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Tim Cook has staggering 92% approval rate from Apple employees

Tim Cook is one of America’s top CEOs based on financial performance. But he’s also a CEO picked out as one of Glassdoor’s “employee’s choices” of chief exec. Glassdoor, for those unfamiliar with it,

Apple Watch will soon let users easily delete Apple’s own apps

Among the big changes coming to Apple Watch this fall is the ability to remove many of the applications that come pre-installed on it. watchOS 6 will reportedly make it as easy to delete Apple’s own

Kanex adapter makes using wired headphones with iPad Pro a snap [Review]

The 2018 iPad Pro has no room for a headphone jack, but Kanex makes a USB-C adapter that includes the 3.5mm audio port needed for standard headphones or speakers. We tested this handy accessory with

Top iPhone apps still pull in vastly more money than Android‘s best sellers

The 100 biggest software developers on the Apple App Store took in a whopping 64 percent more than the highest-earning Android app makers during the first the first three months of this year. And the

Cardhop update adds a bunch of handy new features on Mac and iOS

Cardhop, the wonderful contact management app from Flexibits, just got big updates on Mac and iOS. The latest releases bring a whole bunch of handy new features and improvements — including new

Guardian Firewall is the first true privacy-protecting firewall for iOS

Guardian Firewall routes all your data traffic through a secure VPN, and blocks trackers, and apps that steal your private data. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Satechi’s dual HomeKit plug makes dumb outlets smarter

There’s new home automation option from Satechi. The Dual Smart Outlet allows two devices to be controlled independently. And it supports Apple’s HomeKit so it can be accessed from an iPhone or Mac.

iOS 13 uses iPhone to perfectly sync wireless audio on Apple TV

Nothing ruins a good movie like sound that’s completely out of sync. But thanks to iOS 13 and tvOS 13, you will no longer have to suffer that when watching video on your Apple TV. A new feature lets

watchOS 6 brings over-the-air updates to Apple Watch

Apple Watch is taking a big stride toward independence from the iPhone. It’s possible to install the latest watchOS 6 beta directly to the Apple wearable … sort of. This is all part of an ongoing move

What’s new in iOS 13 beta 2

iOS 13 and iPadOS beta 2 still aren't ready for daily use, but they bring new features and fixes. See what's new in the latest Apple betas. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

iAdapt docking station brings must-have ports to 2018 iPad Pro

Kanex is the latest to deliver a USB-C hub for the 2018 iPad Pro. The iAdapt looks like one of the better options for adding must-have ports to your tablet, and it neatly clips onto the side of your

Attorneys punished for discussing confidential Apple documents in court

Two attorneys have been sanctioned for sharing proprietary Apple information as part of a lawsuit. Lawyers Joseph Cotchett and Mark Molumphy from the firm Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy repeatedly

Get a one-two punch of premium photo editing software and education [Deals]

Working with photos today means knowing how to use photo editing software. But that takes two things: the software, and the knowledge. So we’ve gone ahead and put them both together for you, with the

There are no quick fixes to Apple’s current iPhone challenges

Geopolitics are a whole lot more complicated than coming up with a hot new feature to sell your latest iPhone. For this reason, JPMorgan and Credit Suisse think that there are no easy fixes to Apple’s

Apple may throw a lifeline to struggling iPhone display-maker

Apple may help out struggling display-maker Japan Display, a new report claims. Japan Display, which makes screens for the iPhone XR and an upcoming Apple Watch model, suffered a devastating blow this

iOS 13 warns you when you delete apps with active subscriptions

iOS 13 and iPadOS now warn you if you attempt to delete apps with active subscriptions. The new popup, which was introduced in Apple’s second beta builds on Monday, also includes a “Manage

Book your appointment with Dr. Mario ahead of July release

Dr. Mario, the classic 1990s puzzle game which originally launched for the NES and Game Boy, is coming to the App Store. According to Nintendo, the game will arrive on July 10. It will be free to

Microsoft could take on Apple Pencil with stylus and wireless earbud in one

Microsoft proposes combining two very different peripherals. It dreamed up a tablet stylus that when not in use wraps around the user’s ear to become a wireless headset. Is there a point to such a

Fortnite 9.30 brings new Chug Splash item, removes Boom Bow

This week’s Fortnite update is out with a brand new item that lets you heal teammates easier than ever before. The Chug Splash is a throwable that grants 20 health or shield to anyone within its

Apple loses out on securing future J.J. Abrams projects

Apple may have a bigger cash pile than just about anyone, but it doesn’t always get what it wants. According to a new report, Apple is among the companies that lost out to WarnerMedia in a bidding war