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iOS 13 brings brilliant charging option to save your battery

iOS 13 could help keep your iPhone battery from aging too quickly due to overcharging, thanks to a new feature hidden away in the raft of new updates. Apple came under fire for lowering CPU speeds on

iOS devs sue Apple over ‘profit-killing‘ App Store fees

A law firm is looking for iOS developers to join a class-action suit against Apple for the way it runs the App Store. The lawyers accuse the company of “anticompetitive practices.” One of their goals

References to Apple ‘tag’ item trackers spotted in iOS 13

References in iOS 13 all but corroborate earlier reports that Apple is working on its own item-tracking accessories. It is thought Apple plans to compete with Tile by offering “tags” that can be

iPhone’s Wi-Fi hotspot gets a big upgrade in iOS 13

The mobile hotspot built into the iPhone gets some real improvements in iOS 13. iPads can connect automatically and stay connected even when asleep. In addition, Apple upgraded some of iOS 13’s other

Score a pair of armor-clad Lightning cables [Deals]

We rely on Lightning cables to charge our iOS devices and keep them in sync. Too bad they’re so prone to fraying and breaking. These cables from Keystart offer a more durable alternative. They sport

Fortnite cheater qualifies for $30 million tournament

A Fortnite player recently banned for cheating has qualified for the game’s biggest tournament. Damion “Xxif” Cook was slapped with a 14-day suspension in early May after Epic Games found him guilty

iOS 13 drops App Store’s 200MB cellular download limit

Apple is finally doing away with the App Store’s cellular download limit in iOS 13. The cap was increased from 150MB to 200MB just last week, but as of this fall, you should have the option to ignore

You can now watch the WWDC 2019 keynote all over again

Apple has published its full WWDC 2019 keynote video for those who didn’t get a chance to watch the epic event live — and those who want to watch it all over again. The video includes previews of

Tim Cook talks Facebook versus Sign in with Apple in new interview

Sign in with Apple might be the most underrated feature to come out of the WWDC 2019 keynote. A lot of analysts, including Cult of Mac founder Leander Kahkney, think it’s a big shot at Facebook. The

Sketchnotes breeze through WWDC 2019’s biggest surprises

The WWDC 2019 keynote came packed with exciting announcements. As in past years, I ended up with four pages of drawings in my notebook. I sketched out the biggest new features coming to tvOS 13, iOS

iPadOS adds time-saving keyboard shortcuts for Safari

Apple is making it even easier for iPad users to access Safari features with a physical keyboard. The newly-announced iPadOS adds dozens of keyboard shortcuts to this browser, on top of the ones

Cheese grater-inspired Mac Pro gets creatives drooling

The Mac Pro cuts an impressive silhouette, and the lucky folks who saw it up close at WWDC today were left gobsmacked. But it also made several people giggle. They could only stare at the machine’s

Apple’s epic WWDC 2019 keynote was the best in years

Like a blockbuster movie, Apple’s jaw-dropping WWDC 2019 kickoff served up a boatload of things that make us swoon: fun new features, LOL-worthy jokes, actual soulful moments and unexpected twists.

These iPhone and iPad models won‘t get iOS 13 or iPadOS

There’s bad news for those with an iPhone released in 2014 or earlier: it’s not possible to install iOS 13 on these handsets. The same goes for iPad models from 4 years ago; they can’t be upgraded to

Apple is finally embracing PS4 and Xbox controllers

Apple just took a big step toward ditching its lame controller restrictions. Major updates to tvOS, iOS, and iPadOS this fall will finally add full support for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers.

iPad finally gets mouse support thanks to iPadOS

Apple rushed through a lot of iOS 13 features during its keynote this morning, but a major feature that’s long been requested from iPad users didn’t get any showtime: mouse support. When Apple’s

First betas for iOS 13, macOS Catalina and more now available

Apple isn’t making developers wait to get their hands on beta versions of iOS 13, iPadOS, macOS Catalina, watchOS 6 and tvOS 13. Each and every one of these operating system upgrades announced during

Watch all of Apple’s wonderful WWDC 2019 videos right here

Apple’s WWDC 2019 keynote was so action-packed that we’re still trying to process all the amazing new software and hardware that was shown off on stage. Luckily, Apple already published the fantastic

WWDC 2019 changed everything: Here’s what you need to know

Apple unleashed a mountain of software updates (and even some smokin’ new hardware) Monday, during what was arguably one of the best WWDC keynotes we’ve ever seen. The entire event ran for more than

iOS 13 supercharges photo and video editing

Photographers and filmmakers eagerly awaiting the next generation of iPhone camera got a preview today of the software that will drive it when iOS 13 launches this fall. iPhone shooters will be