction. The first version of iPadOS might not look that exciting, but it points to a radical new future. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through

Need a new iPhone for iOS 13? Sell your old one and upgrade today

When Apple rolls out iOS 13 this fall, you won’t want to miss it. It’s a massive upgrade that promises even faster performance, lots of improved apps, a brand new dark mode, and more. If you don’t

Why photographers won big-time at WWDC

The WWDC keynote delivered exciting news for every Apple user, but for photographers of all stripes, Monday was their jackpot. Professional photographers and filmmakers finally got a new Mac Pro that

iOS 13 brings brilliant charging option to save your battery

iOS 13 could help keep your iPhone battery from aging too quickly due to overcharging, thanks to a new feature hidden away in the raft of new updates. Apple came under fire for lowering CPU speeds on

iOS devs sue Apple over ‘profit-killing‘ App Store fees

A law firm is looking for iOS developers to join a class-action suit against Apple for the way it runs the App Store. The lawyers accuse the company of “anticompetitive practices.” One of their goals

References to Apple ‘tag’ item trackers spotted in iOS 13

References in iOS 13 all but corroborate earlier reports that Apple is working on its own item-tracking accessories. It is thought Apple plans to compete with Tile by offering “tags” that can be

iPhone’s Wi-Fi hotspot gets a big upgrade in iOS 13

The mobile hotspot built into the iPhone gets some real improvements in iOS 13. iPads can connect automatically and stay connected even when asleep. In addition, Apple upgraded some of iOS 13’s other

Score a pair of armor-clad Lightning cables [Deals]

We rely on Lightning cables to charge our iOS devices and keep them in sync. Too bad they’re so prone to fraying and breaking. These cables from Keystart offer a more durable alternative. They sport

Fortnite cheater qualifies for $30 million tournament

A Fortnite player recently banned for cheating has qualified for the game’s biggest tournament. Damion “Xxif” Cook was slapped with a 14-day suspension in early May after Epic Games found him guilty

iOS 13 drops App Store’s 200MB cellular download limit

Apple is finally doing away with the App Store’s cellular download limit in iOS 13. The cap was increased from 150MB to 200MB just last week, but as of this fall, you should have the option to ignore