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Uniq iPhone battery is also wireless charger and phone stand [Review]

The Uniq HydeAir isn’t your standard 10,000mAh external battery. Beyond USB-A and USB-C ports, it also lets you enjoy the benefits of wireless charging when traveling. And it even has a built-in stand

How to get the money you deserve for your old Apple Watch

With big discounts to be had on Apple Watch Series 4, it’s an ideal time to upgrade — and sell off your old model. It might seem like a relic now, but it’s probably still worth a small fortune — if

Clever concept fixes iPhone’s incoming call problems

The way iPhone handles incoming calls is probably one of the worst UI elements still around in iOS. Instead of only showing a small alert, the entire screen is taken hostage by a caller. This

New Mac Pro grille is actually a terrible cheese grater

The new Mac Pro sure looks a lot like a cheese grater, but it turns out that it’s pretty bad at grating cheese. YouTuber machinist Winston Moy painstakingly recreated the complex circular structure of

How (and why) to make your own power-only USB cable

You can make any USB cable safe for public use just by pulling out the data pins. Then you can plug it in to any public charger without worry. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

Grab your wand! Harry Potter AR game apparates into App Store early

A much-anticipated game set in J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World just launched a day early. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite has been compared to Pokemon Go, as gameplay revolves around using a phone to find

Don’t be stupid: Avoid this incredibly common (and incredibly risky) mistake

This post is presented by Dashlane. When it comes to data security, even smart people make this one incredibly stupid mistake: They use the same password on multiple websites. Even if you use (and

Apple warns U.S. tariffs would hurt its global competitiveness

Apple warned U.S. trade representatives this week that President Donald Trump’s plan to impose more tariffs on Chinese goods will negatively impact its contributions to the U.S. economy. In a letter

Kindle Oasis 3 makes reading at night more comfortable

A great e-reader is getting better. The new Kindle Oasis can finally warm up its front light for more comfortable nighttime reading. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Phone overuse makes millennials grow spikes on their skulls

Doctors have noted a change in the shape of many millennials’ skulls: spikes are growing just above the neck, and researchers into the phenomenon blame it on too much cell phone use. However, this

Apple recalls 15-inch MacBook Pro batteries that may overheat

Apple is now inviting some 15-inch MacBook Pro owners to return their machines for a battery replacement. The company says some aging units “contain a battery that may overheat and pose a safety

Tim Cook’s fight for LGBTQ rights earns him ‘Champion Award’

Tim Cook will receive the “Champion Award” from GLSEN later this as recognition for his ongoing fight for LGBTQ rights. Cook says he is “grateful” for the honor and insists Apple’s commitment to

Adobe Lightroom hits the Mac App Store and you can try it out for free

Adobe has brought its professional photo editing software to the Mac App Store. Lightroom for macOS is available now as a free download, and you can try it for seven days before deciding whether or

This might be a bad time for Apple to move out of China

Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives thinks this could be a bad time for Apple to shake up its supply chain by moving iPhone manufacturing out of China. In a note to clients, Ives singles out the first 5G

Be very careful about buying used Nest security cams [Update]

UPDATE: See the statement received from Google at the bottom of this story. You might want to think twice about buying used Nest security cameras. A new report reveals that secondhand models can allow

Beef up your resume by adding UI and UX design [Deals]

In the precarious gig economy, there’s no such thing as being overqualified. One of the many great ways to boost your resume is becoming fluent in UI and UX design. In our digital age, there’s almost

Customs officials seize stash of fake iPhone components in Hong Kong

$120,000 of knockoff parts for iPhones and other handsets have been seized by customs officials in Hong Kong. The parts were being used to repair handsets sent in from countries including the United

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box is a great puzzle game for iOS

The classic Nintendo DS puzzle game franchise Professor Layton continues to roll out on iOS. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, the second game in the series, was first released in Japan back in

Affinity Publisher is incredibly powerful, surprisingly affordable

Serif just delivered its latest Affinity app for Mac and PC — and it looks like an essential purchase for publishers. Affinity Publisher is a professional desktop publishing client that has Affinity

WWE wrestlers get an entire arena singing for Apple TV series

Are you an Apple fan who also has a love for all things pro wrestling? While that might seem like a Venn diagram consisting of, well, me, if any other readers are in the same camp they might want to