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Struggling Apple display-maker reports its worst quarter ever

Struggling Apple display-maker Japan Display posted its largest-ever quarterly net loss Friday. The company lost 83.2 billion yen ($786 million) during Q2 2019. That’s a whole lot worse than the 1.7

Coast Guard admiral gets tour of Apple Park from Tim Cook

Tim Cook hosted U.S. Coast Guard Adm. Karl Schultz at Apple Park this week. According to a tweet from Schultz, the admiral visited Cupertino to discuss “ideas, perspectives [and] experiences” with

Apple’s USB-C AV dongle gets a 4K HDR upgrade

Apple this week upgraded its official USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter to support 4K HDR video at up to 60Hz. The newest model, numbered A2119, boasts HDMI 2.0 connectivity. That means you can enjoy

Apple increases its number of self-driving car test drivers

Apple has slightly increased the number of test drivers for its self-driving car project, although the total number of vehicles remains the same. According to new figures from the California

How and why you should reject arbitration on your Apple Card

Invitations to get an Apple Card are trickling out, but even before you make the first purchase with your shiny new credit card, you should reject its arbitration provision. If you don’t, you give up

Researchers trick Face ID with modified glasses

One of the advantages of Face ID over Touch ID is that the person unlocking their iPhone must be awake. However, researchers found a way to fool Apple’s facial recognition system into thinking someone

Mini Apple 1 celebrates the computer that started it all

The Smithsonian is home to the most famous of the Apple 1 computers. It’s covered in a crude wooden case and Matteo Trevisan wants it. That’s not happening. But he and another self-described Apple

Apple expands bug program with monstrous $1 million bounty

Apple is ready to pay a bigger bounty than any other tech company when it comes to finding bugs on the iPhone or other Apple products. The iPhone-maker revealed today at the Black Hat conference in

Apple’s HomePod remains only a blip in the smart speaker market

A drop in the price of the HomePod hasn’t helped Apple grow its share of the smart speaker market. It still has just a tiny percentage of all the units in use in the US, according to new figures from

New iOS 13 beta makes Dark Mode easy as flipping a switch

Apple just introduced a fifth beta of iOS 13 to the general public. All the really significant new features appeared in earlier betas, but this one does have a nice tweak: switching to Dark Mode takes

How to repeat and shuffle songs in iOS 13

Finding shuffle and repeat in iOS 13's Music app is no harder or easier than in iOS 12 -- it's just different. Here's an Apple Music tip. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Surreptitious Siri recordings spawn class-action lawsuit

A class action lawsuit has been proposed to prevent Apple from recording Siri commands without users’ express consent. And the plaintiffs want restitution, of course. Apple admits it made recordings

Samsung deletes ad mocking Apple after copying Apple

Samsung attempted to quietly delete one of its old ads mocking Apple for ditching the headphone jack in the iPhone 7. Why? Because, as it turns out, Apple might have been right with its controversial

Apple’s soothing ASMR iPhone videos will put you to sleep

Apple hops on the ASMR trend with its latest series of shot on iPhone ads, created to help you relax no matter where you are. ASMR — short for autonomous sensory meridian response — is the experience

iMessage flaws leave iPhone open to hijacking

Security researchers have uncovered new flaws in iMessage that could give hackers control of your iPhone or iPad. Apple has already patched five similar bugs, but several are still present in recent

5 great Sennheiser headphones to thrill any audio shopper [Deals]

Can you name the top five companies in the wireless headphone market? Actually, you could probably get pretty close. Three are monster tech giants (Apple, Sony and Samsung), while one is America’s

88% of iOS devices are running iOS 12

Weeks before the official public debut of iOS 13, Apple says that 88% of users are currently running iOS 12. Those figures are impressive in their own right. They get even more impressive when

Apple faces unfair competition investigation in Russia

Apple is being investigated for suspected unfair competition in Russia, following a complaint from a Moscow cybersecurity company. Kaspersky Lab says that Apple declined one of its parental control

Apple Music for Android bags new dark mode, time-synced lyrics

Apple Music for Android is getting a brand new dark mode and time-synced lyrics support. The two new features, which are scheduled to debut on iOS this fall, are available to those testing the beta

Apple wants iPhone users to shun third-party battery replacements

Apple has long been trying to push users to shun third-party repairers and go through Apple for device repairs. Now it’s activated a previously dormant software lock on iPhone to try and crack down on