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John Wick brings bounty hunting to Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite’s big crossovers continue this week with the arrival of John Wick in Battle Royale. The former hitman brings a new limited-time game mode, challenges with free rewards, and of course, a whole

Instagram plans to kill standalone Direct app

Instagram has confirmed plans to kill its standalone Direct app for Android and iOS. The Snapchat clone made its debut in December 2017, but is being axed as part of Facebook’s mission to consolidate

Apple Developer Academy offers a 1-year boot camp in coding

Remember Rocky IV, where Rocky heads to the wilderness to get himself into peak physical condition to battle Ivan Drago? Well, Apple’s Developer Academy is kind of the same thing — only instead of

This wind-up generator charges iPhones with elbow grease [Deals]

Running out of battery is always a drag, but sometimes it can be downright disastrous. Say, when you’re on a long hike away from power outlets and with no sense of how to get back. So just like

Apple regains No. 3 spot in this year’s Fortune 500 ranking

Apple comes in third on this year’s Fortune 500 list, a ranking of companies based on revenue. Apple lagged behind Walmart and ExxonMobil in terms of revenue. However, it massively outperforms both in

Want to live near Steve Jobs’ house? It’ll cost you

Compared to many other high tech CEOs, Steve Jobs wasn’t ostentatious with his home. He didn’t live in a giant mansion with drivers, butlers and security. Instead, the Jobs family shared a relatively

Samsung is fixing the Galaxy Fold, could finally deliver in June

Samsung is said to be making a number of changes to the Galaxy Fold in an effort to fix its durability issues. The South Korean company could finally launch its first foldable phone next month. Fans

Trump’s Huawei ban could wind up hurting Apple, too

A ban on China’s Huawei company by the White House could wind up hurting Apple, concerned analysts claim. President Donald Trump’s administration announced plans Wednesday to ban technology and

Steam Link finally makes its long-awaited debut in the App Store

One year after Apple rejected Valve’s Steam Link app from launching in the App Store, it has finally made its debut for both iOS and tvOS devices. Steam Link gives gamers the chance to play their

First 5G modem made by Apple won’t arrive until 2025

Apple’s custom-built smartphone modems likely won’t make their way into iPhones and iPads until 2025 at the earliest, according to a new report from The Information. Intel’s strained relationship with

How to subscribe to a podcast from the beginning

Some podcasts are best listened to in order, from the first episode forward. Rewind is a service that lets you do that with any podcast app. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Factory makes other iPad synths look like toys

Factory is a cross between a synth, and a sound-sculpting tool. It's also really fun to use, and sounds amazing. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Giant emoji canon will bruise you with ‘likes’

Our spirits rise and fall by the number of “likes” we receive on our social media posts. But would your appetite for online validation change if your face was literally pelted with emoji? Artist Tadas

iOS 12.4 beta 1 arrives with Apple Card support

Apple’s work on iOS 12 isn’t quite done just yet. Even though WWDC 2019 and the debut of iOS 13 is less than a month away, Apple is out with its first beta of iOS 12.4 today. The new beta comes less

Sneaky iPhone accessory gains users a health insurance discount

The moment smartphones gained the ability to track the number of steps people took every day, insurance companies were ready to find ways to use that data to offer people cheaper premiums. The moment

Gear4’s impressive iPhone cases now available from Verizon

You can now pick up Gear4’s impressive cases for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR at your local Verizon store. Big Red has started selling a number of its popular products in-store and online —

DJI takes on GoPro with new Osmo Action camera

DJI, the biggest drone company in the world, is ready to go toe-to-toe with GoPro in pursuit of dominating the action cam market. The company unveiled its new Osmo Action camera this morning that is

Apple promotes ‘incredible’ iPhone 6s units made in India

The iPhone 6s is still alive and well in some markets — one of which is India, where the 2015 flagship is now being manufactured. Apple is using this to sell the handset to locals. India has become an

Apple Pay is soon coming to 16 new markets

Apple Pay is on its way to 16 new markets, according to one mobile banking service. Apple plans to increase the total number of supported countries to 40 by the end of 2019. Here’s the full list of

Dinosaurs rule the roost in Durango: Wild Lands

The age of dinosaurs has come to iOS with the worldwide release of Nexon and What! Studio’s Durango: Wild Lands. A giant open-world, sandbox MMO, the game allows players to explore an enormous