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Mind games: How Apple sells us on high prices [Cult of Mac Magazine No. 301]

If the sky-high price of Apple’s new Pro Display XDR didn’t slap you silly, you probably fell for a clever psychological trick Cupertino often uses. (Either that or you know the actual cost of

Get a certified refurbished iMac for $800 off the MSRP [Deals]

Macs are remarkably future-proof. After years of use, assuming they’ve been well cared for, they can still hang with the latest in the line. And if you refurbish them, there’s no telling how long

Activ5 pocket-size gym muscles into the Apple store

Activebody’s Activ5 is a palm-size accessory for isometric-based workouts. Along with companion iPhone and Apple Watch apps, it lets users exercise anywhere. Apple approves of this workout gear enough

Apple stores will now teach you how to remix Madonna

Apple is joining forces with Madonna to help teach people how to make music. The partnership is for a new Today at Apple Music Lab available at local Apple stores. Attendees will get a hands-on look

Check out the amazing new iOS 13 video-editing features

In 13 you can now use all the photo-editing tools on your videos. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

AirPods 2 launch was kind of a dud

The debut of Apple’s second generation AirPods didn’t come with a huge surge in day-one sales, according to new data from a market-research company. Still, the whole Q1 hearables market grew 40

Annual iPhone upgrade urge may die when you do this math

Pencil-whip the numbers and the total cost of upgrading your iPhone every time just might take the spark out of that annual impulse. Would you believe six figures? That’s what the math says according celebrates Toronto Raptors’ NBA victory in Canada

Apple is celebrating the Toronto Raptors’ 2019 NBA Championship victory with a rare Easter egg on its homepage. You’ll see it if you visit the company’s Canadian website at You can’t

How Apple tricks our brains into accepting high prices

During the WWDC 2019 keynote, most of Apple’s latest creations drew enthusiastic applause, with one notable exception. The price of Apple’s new Pro Display XDR elicited a somewhat cooler response. But

End to China trade war could bring back Apple’s $1 trillion valuation

Wedbush Securities analyst Daniel Ives thinks that a resolution to the burgeoning trade war between China and the U.S. would bump Apple back up to $1 trillion in value. Apple is currently trading at

Hot Wheels’ smartest, fastest toys are an Apple exclusive

Hot Wheels cars are smarter than ever with the launch of Mattel’s new Smart Track Kit, Race Portal, and “id” vehicles. And you can buy them all exclusively from the Apple Store starting today. The

This low-key powerful portable battery charger packs 8,000mAh [Deals]

Now that iPhones are firmly on board the wireless charging train, it’s easier than ever to have full recharging capabilities at all times, all without carrying an octopus’ nest of wires, connectors

Apple shows Google how to do Street View with style

Apple’s a few years behind Google with its Street View-style feature called Look Around, announced at WWDC 2019. It may have been worth waiting for, however — at least, based on a new side-by-side

Uh-oh! Huawei delays its first foldable smartphone

If you’re itching to get your hands on a foldable phone and you thought choosing Huawei over Samsung would be a good idea following the Galaxy Fold’s delay, think again. Huawei has confirmed that it,

Lisa Brennan-Jobs’ memoir is out in paperback

Small Fry, the memoir written by Steve Jobs’ oldest daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs, is out in paperback this week. It launched in hardcover in September 2018. The book describes the difficult relationship

Call of Duty: Mobile quietly hits the App Store in Australia

The wait for Call of Duty: Mobile on iOS is almost over. Activision’s newest title has quietly launched in Australia, where iPhone and iPad users can now get their hands on it for free. It shouldn’t

It will soon be easier for diabetics to track glucose on Apple Watch

The CEO of Dexcom, a company which sells a distinctly Apple-looking FDA-approved blood glucose monitoring kit, has teased a collaboration with Apple. Speaking on CNBC, Kevin Sayer discussed a

Free Google app makes it easier than ever to build games on Mac

Google’s latest desktop app makes it easier than ever to build 3D games on your Mac. The aptly-named Game Builder doesn’t require you to write a single line of code — and it’s completely free to use.

Analysts think this year’s iPhones are going to be boring

Are you excited about the 2019 iPhones? Fun-squashing analysts at Mizuho Securities think you’re getting your hopes up a bit too much. According to the firm, this year’s iPhone refresh will “lack

iPhone 11 launch date leaks from Verizon

Information reportedly leaking from the largest US wireless carrier reveals when Apple’s next handset is going to launch. However, the timing is not a surprise so it’s not clear if Verizon has inside