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Penny Arcade

News Post: ‘Tis Better

Tycho: Of course, the latest version of the story dutifully presented to is that - let me see if I have this correctly - all games exist in a kind of superposition in a silvery twilight realm, at once

Comic: ‘Tis Better

New Comic: ‘Tis Better

News Post: Audacious

Tycho: I push The Three-Body Problem on every-fuckin’-body. People usually say it dips in the middle and finishes strong, but I can’t really agree with that - I think the story in general becomes

Comic: Audacious

New Comic: Audacious

News Post: My new D&D Campaign

Gabe: It’s been about eight years since I ran a home campaign but I’ve decided to start another one. My players are going to be my wife Kara along with my friends Amy the Falcone and Levin Sadsad. I

News Post: Survivor’s Guilt

Tycho: Bungie has escaped entanglements twice now that I would have thought would have made especially tidy mausoleums. What the hell is happening at Activision? It’s so novel to have reminders like

Comic: Survivor’s Guilt

New Comic: Survivor’s Guilt

News Post: PAX South Pin Quest 2019

Gabe: PARTNER PINS Angus & Bea Pins [Finji] Available for purchase at the Finji booth #10609. Valeria & Sunder Pins [Kitfox Games] Available for purchase at the Finji booth #10609. Oculus PAX

News Post: Chapter Three

Tycho: Okay, so, I wasn’t able to do it. Today’s strip is also about this World of Loam evil vegetable horseshit. But now I’m done. One of the nonsense things, there are many, but one of the nonsense

Comic: Chapter Three

New Comic: Chapter Three

News Post: The Hour Is Ripe

Tycho: My policy is always to push things a very small amount past where it is reasonable or even, like… good. Have you ever eaten a burrito, like a Taco Truck type burrito wrapped in foil, and at the

Comic: The Hour Is Ripe

New Comic: The Hour Is Ripe

News Post: Twitchin’

Tycho: The site isn’t really designed to show it yet, but we typically stream all afternoon on Tuesdays with a bunch of novel, weird stuff. Want to give it a try? Here’s what we’ve got, starting now:

News Post: Down Deep

Tycho: What a fun trip to the dentist. The right side of my head is an infinite, furrowed perturbation, sown with thousands of abraded teeth. The left side of my head is the anchor that keeps me from

Comic: Down Deep

New Comic: Down Deep

News Post: Fish Are Friends

Tycho: I like comics when I read them but I always forget they are there. I’m not trying to speak with insufficient reverence, I’m just a finite creature. However it came to be, I’ve always been

Comic: Fish Are Friends

New Comic: Fish Are Friends

News Post: God Help Me

Tycho: It was Ryan that first let me in on the Brawl Stars thing, then I got in there, and now Gabriel has invested himself in it and statistically lapped me several times. It’s free to play, yes, but

Comic: God Help Me

New Comic: God Help Me

News Post: Double-Booked

Tycho: I think that, rather than being arch about the whole thing, the right call is to laud Gabriel’s Krynn Excursion. First of all, like Hamburger Helper, it occupies a valuable midpoint between