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iOS 13 warns you when you delete apps with active subscriptions

iOS 13 and iPadOS now warn you if you attempt to delete apps with active subscriptions. The new popup, which was introduced in Apple’s second beta builds on Monday, also includes a “Manage

Book your appointment with Dr. Mario ahead of July release

Dr. Mario, the classic 1990s puzzle game which originally launched for the NES and Game Boy, is coming to the App Store. According to Nintendo, the game will arrive on July 10. It will be free to

Microsoft could take on Apple Pencil with stylus and wireless earbud in one

Microsoft proposes combining two very different peripherals. It dreamed up a tablet stylus that when not in use wraps around the user’s ear to become a wireless headset. Is there a point to such a

Fortnite 9.30 brings new Chug Splash item, removes Boom Bow

This week’s Fortnite update is out with a brand new item that lets you heal teammates easier than ever before. The Chug Splash is a throwable that grants 20 health or shield to anyone within its

Apple loses out on securing future J.J. Abrams projects

Apple may have a bigger cash pile than just about anyone, but it doesn’t always get what it wants. According to a new report, Apple is among the companies that lost out to WarnerMedia in a bidding war

LG’s latest UltraFine 4K monitor is two big steps forward, half a step back [Review]

The LG UltraFine 4K comes with a recommendation from Apple, and it’s not hard to see why: this 23.7-inch monitor was designed to work well with recent Mac models, and even the latest iPad Pro. There

Apple TV finally gains picture-in-picture support

One of the best media features for iPad is finally coming to Apple TV. With the new tvOS 13 beta released this morning, Apple added picture-in-picture support to Apple TV, allowing users to watch a

Mother saves daughter’s life with Find My Friends app

When 17-year-old Macy Smith was late coming home and didn’t answer her phone, her mother knew something was wrong. But she was able to track the girl down thanks to the Find My Friends application on

How to use iPadOS’ new full-page PDF capture tool

iPadOS can now save an entire web page as a really, really long PDF. You can even combine it with Reader View to make clean archives from any website. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

How to use iPadOS’s new full-page PDF capture tool

iPadOS can now save an entire web page as a really, really long PDF. You can even combine it with Reader View to make clean archives from any website. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an

Microsoft keeps you organized with native Mac To-Do app for Office 365

Gone are the days when Mac users with an Office 365 subscription had to use Microsoft’s To-Do web app. This software giant just released a native macOS application. “Whether you want to increase your

Expect multiple 5G iPhones in 2020

Apple may be waiting a bit longer than some of its rivals to go 5G, but it will reportedly jump into this cutting-edge networking standard in a big way next year. There will be two 5G iPhone models

Robots fight back in hilarious Boston Dynamics parody video

Boston Dynamics has been freaking us out for years with its videos of robots performing tasks with near human-like precision. So far all the robots have been completely subservient to their human

Lumafusion 2 adds 6-track video and external monitor support

Pro-level iPad video editing app LumaFusion adds external monitor support, double the number of tracks, and more. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Adobe Fresco will make iPad painting more realistic than ever

Spontaneous creativity is built into the centuries-old painting style known as fresco. It is also the fitting name of Adobe’s developing drawing and painting program for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

iOS 13 and iPadOS beta 2 now available to devs

Apple’s second iOS 13 and iPadOS betas are now available to registered developers. They come exactly two weeks after the first beta builds and should eliminate some of the teething troubles testers

Aspire is ditching its entire catalog of 32-bit Mac games

Aspyr has confirmed plans to ditch its entire catalog of 32-bit games developed for Mac. The news comes just a few weeks after Apple announced macOS Catalina — the first version of its operating

2020 iPhone XS Max will get bigger display

The iPhone is set to get even bigger in 2020. Apple reportedly plans to release two phones with 5G in 2020, one of which will pack a 6.7-inch OLED screen, according to one of the most reliable Apple

Registrations open up for Apple’s kids camp

Apple has opened up registrations for its annual Apple Camp in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, among other countries. The camps are aimed at kids, who want to learn to use Apple devices in a fun,

Get access to livestreams of your favorite music festivals [Deals]

Streaming is the new normal, but live performance remains the most powerful way to experience music. Unfortunately, most of us can’t make it to the best concerts and festivals happening around the