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Adobe Illustrator joining Photoshop on iPad in 2020

Adobe plans to launch a version of Illustrator for Apple’s tablets next year. But this won‘t be a straight port — the user interface will be changed substantially to run on a touchscreen with a

How to play relaxing, ambient sounds with your HomePod

In iOS 13.2, HomePod Ambient Sounds bring relaxing soundscapes. You can even fall asleep to the sound of the ocean with a sleep timer. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Dropbox Transfer makes sharing huge files from your iPad a snap

iPhone and iPad can now take advantage of Dropbox Transfer, which allows users to more easily send and receive up to 100 GB of files. It doesn’t have the size restrictions of email, and is simpler

The Banker shows how black businessmen challenged racist real estate laws

The first trailer for Apple original film The Banker showcases the shrewd financial moves of two black entrepreneurs who took on racist real estate laws in the Jim Crow era. Based on a true story, the

Microsoft’s brand-new app simplifies Office for your phone

Microsoft today dropped a brand-new Office Mobile app that brings Word, Excel, and PowerPoint together in one place. The company calls it a new vision for how people get work done on a phone. You’ve

Adobe’s new camera app brings ‘AI magic’ to iPhone photos

After finally bringing Photoshop to iPad, Adobe says it will roll out a new smartphone camera app with a slew of creative lenses and AI powers that come at the point of capture. The upcoming Adobe

Fans face a painfully long wait for Apex Legends on mobile

Itching to get your Apex Legends fix on the go? The good news is that EA has already confirmed a mobile port is on the way. The bad news is that there is going to be a very lengthy wait for it. A

5G iPhone could be thicker and pricier than its predecessor

Everyone’s excited at the possibility of a 5G iPhone next year — but the next-gen connectivity will come at a price. Both literally and figuratively. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the new logic

Need to focus? This smart meditation app will help you find your zen [Deals]

Instead of a source of distraction and stress, what if your phone could actually become a tool for staying mindful and relieving stress and anxiety? The Aura Health meditation app provides short

Stephen King on The Morning Show: ‘What’s not to like?’

Unlike many critics, horror legend Stephen King seems to be enjoying new Apple TV+ series The Morning Show. In a tweet early Monday, King praised the show as “instantly involving,” with “characters

See is not quite the goofy fun I expected [Review]

A futuristic post-apocalyptic world in which a virus has robbed humanity of its eyesight and reduced the human race to a few million people. Even speaking of sight in this world is heresy. Add in

Apple will spend $2.5 billion to combat California housing crisis

Apple today confirmed a $2.5 billion plan to help address the housing crisis in California. The company hopes its commitment will accelerate and expand new housing production, jump-start long-term

Apple said to be working with Valve on first AR headset

Apple is reportedly partnering with Valve, the company behind Steam, to develop its first augmented reality headset. Valve already offers a virtual reality headset of its own for gaming. But its work

Apple spent more than $20 million advertising Apple TV+ last month

In the month leading up to the launch of Apple TV+, Apple spent $19.9 million on worldwide TV ads advertising its new streaming service. While that’s definitely a big number, however, it’s only half

Photoshop for iPad shows that Adobe totally still has it

Adobe’s Photoshop for iPad is finally in the App Store. And while it's far from finished (with even basic features missing), what's there is amazing. Adobe definitely still has it. (via Cult of Mac -

This highly rated Adobe Lightroom alternative does the same job for a whole lot less [Deals]

If you need to work on virtually any graphics project, Adobe Illustrator can likely handle your task. Of course, to finish that task, you may need a post-graduate degree. Because for all of its

The best AirPods Pro, Mac audio and ad-blocking apps this week

This week we block ads and other junk, route Mac audio between any and all other apps, and control our new AirPods Pro from the menubar. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Score two awesome DJI-powered drones at down-to-earth prices [Deals]

Who doesn’t want to fly? As drones get easier to use, we can get really close to the feeling of taking to the skies. Along with getting better, they’re also becoming more affordable, so even people on

Get a bunch of super-cool apps to trick out your Mac for free [Deals]

Every once in a while, you’ve got to let a doctor take a look at you and maybe even hit you with a flu shot or some extra vitamins before deeming you a-OK. Well, your Mac is just like you. So consider

AirPods Pro: Go pro or go home [Cult of Mac Magazine 321]

With AirPods Pro, Apple makes us oddly happy about shelling out for an upgrade. In fact, the new high-end wireless earbuds feel like a steal at $250. You might even say they’re fandabbydosey. (Our