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Samsung struggles to fix Galaxy Fold

Samsung isn’t yet ready to commit to a release date for its troubled Galaxy Fold. Information leaking out last month had indicated the delayed folding handset might be out before July. However,

Mac Pro-inspired wallpaper turns other devices into cheese graters

Most of us will never own the new Mac Pro, but our lesser Apple devices can still be cheese-grater chic. Anyone with an iPhone, iPad or a more mortal Mac can now get wallpaper inspired by the

Apple will fix iPhone 8 Plus Portrait mode bug today

Apple will roll out a new software update today to fix a Portrait mode bug on the iPhone 8 Plus. iOS 12.3.2, which comes just two weeks after the release of iOS 12.3.1, is another minor update for

Game on! Apple Arcade faces serious competition

Two of Apple’s biggest competitors revealed they’ll debut their own streaming games services at about the same time as the launch of Apple Arcade. This isn’t the first we’ve heard of Microsoft xCloud

macOS Catalina will let you sign documents using iPhone or iPad

The updated Preview app in macOS Catalina will let you sign documents using your iPhone or iPad. The process takes just a few clicks and works with any device running iOS 13 or iPadOS. It’s easy to

Declutter your desk and improve your posture with a sleek monitor stand [Deals]

Work is one of the easiest places to screw up your posture. Using a monitor stand is a must, so your neck and back don’t suffer for your long hours. Even better if it can declutter your desk at the

Trump talks tech giants’ alleged monopoly

The United States should follow the European Union’s lead and investigate Silicon Valley tech giants monopoly-like powers, President Donald Trump says. Speaking with CNBC, Trump said “something’s

All the new gestures coming to iPad in iPadOS

Many of the gestures in iPadOS are remaining mostly the same, but there are a few news ones to take note of to make the iPad even more productive. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple says new Mac Pro, XDR Display will launch in September

Apple’s next-generation Mac Pro and stunning XDR Display will arrive this September, according to Apple didn’t confirm launch dates for either product during its WWDC reveals — but it did

Siri could be less disruptive in future iPadOS

Craig Federighi, Apple’s VP of software, has suggested to a customer that Apple could correct an irritating UI element for Siri on iPad. Apple user Juliano Rossi wrote Federighi about the way that the

’Premium’ Firefox browser will have built-in VPN, cloud storage

Mozilla plans to launch a “premium” version of Firefox with a built-in VPN, secure cloud storage, and more. The new browser will arrive this fall and will require a subscription. But Mozilla promises

‘Find my iPad’ helps track down stolen cop’s gun

The “Find my iPad” feature on an Apple tablet helped cops track down the thieves responsible for taking a police deputy’s gun and tactical gear. The app let officers find the stolen goods, in addition

Ethereal fantasy game Sky will finally soar onto iOS in July

Thatgamecompany’s eagerly anticipated Sky: Children of the Light is coming exclusively to iOS next month. The ethereal social exploration game, which takes place across seven different dream-like

G20 countries want to close tax loopholes for tech titans

A group of G20 finance ministers met over the weekend to discuss closing loopholes used by tech giants to reduce their corporate taxes. The hope is that common rules across would stop companies like

Your summer pool party needs Urbanears’ portable Bluetooth speaker [Review]

No outdoor party is complete without music, and that requires a sound system that can be heard over plenty of other noise. The new Rålis from Urbanears delivers more than just the necessary volume: it

The best games, photo and music apps you’ll find anywhere this week

This week we play GTA III on our iPad Pros with real playstation controllers, use the new keyboard shortcuts in Affinity Photo, sequence samples with WoodStepper, and create AR promos with

These premium wireless earbuds raised over $3 million on Indiegogo [Deals]

Like it or not, wireless earbuds are a fashion statement. So why not choose a set that not only works better than the Apple version as an accessory, but cost less too? PaMu Scroll True Wireless

iTunes isn’t dead. It’s alive and better than ever [Opinion]

Headlines this week trumpeted the death of iTunes. While these stories made good clickbait, they understandably caused concern for those who used this application to build up extensive music and video

Nailed it! Why WWDC 2019 was one for the ages [Cult of Mac Magazine No. 300]

The warp-speed WWDC 2019 keynote truly delivered the goods. Tim Cook and his lieutenants took the wraps off tons of exciting new features coming in iOS 13, iPadOS, macOS Catalina, watchOS 6 and tvOS

Deleting unused apps is even easier in iOS 13

You know how when you go to the updates section in the App Store and you see that it’s taking forever for one app to download even though you never use it? The days of that happening are finally going