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Google, Qualcomm and others cease partnerships with Huawei

Google has suspended its business with Huawei and revoked its Android license following a U.S. crackdown on Chinese technology companies. It’s a massive blow for the world’s third-biggest

Apple tech could improve visibility in bad driving conditions

As part of its Project Titan initiative, Apple has invented some smart tech for improving detection of road signs and other vehicles on the road in low visibility situations. This could ramp up safety

Apple donates products to New Orleans’ Ellis Marsalis Music Center

After giving his commencement speech for Tulane University on Saturday, Tim Cook visited the nearby Ellis Marsalis Center for Music. He met with founders Ellis Marsalis and Harry Connick Jr. He also

The best new music, news, and video-learning apps this week

This week we sell our skills on video, slow down any song in Apple Music, make wild music with Factory, and more. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

One wireless charging hub juices up four devices at once [Deals]

Wireless charging is catching on, so our wireless charging pads are becoming scarce real estate. Instead of buying a new charging dock for each new device, why not just get one that can handle all of

Tim Cook tells graduates what it really means to love your job

During a commencement speech at Tulane this morning, Apple CEO Tim Cook gave graduates a new twist on the old adage about finding a job you love. He also talked about Apple’s vision to “move humanity

U.S. iPhone growth lags: How slow can it go? [Cult of Mac Magazine No. 297]

Apple’s iPhone sales in the U.S. are starting to flatline, according to data from the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. Growth of the iPhone install base in the U.S. has been on a downward

Boost your tech career with access to over 1,000 courses [Deals]

It’s always a good time to bolster your resume and boost your career prospects. So if you work in tech, this massive resource of courses in coding, graphic design, Unity 3D, and lots more is a

Spotify makes first hardware play with Car Thing

Spotify is finally making its first foray into becoming a hardware company. The music streaming service revealed plans this week to start testing its new device called Car Thing, a voice-controlled

How to detach MacSafari’s download popover to make a proper window

Ever wish Safari had a proper download manager window instead of that annoying popover? It does! You just need to know how to find it. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Lady Gaga rumored to make Apple Park opening fabulous [Updated]

The rainbow-colored stage that appeared recently at Apple HQ is about to get its first big-name act; Lady Gaga is reportedly going to perform at the opening event for Apple Park, the company’s

This Apple Lens concept is so ugly I can’t look away

Some pretty bad Apple Glasses concepts have graced the homepage of CultofMac over the last two years but this one might be the ugliest one yet. Most concepts go over-the-top with unrealistic tech

Want to use these Apple pillows? There’s a nap for that

We’ve all fallen asleep at our computer. So why not recreate that moment with hardware that’s actually soft? Throwboy, the company that takes the familiar symbols of our personal computing lives and

Apple’s newest Mac ad is all about the music

Apple just dropped a brand new Mac ad in the United Kingdom. It’s all about making music and it features a whole bunch of big artists using Apple computers. It’s also a little reminiscent of the

TikTok remains most-downloaded app on iOS

TikTok may be a bit of a head-scratcher for older users, but there’s no denying its popularity. According to a new report, the video-sharing app was the most popular iOS app for the first quarter of

U.S. carriers are no longer sharing customer location data

U.S. carriers have (mostly) put an end to the practice of selling customer location data to third-parties, a new report reveals. This dodgy practice was previously carried out by giants including

Apple lists Macs it can’t patch against ‘ZombieLoad’ exploits

Apple has published a list of Macs that are still vulnerable to “ZombieLoad” exploits because they cannot be patched. The older machines — all made before 2011 — may receive security updates, Apple

Airsynth uses Face ID camera to play a virtual theremin

If you’ve ever seen a theremin, the spooky electronic musical instrument which can be played without physical contact, you’ll have some idea of how AirSynth works. It uses the depth-sensing camera on

Call of Duty: Mobile details confirmed ahead of summer beta

Activision has confirmed some new Call of Duty: Mobile details ahead of a summer beta test. New release regions have been confirmed for the free-to-play title — as well as additional game modes, maps,

Estate of ‘Over the Rainbow’ composer is suing Apple and others

The son and estate of Broadway composer Harold Arlen is suing a number of tech companies, including Apple. Arlen composed numerous iconic songs during his career — most notably the Oscar-winning song