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You can now preorder the amazing Dead Cells on iOS

Dead Cells, the brutal 2D action-platformer that has been a huge success on consoles and PC, is now available to preorder on iOS. It’s not a free-to-play game like most of the titles you’ll see in

Cupertino shells out big bucks to stay Apple’s hometown

Apple is synonymous with the city of Cupertino — and vice versa. But Cupertino still has to offer Apple the right tax deal in order to stay the hometown of choice for the city’s biggest taxpayer.

Get wireless Bluetooth headphones with a price as great as their sound [Deals]

If you’re in the market for a set of headphones, you want them to sound great, regardless of how much you plan to pay. So if you find a pair that delivers premium quality sound at a steeply discounted

Facebook app banned by Apple pulled private data from 187,000 users

A Facebook app banned by Apple gathered personal and sensitive data from 187,000 users before it was booted from iOS devices. According to a letter from Facebook to Senator Richard Blumenthal’s

More Apple suppliers looking to manufacture outside China

Two more manufacturers which regularly do work with Apple are eying up new potential plant locations outside of China. Wistron is reportedly looking to open a factory in the U.S. or, as a backup,

Netflix confirms new Stranger Things game, Fortnite crossover

Netflix has confirmed plans to bring a new Stranger Things game to mobile. Unlike its previous title, this one will be a location-based puzzle RPG that will take fans into the real world much like

iOS and Mac apps no longer part of iTunes URL

In a subtle, but significant, change, iOS and Mac app listings on the web now direct users to a URL at, instead of This follows WWDC, where Apple shared details of a

Galaxy Fold suffers another blow as AT&T finally cancels preorders

AT&T has finally followed Best Buy and Samsung itself in canceling all Galaxy Fold preorders. The carrier has begun emailing customers to inform them that it is unable to ship their shiny new

Inside Apple’s spectacular new Taipei store, opening Saturday

Apple’s second retail store in Taiwan, located in Taipei, opens this Saturday — and Apple has shared some advance pictures of the new Xinyi A13 store. The store boasts a glass exterior and roof design

Pick up a pair of Qi wireless charging stations [Deals]

As sophisticated as modern mobile devices are, when it comes to charging they can still be a tangled mess. Wireless charging changes that, allowing clutter-free, fast charging So why not jump at the

Apple TV’s surging popularity might surprise you

Because Apple TVs aren’t used in public, it’s easy to underestimate how many of them are. A market-analysis firm says that 21 percent of US households regularly use an Apple set-top box. And the

iPadOS Files’ search is now almost as good as the Mac’s

The iPadOS Files app now has super-powerful search, that's easier to use than the Mac's (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Dual wireless charger takes the fuss out of juicing up [Review]

You wanted an AirPower, but Apple failed you. While the Choetech Dual Wireless Fast Charger does not pack all the advanced features of Apple’s infamous vaporware, this five-coil wireless charger does

Android’s security key tech finally comes to iPhone

Security on iPhone and Pad is already very robust, but a just-introduced method employs Android phones to add another layer of protection from unauthorized access to Google accounts on Apple’s mobile

Leaked Pixel 4 sports square camera bump like 2019 iPhone

Square camera bumps are shaping up to be one of the biggest smartphone trends of 2019. Leaked images of Google’s upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone surfaced online today, revealing some surprising design

Catalyst case makes your 2018 iPad Pro waterproof

Apple made the iPhone water-resistant years ago, but the iPad lineup is yet to get the same treatment. If you have a real urge to take yours swimming despite this, you need the new rugged case from

Memos app makes the text in your photo library searchable

Memos scans your photo library and reads any text in your photos. You can then search, and copy, that text. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

DJI’s new customizable robot teaches kids to code

DJI is unleashing a new drone on the world this week, only instead of taking to the skies, this little robot stays on the ground. The new RoboMaster S1 is an educational robot designed to teach kids

Swimmer breaks a record with AirPods in her ears

Apple recommends keeping AirPods out of the water. But an Argentine swimmer evidently forgot she had them in her ears when she proceeded to break her own record during an international race in France.

Apple allegedly leases huge new office building in Seattle

Watch out Amazon. Apple is moving into your neighborhood. The iPhone-maker reportedly is set to lease a large office complex building in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood that is also the home