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New Pokémon Masters details will be revealed this week

The Pokémon Company will reveal new information about upcoming mobile game Pokémon Masters this week. Its first presentation since the game was confirmed ahead of E3 is just a couple of days away. We

8 great iOS 13 and iPadOS features (and 2 terrible ones)

iPadOS and iOS 13 have some great -- and not so great -- new features. Here are some of the best, and worst. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

These wireless chargers provide power wherever you go

Two companies just unveiled portable batteries that include built-in wireless chargers. The Mophie Powerstation Hub also includes built-in foldable AC power prongs. The Kenu BingeBank, on the other

Apple is serious about strapping a camera to your wrist

It seems inevitable that a camera will eventually find its way onto the Apple Watch, the only question is ‘how’? The USPTO awarded a new patent this week that reveals one pretty novel idea Apple has

macOS Catalina public beta doesn’t support multiple iTunes libraries

We’ve explained why it’s really not a great idea to update to the iOS 13 and iPadOS public betas right now — and the same goes for macOS Catalina. Not only is it unstable in its current form, but some

You could write Hollywood’s next blockbuster on your iPhone

Ever dreamed of penning a Hollywood blockbuster? Turns out there’s an app for that: social reading and writing app Wattpad. With more than 70 million monthly users (and growing fast), Wattpad is a

Fortnite’s newest content update brings big weapon changes

Fortnite’s newest content update is out now. Players can look forward to a long list of weapon changes for Battle Royale — including the return of the pump shotgun and the arrival of the new revolver.

How to prepare your Mac for macOS Catalina public beta

The macOS Catalina public beta is here, and you can go ahead and install it on you Mac. But should you? Here's how to keep your Mac safe if you do. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple

Matrix-like gadget lets you snap ‘bullet-time’ selfies

Your vanity for selfies is limited only by your technology. Now it’s time to add 360-degree selfie videos, like the slow-motion variety made famous by the movie The Matrix. But those scenes from the

Apple won’t remove app criticized as a tool for Islamic radicalization

Apple has declined to remove the Euro Fatwa app from the App Store, despite critics’ allegations that it contains hate speech and is a tool for Islamic radicalization. Google removed the Euro Fatwa

Apple Watch Series 4 was last year’s wearable ‘star performer’

Apple Watch is going from strength to strength, with shipments of the device growing 22% last year. That’s according to Counterpoint Research, which pins the cause on the excellent Apple Watch Series

PSA: Resist the urge to install iOS 13, iPadOS betas for now

Apple just dropped its first public beta builds of iOS 13 and iPadOS, making it easy for anyone to try them out months ahead of their official launch. But you should really resist the urge to install

Apple lobbyist warns that phone and laptop prices set to soar

A lobbyist representing tech companies including Apple has warned that tariffs on Chinese products will have a catastrophic impact. Sage Chandler, of the Consumer Technology Association, said that

Amazon Prime Day 2019 runs for 48 hours, promises to be best yet

Amazon just confirmed the details of Prime Day 2019 — and it sounds like it’s going to be a corker. This year’s event will run for a full 48 hours, making it the longest Prime Day so far. It also

Apple sued over fatal apartment fire allegedly caused by iPad

An insurance firm and apartment complex in New Jersey are suing Apple over a fire allegedly involving an iPad. The February 2017 fire caused the death of apartment tenant, Bradley Ireland. The lawsuit

Lego builds record-breaking diorama promoting next iPhone game

Lego Games just broke the Guinness World Records title for the largest Lego Brick Diorama. The massive structure is a real-world representation of Lego Tower, an upcoming game in which players manage

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite takes off like a Nimbus 2000

Harry Potter still has his magic… if by magic you mean the ability to make tons of money in a short amount of time. An augmented-reality game set in J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World pulled in nearly

Apple plans to hire 2,000 workers in Seattle by 2024

The mayor of Seattle confirmed today that Apple is making a major play to move into Amazon and Microsoft’s backyard. During a press conference today, Mayor Jenny A. Durkan revealed that Apple plans to

Tiny USB-C hub doubles as a hard drive

There’s a innovative option for people who want to make the most of the limited number of USB-C ports on their MacBook or iPad Pro: the Minix Neo Storage is a 4-port hub that also includes up to 240GB

How to prepare your iPad or iPhone for the iOS 13 and iPadOS public betas

Planning to install iOS 13 or iPadOS public beta? You need to consider a few things before going ahead. Here's our iOS 13 public beta guide. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)