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Adobe Lightroom hits the Mac App Store and you can try it out for free

Adobe has brought its professional photo editing software to the Mac App Store. Lightroom for macOS is available now as a free download, and you can try it for seven days before deciding whether or

This might be a bad time for Apple to move out of China

Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives thinks this could be a bad time for Apple to shake up its supply chain by moving iPhone manufacturing out of China. In a note to clients, Ives singles out the first 5G

Be very careful about buying used Nest security cams [Update]

UPDATE: See the statement received from Google at the bottom of this story. You might want to think twice about buying used Nest security cameras. A new report reveals that secondhand models can allow

Beef up your resume by adding UI and UX design [Deals]

In the precarious gig economy, there’s no such thing as being overqualified. One of the many great ways to boost your resume is becoming fluent in UI and UX design. In our digital age, there’s almost

Customs officials seize stash of fake iPhone components in Hong Kong

$120,000 of knockoff parts for iPhones and other handsets have been seized by customs officials in Hong Kong. The parts were being used to repair handsets sent in from countries including the United

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box is a great puzzle game for iOS

The classic Nintendo DS puzzle game franchise Professor Layton continues to roll out on iOS. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, the second game in the series, was first released in Japan back in

Affinity Publisher is incredibly powerful, surprisingly affordable

Serif just delivered its latest Affinity app for Mac and PC — and it looks like an essential purchase for publishers. Affinity Publisher is a professional desktop publishing client that has Affinity

WWE wrestlers get an entire arena singing for Apple TV series

Are you an Apple fan who also has a love for all things pro wrestling? While that might seem like a Venn diagram consisting of, well, me, if any other readers are in the same camp they might want to

Google Assistant is a better virtual pharmacist than Siri

If you have a query about your prescription drugs, you’re better off asking Google Assistant than Siri or Amazon’s Alexa. That’s the conclusion of a new piece of research, published in the journal

Catalyst versions of Messages and Shortcuts on the way to macOS

Apple is working to bring new versions of Messages and Shortcuts to Mac, according to code discovered in the latest beta of macOS 10.15 Catalina. The code was uncovered by developer Steve

Apple Watch will continue to dominate for years to come

Apple Watch has the lion’s share of smart watch sales today, and that’ll hold true through at least 2023, according to a market-research firm. This ultra-mobile computer will stay in the lead as the

How to stop friends from swiping through all your photos

Use the built-in Guided Access settings to lock the touch screen, and stop friends from swiping through your entire photo library. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

Apple Card beta opens to thousands of retail workers

Apple is rapidly expanding the beta program of its credit card by letting thousands of its retail employees test it out. With a public launch slated for later this summer, Apple is reportedly working

Apple’s first apps ported from iOS get more ‘Mac-like’

The first four applications Apple ported from iOS to macOS Mojave last year met with a certain amount of criticism for feeling like they were still iPad software. An Apple executive has promised these

Samsung’s next phone might have a cool feature iPhone should steal

The Galaxy Note 10 supposedly won‘t require an external speaker. Instead, this vital component will be built into the screen. This is something that could improve future iPhone models too. Look and

Learners will love Roli’s colorful, light-up piano keyboard

Roli's new Lumi is a sweet-looking light-up keyboard that's great for learners and pros. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

PSA: Wearing AirPods during sex will get you an earful

Can’t agree on the music to get you and your partner in the mood? That’s what AirPods are for. A survey exploring the intersection of sex and music turned up this fun little finding. Out of 1,010

Apple becomes world’s fourth-largest gaming company

Apple is now the world’s fourth-largest gaming company, according to a new report. It is ranked higher than gaming giants like Nintendo, EA, and Activision — thanks mostly to the popularity of mobile

iPhone demand in China is on the rise again

The drop in iPhone sales among Chinese consumers that hurt Apple so much last year is now a thing of the past, according to market analysts. The company saw five straight months of growth in that

This is what the 2020 iPhones might look like

The 2019 iPhone lineup hasn’t even been revealed yet but we might already know what next year’s iPhones will look like too. Recent rumors have claimed that Apple will come out with new screen sizes